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    LSBM101 Marketing Principles and Practice | British Airways

    Brief :

    Learning Outcomes

    • Examine the function of marketing strategies and programs in gaining organisational objectives, including ethical considerations.
    • Identify how marketing theories and principles are used in daily business functioning.
    • Evaluate key marketing concepts and terminology.
    • Analyse the relationships of the marketing functions to other functional areas.
    • Evaluate information needs and interpret findings.
    • Produce findings and plans effectively.

    Assessment 2


       The main purpose of this task is to allow the student to identify how an organisation can use variety of marketing concepts and how it will help them to strategies the marketing of the British Airways.

    The Task: Report and a poster (3,000 words)

    An overview of the case study is given below and identify how the overall marketing strategy enables Air Canada and British Airways to achieve its goals and objectives ethically.

     In your report, use academic literature, reputable online resources and industry examples from Air Canada or British Airways. You must select one airline (Air Canada or British Airways).

    Successful marketing for survival: the airline industry

    At the time of instability in the 1970 and the early time of 1980s, marketing was less important activity among the airlines industry across the globe because of imposition of strict regulation and the industry was sale oriented around the world. During this period, the airline industry is protected by the government ownership and regulation and, were safe with the effects of the marketplace. For example, promotional activities were limited, pricing effect was non-existent, product quality was uneven etc. Airline industry was manipulated with the motto of providing the destination service from one place to another. This approach was not concerned about the needs and demand of the consumer and expectations. Later the response of the consumer brings innovation nomenclature for many national flag carriers. For instances, Air Canada was constantly known as “Air chance” whereas, British Airways is popularly called as “Bloody Awful”.

    Recently, there have been various changes that are taken place in the airline industry which uplifted the economy of the nation and in most countries of the world. Due to changes in demographic, Socio- economic and innovative approach leads to drastic transformations in the industry and they are doing business nationally as well as internationally. The consumer-oriented marketing approach was emerged which helps them to create brand value in the market.

    British Airways would enable to improve their brand positioning through target market segmentation, product planning, promotion and other pricing strategies. According to the customer, the airline is competitive only when it delivers brand value for money as compared to its competitors. It provides effective customer service and emphasise on the reduction of the cost and expenditure.

    The airline industry is highly influenced by the changing environment and promoting the organisational diversity which helps them to establish positive relationship between the airline and macro environment. For instance, Australian domestic airline is strictly regulated and complied with the legislative framework where the two Airline Agreement enabled two airlines to share the major interstate and intra state routes. The two airlines, namely, Ansett and the government-owned Australian Airlines, together dominated the domestic market but competed with each other in international markets.

    The airline industry is in a stage of drastic transformation. In this process, client satisfaction and repeat purchase are becoming of main concern to airlines. Some of the changes in both domestic and foreign airlines are geared towards the improvement of both airport and in-flight service. Airlines also provide leg room and restful cabin decor. The passenger information system established by certain foreign airlines shows the plane's course and flight data on the movie screen when movies are not playing. In the development of new services and aircraft, a consumer-driven type of input should be managed. This will definitely increase the likelihood of success in the unstable environment of the airline industry.


    1. Detailed Overview(approx. 200 words)
    • Overview of the airline industry, and growing importance of marketing in the industry.
    1. The main body(approx. 2000 words)
    • Identity key marketing concepts and terminology applicable to British Airways. (e.g. Product Strategy, Branding, Promotional Strategy)
    • Elaborate the marketing strategies and programs that helped British Airways achieve their objectives. Were these objectives achieved in an ethical manner?
    • Identify any two of the marketing concepts and principles used in British Airways daily organisational operations: 7Ps, STP, Marketing Research.
    1. Produce a mind-map/poster to explain the relationships of the marketing functions to other functional areas in organisations.(approx. 550 words)
    • In this poster, you must explain and analyse the cross-functional relationship of marketing and other departments in British Airways For example, but not limited to, Marketing’s relationship with HR, Production, Legal.
    • You required to upload your poster as a part of your main report.
    1. Conclusions and recommendations. (approx. 200 words)
    • Summarise and conclude your learning about the organisation.
    • Provide recommendations and advice how your chosen organisation can improve their effectiveness in the application of the marketing concept, strategies and programmes you have discussed.
    1. Reference list
    2. Appendices

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