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Marketing Mix & Plan of eBAY

Brief :

Learning Outcomes

LO1 Evaluate the role of marketing and how it relates with other units of an organisation.

  1. Analyse  marketing function
  2. Use examples relating to your chosen organisation explain the roles and responsibilities of the marketing function
  3. Include  examples
  4. Evaluate how the marketing department works with other departments/functional areas
  5. Use 2/3 examples

LO2 Compare ways in which business use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve

 business objectives.

  1. Define what the marketing mix is
  2. State business objectives (business from task 1) then find another business that has similar objectives
  3. Explain how business one uses marketing mix to achieve objective you have stated and compare to how business two uses the marketing mix.

LO3 Evaluate and create a basic market plan.

  1. Executive summary
  2. objectives
  3. STP
  4. Carry out a SWOT analysis based on YOUR MARKETING PLAN.
  5. When evaluating you must refer back to your SWOT and comment on the suitability of your marketing plan for youse chosen organisation.


Consumer marketing managers lead teams of marketing agents by the  implementation of a marketing campaign building value for customers in order to capture value from customers in return.  

Marketing companies  understand  the  marketplace  and  customer  needs,  design  value-creating  marketing strategies, develop integrated marketing programs that deliver customer value and delight, and build strong  customer  relationships.  In  return,  they  capture  value  from  customers  in  the  form  of  sales, profits, and customer loyalty.

As  a  newly  appointed  assistant  to  the  Marketing  Manager,  you  are  required  to  develop   a  detailed marketing analysis of one of the following companies or a company of your choice:

  • ASOS PLC(British online fashion and cosmetic retailer)
  • eBay Inc(American multinational e-commerce corporation)
  • Bentley Motors Limited(British manufacturer and marketer of Luxury cars)
  • Monzo(Digital, mobile only bank based in the United Kingdom)
  • Easyhotel PLC (International super budget hotel chain)

Task 1 -1200 words

Task 2 –1000 words

Task 3 - You  are  required  to  develop  and  evaluate  a marketing plan supported with  evidence and continue your report in a word format.   

(Approx 1400 words)

Assessment Criteria




LO1 Explore role of marketing and how it relates with functional units of organisations.

D1 Analyse key element of marketing function and how they relate with functional unit of an organisation.

P1 Explain roles and responsibilities of marketing manager.

P2 Explore hoe roles and responsibilities of marketing in organisational context.

M1 Analyse roles and responsibilities of marketing in the context of marketing environment.

M2 Evaluate importance of relationships between marketing and other functions of marketing.

LO2 Compare ways in which business use elements of the marketing mix (7Ps) to achieve  business objectives.

D2 develop a strategic plan that applies the  use of 7Ps to achieve objectives.

P3 Compare different ways of marketing mix apply by organisations to achieve business objectives.

M3 Explain different tactics applied by organisations to achieve objectives.

LO3 Evaluate and create a basic market plan.

P4 Build basic marketing plan for organisation.

M4 Produce a detail evidence based  marketing plan for an organisation.

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