What Is Global Warming? | Advantages & Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect

What Is Global Warming? | Advantages & Disadvantages of Greenhouse Effect

20 Mar 2024 55375 11 minutes

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Melting Polar Caps!

Soil Degradation! Desertification!

The Earth has seen many natural disasters that have caused severe loss to humans, their belongings, and livestock. Every second news channel, newspaper, and whatnot talk about these disasters resulting in “GLOBAL WARMING” and “GREENHOUSE EFFECT.” 

If the entire world is concerned, it is evident that when you study a science subject, your professor will teach you this topic and tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse effect. If you are given an assignment on this topic, but facing difficulty in preparing it, don’t worry! 

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What Is the Greenhouse Effect?

The greenhouse effect is a process that occurs when the planet’s surface gets heated up beyond the average level because of the atmospheric radiation. Due to this process, Earth produces unbearable heat that causes losses like fire in forests, skin diseases, global warming, and so on. 

This was the brief introduction to the greenhouse effect. Now the next important thing you need to understand is how it works. 

How Does Greenhouse Effect Work?

Although the greenhouse effect is a completely naturally occurring phenomenon, it is possible that the emission of greenhouse gases causes this effect. From the starting of the 20th century, the amount of carbon dioxide has continuously increased by roughly 35%. Apart from this, the amount of methane gas in the atmosphere has doubled. The greenhouse is considered as a building that stays warm inside in the daytime and cold at night but only from the outside. 

The greenhouse effect works by trapping heat from the atmosphere by gases like carbon dioxide and methane. Let’s understand its working in six easy steps, which are as follows: 

  • The solar radiation by atmospheric gases reaches Earth and reflects from the ozone layer.
  • The thickness of the ozone layer increases due to excess heat, which increases the temperature of the Earth.
  • All the heat gets radiated from Earth towards space.
  • Some of the heat is trapped by essential gases to keep the Earth warm and help humans sustain.
  • Humans burn fossil fuels and do agricultural activities, which increase the level of CO2 in the atmosphere.
  • When the greenhouse gases trap extra heat, it causes a sudden rise in the Earth’s temperature. 

These are the six steps that explain the greenhouse effect working. Now, you need to know that the condition of the Earth was not as bad as it is now. If there was nothing like a greenhouse, the temperature would have been approx 38 degrees higher. With this, let’s move to the advantages and disadvantages of the greenhouse effect. First, understand the advantages of the greenhouse effect.

What Are the Advantages of the Greenhouse Effect?

1. Makes the Planet Habitable 

There is no surprise that the existence of human life is only possible at a specific temperature. Our Earth has many seasons, and according to them, the temperature changes. The greenhouse effect helps in maintaining the required temperature so that the smooth life of humans can exist. 

2. Protects from Harmful UV Rays 

Greenhouse gases play a significant role in filtering dangerous solar radiation. They block every part of solar radiation, which are dangerous and can cause serious health issues. The greenhouse effect helps in bouncing back the unwanted ultra-violet rays to the atmosphere. Ozone is one of the main greenhouse gases that acts as a shield to the Earth and absorbs UV rays in no time.  

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3. Boosts Photosynthesis in Plants 

Photosynthesis is the process that help plants make their food, and it depends on three crucial elements- water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. In the absence of any gas in the atmosphere, the process of making food is not possible. When the plants prepare their food, they grow tall and provide better quality oxygen, which is essential for the survival of humans and other living beings on Earth. So, the greenhouse effect indirectly promotes life. 

4. Increases the Growing Season 

The greenhouse effect offers a longer growing season. It promotes consistency and a balanced climate for the development of many essential plants that provide fruits and vegetables. Without greenhouse gases, no plants can survive and produce food for the existence of human and animal life. 

5. Promotes the Health of Living Beings 

A balanced amount of gases in the atmosphere by the greenhouse effect helps in increasing the life span of humans and animals. Emission of less unwanted gases helps in keeping the air fresh that ultimately reduces the risk of fatal diseases. It ultimately signifies health benefits. 

These are a few advantages of the greenhouse effect that every student pursuing a science or environment-related course should know. The next big question is: 

If the Effect Is So Important, Why Are We Fighting It Now? 

“Excess of anything is not good” 

The phrase holds good in the case. Although it is important, the last few years have noticed a sudden increase in the greenhouse gases that have damaged the environment and the climatic cycles to a great extent. Have a look at the disadvantages of the greenhouse effect. 

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What Are the Disadvantages of the Greenhouse Effect?

As discussed, greenhouse gases play an important role in maintaining the temperature of the atmosphere, and their major impact reflects on the temperature and climate itself. Here are a few disadvantages of the greenhouse effect. 

1. Increases the Greenhouse Gases 

US has been recording the four previous years as the hottest of the century that clearly reflects the effect of increase of greenhouse gases in the environment. Not only warmer days, but a sudden increase in number of hurricanes, cyclones hitting the shores and the disturbances in the currents also reflect where the effect is leading us to. 

2. Affects the Water Level 

With such a change in the environment, the next thing that is to be affected is the water level. The ice caps are melting, rivers are being extinct, the imbalance is visible through out. This has lead to desertification and flooding of areas that were never expecting it. 

3. Destroys Marine Life & Ecosystem 

The other major effect of the increasing greenhouse gases can be observed in the marine ecosystem. The underwater life has been affected a lot and seen a significant decline too. A lot of creatures are coming on the verge of extinction, because of the melting of polar icecaps.

The cute penguins and polar bears are leading the list. SAD!!! 

4. Devastates the Economy 

The devastation does not ends here. The effect has a great influence on the economy too. Untimely rains, weather changes and climatic imbalances have started reflecting in the agriculture. A lot of economies depending on the same are struggling. 

5. Impacts Tectonic Plates 

The tectonic plates too are effected with the changes in current and the natural disasters have been influencing the world. 

The Story Does Not Ends Here...

There is a lot that is to be done. With a lot of non-profit organizations fighting the threat, it is the duty of every individual to come up with simple solutions and mitigation steps. 

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How to Fight the Greenhouse Effect at Individual Level?

  • Use public transport instead of personal vehicles to reduce pollution.
  • Plant trees. (Yeah. Afforestation is a solution to all our problems)
  • CFLs are an environmentally friendly option.
  • Know where the switch is and use it.
  • 3 R’s always. (Reuse, Recycle and Reduce). 

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