How to Paraphrase Without Plagiarism? 4 Unfailing Strategies!

Paraphrase Without Plagiarism | 4 Easy & Effective Strategies [Expert Advice]

18 Jul 2023 1313 9 minutes

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Thousands of students have their concerns while paraphrasing content. What happens if the teacher finds out? What if my work is plagiarized? Well, all these concerns are understandable, as paraphrasing is not something you can finish casually. It takes a lot of effort and brain to achieve the document, and the most important of all, you can not afford to make mistakes while working as a single mistake can ruin all your hard work. There are so many guidelines and rules that one has to take care of while paraphrasing that it practically becomes more troublesome than writing original content. If you are studying in Australia then the odds are extremely against you as plagiarism is considered a punishable offense in your university. If your document is copied, you might have to face some serious repercussions.

What to do? Well, you have to be careful while handling plagiarism in your content. Even the slightest unintended copied content is unacceptable, and hence, paraphrasing is something that can help you out. In this blog, you will learn how to paraphrase without plagiarism and avoid getting caught for the same.

Before we jump to the strategies shared by assignment writer, let’s understand why one should avoid plagiarism and how proper paraphrasing can assist in making the most out of the available resources. Find out in the next section!

Why Is it Important to Avoid Plagiarism? How Paraphrasing Helps?

Students who have suffered the consequences of getting caught with plagiarism know that it is not an experience that any student wants in life. Assignments get rejected, students are fined, and sometimes even suspended just because of copying a few sentences in their work. The professors in Australia take plagiarism very seriously, and hence it is advised that students should always stay away from such practices. Another reason to avoid plagiarism and stay away from it is the after-effect that it leaves on your professor. You see, having respect in front of your teacher and staying in their good books can help an individual stay ahead in his academics, and once you are caught with plagiarized assignments, you can forget about making it up to them. As they say, your first impression is your last impression!

Paraphrasing tool removes all the copied content as it necessarily re-writes the entire paper. The only thing similar between your paraphrased work and someone’s original work is the concepts. Rest everything from sentence formation to the use of words is completely changed, making it impossible for the professor to understand whether you have done it on your own or copied it from somewhere else. Also, when you paraphrase, you are essentially writing the content, which makes a few concepts stick with you. In this way, paraphrasing helps you avoid plagiarism and learn at the same time!

Now that you know why paraphrasing is important in your quest to reduce copied content from a document, in the next section, you will find 4 strategies that will help you paraphrase effectively and remove plagiarism to its roots from your documents.

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4 Strategies that Can Help You Paraphrase Like a Pro

Students often look for ways to paraphrase the content in minimal time and with no effort whatsoever. While their concern is timely submission, they forget that everything takes time, and thus it is advised that if you want to work on paraphrasing, you must at least have a few hours to dedicate. Some students do not know the ABCs of paraphrasing, and if you are one of those, there is no need to worry as we have 4 strategies to help you finish the task efficiently. Take a look -

Strategy 1 - Add Your Thoughts

The first strategy that can help you finish paraphrasing effectively is to add your thoughts and perception to the existing content. If a sentence is small, try to expand it. Elaborate the already mentioned but this time, do it in your own words. It will help you make the existing content your own.

Strategy 2 - Play With Structure if it Allows

Some write-ups are flexible, and playing with the structure of their points and paragraphs does not affect them in any way. You can jumble the points from its original sequence, and then give it a slight touch of your creativity. Sure your work needs to make sense to ensure that you do not ruin the uniformity of the structure.

Strategy 3 - Use Active-Passive Voice

The English language itself has its versions of paraphrasing, and that is active voice to passive voice. If you are good with the concept, you might not need any help as you can apply them to every sentence of your document and make it unique. Sure the chances that your professor might recognize the work are always there but if you do a good job, the risk can be minimized.

Strategy 4 - Use Paraphrasing Tools

When nothing works for you, let the technology take over. There are tools available online to help you paraphrase any paragraph in a few seconds. Just copy-paste your desired content and let the tool work on it. The only downside with tools, is that some websites have fake ones that do not fulfill the purpose, which makes it risky. If you face such issues on other websites, you can find a tool on our website to get started.

These 4 paraphrasing strategies can help you make the most out of your work without any issues whatsoever. If you find working with these strategies troublesome, find your solution in the next section.

Can’t Follow all The Steps? Let Our Smart Tools Do It For You!

Sure, the 4 strategies are effective, but not every student gets time to complete all the steps. The deadline waits for none, and that is why if you are looking for someone to assist you with paraphrasing, you can find an AI-based paraphrasing tool on our website, which has some of the best applications to offer. You can paraphrase the content line by line and then compare it with the original. You also have the option to search for plagiarism to get the best results and be hundred percent sure about it.

If you are not comfortable working with a tool, you can always reach out to our experts and get your document handwritten without worrying about paraphrasing a word. We hope this blog helps you make the correct decision. Good luck!

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