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CHCCOM003 Assessment Answers | Develop Workplace Communication Strategies

06 May 2023 2819 9 minutes

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Better performance at the workplace plays a crucial role. And without communication, this type of performance is not possible. Whoever faces issues communicating effectively at the workplace looks for professional help and takes up a course to improve performance.

CHCCOM003 is one of the units in this type of course, and the students have to write many CHCCOM003 assessment answers to complete it. If you want to know about this unit, read below.

Unit CHCCOM003 - Simple Description by Experts

In Australia, everyone wants to perform better in their professional life, so they look for a solution to improve their professional skills. Unit CHCCOM003 deals with such type of situation.

You get to learn how to plan, communicate, and take initiatives in the workplace under this unit. The assessor checks your knowledge through some case studies and questions. Often, the questions are difficult thus the students look for professional help. Let's read the answers of our experts on some CHCCOM003 questions below.

CHCCOM003 Assessment Questions & Answers

Various types of assessment tasks come under this unit. The students have to deal with all of them to perform excellently in the CHCCOM003 assessment answers writing. The expert writers of Global Assignment Help Australia introduce you to some of the questions and their answers. By reading below, you can understand how our professional writers tackle CHCCOM003 assessment questions. Let's get started.

Question 1. List two internal and external stakeholders you will need to consider when determining information needs for a community services setting.


  • Chief executive officer staff
  • Staff
  • Government organizations
  • Clients receiving the service

Question 2. Explain the two examples of special communication that arise with personnel with community services.

Answer- Number One: Hearing disability can impact the communication flow in the workplace. It is because, if one person has a hearing disability the other staff members will have to train themselves to understand that person.

Number Two: Who do not know English writing, reading, and speaking can be a hurdle to convey information from one person or staff to other ones. In this case, those who do not know English have to learn it for communication in the workplace.

Question 3. Describe the two conventional communication media used in the community services setting.

Answer- Radios are used to transfer information from one place to another one. Newsletters are also used to convey information from one stakeholder to another one.

These are some of the questions and their answers. Our expert writers can deal with your assessment questions also. So, you can feel free to approach us for writing your CHCCOM003 develop workplace communication strategies assessment answers.

You can check out some sample questions below that are provided to us by some Australian students and answered by our experts. These questions are based on two case studies as explained below. Until you read the case study meticulously, you can not deal with the below questions; so, scroll down to know them.

2 Case Study Examples with Crucial Questions

Question 1. Examine the three communication strategies used in the case study. Describe why these communication strategies are not suited to the context in which it is applied.

Question 2. Explain why it is crucial to identify and follow processes when adapting communication strategies to suit new or changing contexts.


Question 1. Identify two examples of discrimination in this situation. For each example, what legal or ethical issues would you consider when communicating to ensure discrimination does not occur?

Question 2. Examine two duties of care issues in this situation and explain how you would use communication to ensure the duty of care is upheld or not.

These are some CHCCOM003 assessment questions. You can practice them if you are planning to write the answers on your own. But before you start practising, you must be aware of 5 legal and ethical considerations for communication. And they both have great importance in the workplace. Read them below.

5 Tips to Compose an Effective Conclusion of Assignments

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5 Legal & Ethical Considerations for Communication

  1. Privacy & Confidentiality: These terms sound similar, but they are different. While working in an office often, you have to take care of the privacy of people. Many times, you need to keep the information between limited people. Understand both the terms more effectively to develop workplace communication strategies.
  1. Discrimination: Many times, you hear that some officials are biased towards some personnel in the workplace. But this is the worst habit and harms the company badly. For comprehensive growth, there should not be discrimination on the grounds of race, colour, caste, gender, region, and religion.
  1. Duty of Care: If the employees are only aware of their rights, not duties, a communication gap can occur. There are many responsibilities in the workplace if employees want to perform them effectively, they must be aware of duty of care.
  1. Mandatory Reporting: What and how do you work in the workplace? You have to provide a mandatory report for it. This is a crucial report and describes the performance.
  1. Informed Consent: To make any decision, the staff member and employees have to take the consent of the higher authorities. They have to follow a hierarchy or a communication protocol.

If you take care of these points, you can perform better at the workplace and write effective chccom003 assessment answers. In case you still face issues while writing, we are here to help you. Let's know about us in more detail to make the right decision.

Where to Get the Best CHCCOM003 Assessment Help?

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These are some benefits that you can enjoy by taking writing assistance from us.

Workplace communication and performance development strategies are crucial parts of your office life. That is why you need to improve them. For this, you have to write CHCCOM003 assessment answers effectively. If you face issues while writing, Assignment Help Australia is here to assist you.

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