Things You Learned in College That Prepared You to Face the Real-World Challenges

Things You Learned in College That Prepared You to Face the Real-World Challenges

28 Feb 2023 6639 5 minutes

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There must have been oodles of great memories that you created during your college days, but was there anything special you learned during that most memorable phase of your life? You sure must have! If you’ve forgotten all those precious learnings that prepared you for the worst, then now it’s time to take a stroll down memory lane and figure out those things that really helped you become what you are today!

Use Google and keep yourself from fallacies

How dare we not talk about using Google at times we found ourselves stuck with bewildering questions. Whenever we didn’t know the answer to a question, we used to Google it, and so it became a ritual to be followed throughout our lives. As Google knows everything we don’t know, it has simplified our lives to a great extent and has helped us find solutions to our concerns on a couple of clicks.

Survival on a shoestring budget

As students, we were always short of money, but it never dampened our happiness and enthusiasm. Whatever we wanted to buy in those days or invest into something, we managed to make it happen by saving a significant amount of moolah. We learned to cut corners, we learned money-saving techniques and lived on a shoestring happily without begrudging our lives. God forbid, if in the near future, we have to deal with the financial crunch, then we would know how to snap out of it without getting bogged down.

Effective hacks to be applied in worst situations

College life is drab without the use of smart techniques and ideas in order to do things quickly without putting much effort. Most of us will raise our hands on asking have you ever finished your lengthy college assignment overnight? Do you remember that sleepless night a day before the submission deadline, where we had to complete the writing work within the tight deadline? Believe it or not, as students we learned the importance of doing smart work indeed. Some of the little hacks or strategies really made us understand that to win at something it is important to use them wisely at the right moment and make life simpler than ever.

Social networking

During college, we were exposed to social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc., and gradually we came to realize that our lives have been immensely affected by these sites. We were awakened to the fact that by creating contacts with the help of social media, we can make or break our career. It taught us how to make an incredible use of this tool to grab a job, to be informed while keeping yourself entertained.

Organising schedules

It goes without saying that college is the best training ground that helps us become more productive and better at work. From writing papers last-minute to preparing timetables, we have tried our hands on everything, isn’t it? The college has made us flexible to work in any kind of environment and situation whether favorable or not. If you were not a morning person, you were up at the crack of dawn to attend the important lecture that had always scheduled in the Morning. Those were the days that made us as strong as a rock.

No prayer, magic, or hack in the world can bring back those good old days. So as now you know what all you’ve learned during your college time, start cherishing the days that are gone and have left you ready to face the real-world challenges head-on.

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