AI vs. Assignment Writer: Know the Better Choice

This blog will let you understand why human content is a much better option than AI in Today's Era.

25 Jul 2023 537 12 minutes

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There is no wonder how AI tools have made their way into people's lives. They are going crazy over this tool, especially students, because it reduces half of their burden. In university, scholars have loads of assignments to write, which creates anxiety among them due to deadlines, so they hate writing their papers. So, from the time the AI tool was introduced, students went crazy about it. But, do you know the fundamental difference between AI vs. human content? You might have heard the line, "All that glitters is not gold," right? This line suits the case of AI. As, there is no doubt that it saves time and helps people generate content easily, but there is a negative side too.

So being a student, you should see both sides of the coin. If you use AI to make your work easier, we have a better option. Now you must be thinking, "What, right? So the answer is that our website, Global Assignment Help Australia, has tremendously talented writers who can write far better content than AI. Yes, if you are not convinced, we hope this blog will make you trust these words, so let us start with knowing AI and its concepts:

What Are AI Tools and Why Is It Trending?

You must be knowing what is AI? it stands for artificial intelligence. The term was introduced in 1956 but came into existence today due to data volumes. It makes things easier and helps people finish their work early. The AI tool creates text according to human input and creates data as per demand. That is why, when it comes to assignment help, scholars are using this tool. It is trending due to various reasons, which include:

  • Generate content with less effort
  • Create taglines
  • Provide ready-made content
  • Better customer experience

These few features are making this tool famous, but have you ever thought about where is human touch and creativity? Your answer will be no because you are only seeing that it is making your work easier. But this is not enough; there is no surety of accuracy, original content, or the option of personalised content. So there are options available for assignment writers, which you will read about in our next section.

Who Are Assignment Writers?

As the name suggests, a group of professional people who have acquired their degrees from renowned universities are assignment writers. Various websites assist at affordable rates. So when it comes to AI vs. Assignment writer, you must choose writers. They understand the university guidelines, and students' requirements and work accordingly. It is a far better option than AI, so you scholars should go with it. We understand that students have various tasks, and completing everything on time can be daunting. That is why we are assisting these:

So if you are looking for any help from these, you can consider us. We even make personalised content; all you have to do is let us know your requirements prior. If you are still not convinced about which is better AI or human content, then you should read the next section of this blog.

Why Students Should Choose an Assignment Writer Over AI?

AI vs. Assignment Writer

Being a newbie, sometimes it is difficult to know which one is better, so we will help you understand it better.

AI Writing Tools Assignment Writer
Use Outdated Information: The AI tool crawls the websites and uses data that is available, but they do not even bother to check whether the data is up-to-date or not which might hamper scholars' grades. Use Current Information: An assignment writer knows the value of current data. So before writing their work, they do extensive research and collect up-to-date data. So, no matter whether you need dissertation help or any other assistance, the writers will use only up-to-date data.
Do Not Follow Guidelines- AI is just a tool, it just sees the topic and provides the answer. So, the tool does not follow any university guidelines. But, it is one of the necessary factors because the universities in Australia are strict. They expect students to submit the assignments by following all the guidelines. Follow University Guidelines: The writers know how essential it is to follow all the guidelines. So while writing it, they keep all the rules in mind and work accordingly. They do so because the assignment writer knows that one mistake can make students lose their grades.
No Improvement: Once AI generates content, there is no chance of improvement. You don’t have the option to change that, and you cannot ask them to modify it, so it is another major drawback. Ask for Improvement: When you hire any writer, you always have the option to make improvements. If you have any doubts or need to make changes, the writers are available 24/7. For example, when students ask for coursework help, sometimes they need to make changes or add some information. So our writers are always ready to assist.
Quality and Plagiarism Issue: There is no doubt that AI creates content in a few seconds. That is why it is growing faster than anything else. But no one can deny that it still relies on databases. So there will always be a chance of quality and plagiarism issues. So if students depend on this tool, there will always be a chance of quality issues and plagiarism. No Quality and Plagiarism Issue: While writing, assignment writer always keep in mind that they need to create new content. There should not be even 1% of plagiarism. They use their creativity to deliver work that is rich in quality and has no option for plagiarism. Hence, you can always rely on them for your paper.

We hope these few differences have made you clarify which is better: AI vs. Human Content. If not, read the below section and understand how universities detect it.

How Are Universities Detecting AI-Generated Content?

As everyone knows, AI writing tools are growing these days. So universities are using detection software to check them. The technology is developing daily and providing different options to check AI-generated text. So universities are becoming stricter these days and giving warnings to students. Therefore whether you need dissertation or coursework help, do not use AI tools.

Turnitin is one software that detects if students have copied work from any other writer. So students who rely on AI tools for their papers should stop now. As universities in Australia are strict with their rules and regulations. If they find students breaking it, then this act may impact the scholar's entire life. That is why students should choose better options, like online assistance. We have been helping students for years and try our best to fulfill their demands.

Want to Try a Better Option than AI? Take Our Expert Help

When it comes to writing an assignment, our writers are deeply dedicated and ensure everything from editing to quality. They do it so that students get better grades and understand the subject better. Their sole purpose is to satisfy students with all their requirements. So we at Global Assignment Help Australia provide different types of writing assistance to scholars that are listed below:

Best Assignment Writers at Your Service!

Dissertation Help

All scholars who are doing their masters have to write a dissertation in their final year. It is a time-consuming task that many students hate doing. So you can take our assistance.

Homework Help

This is a prime concern among university students. They hate writing it because of their hectic schedule. Therefore, we provide the best homework help to scholars so that they can save their time.

Ghost Writer

Students fail to complete their work on time due to various reasons. It may include difficulties in selecting a topic, understanding the subject, etcFor these reasons, scholars can use our ghostwriter service.

Coursework Help

To get excellent grades, scholars work day and night to write perfect coursework. However, they fail at it for various reasons, so if you also feel this way, it is fine. We provide coursework help for every subject.

These are some basic services that you may need in your university life. So, you can rely on our website without any doubt. Now we hope that when you hear AI vs. Assignment Writer, you will make the right choice for yourself. Also, to know more about our service, features, and offers, you can check out our website, Global Assignment Help Australia. For any further assistance, our customer support executives are available all around the clock, so hurry up.

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