How to Write an Effective Executive Summary? Here Are the 6 Tips!

This blog will tell you what is executive summary, tips of writing it, its structure, steps etc.

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27 Apr 2023 541 17 minutes

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During your academic journey, your teachers have given you multiple assignments, and for that, you need to make an executive summary. So before jumping into a detailed analysis of it, you should know what exactly it means. This particular section comprises the overall, short description of the report you are writing. It includes the information related to the findings, recommendations, or conclusions you have mentioned in the document. As the name suggests itself it is an essential part of the assignment and to make a reader understand the content written. To understand it better, look at the information given below:

What Do You Understand by Executive Summary?

An executive summary is a clear and precise summary of the problem addressed and the solution to it. It comprises not more than one page with the main points of the specific project or business model. It means that you write short information about the assignment given. It comprises the essential areas, which signify the purpose of portraying the entire document in a clear-cut manner. It is to make professors understand the required information and sections about the topic. It gives the reader a clear understanding of the information, written concisely. It is written at the beginning of the write-up, and it should be distinct from the main body.

An executive summary is a preview of the report or assignment. It is the first section that the professor notices and considers before reading the entire document. So you must make extra efforts to make it effective and understandable. As it creates an impression of your work in front of your teachers. Thus it doesn't seem easy for so many students because many of them do not know what to include in it

Many times, it happens students don't have knowledge or a basic idea of what information they should provide in the executive summary. In such cases, they should look for reference websites and look at how they have written this particular section.

How to Write an Effective Executive Summary in Just 6 Easy Steps?

An executive summary is that part of an academic write-up that consists of the key takeaways you cover in the entire document in precise form. To make your professors understand this section, you should write the information as it portrays the purpose of what you are writing in the main document. But the main question is how to write because when a reader reads, it creates interest from beginning to end. To answer this question, here are a few steps that will tell you how to draft this section perfectly. So take a brief look at it:

Begin with the Subject Line:

When you are writing an executive summary, the first step, to begin with, is the purpose. What is the main idea behind writing it? It should clearly define the background information about the problem or the topic you want to discuss in the entire write-up. 

Analysing Procedures: 

In this section of an executive summary, you must mention details like why you chose this particular type of analysis method. It can be more than one method, but it should be related to the assignment or report objectives. If you want to give clarity to the reader, then you should give more importance to this section because when a reader reads, he must understand what method you have opted for and why you have chosen it.

Research Findings:

In the executive summary writing process, you must talk about the key findings of the analysis. It should not contain the same information as the main body. You should convey the key points of it but in a short form. Therefore, you can understand by taking reference from the executive summary template.

Problem Addressing: 

In this particular step, you can mention the challenges and problems related to the topic. So to provide solutions, you can provide some measures and solutions for it.
Suggestions and Conclusions: The second last element of your executive summary must contain your opinions apart from the problem. You can choose any tone or language relevant to the topic you are addressing.


Students generally end the procedure with suggestions and conclusions, but some write the limitations section at the end of the executive summary. It is just five to six lines regarding the report you are making.

Now that you have understood the steps mentioned in writing an executive summary, let's understand how to give it structure.

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How to Prepare a Perfect Structure of an Executive Summary?

When you are writing executive summary needs to be effective and it should present highlights of the main content. It should specify and make the reader understand what is written, considering his interests and expectations. Now that you have understood how to write one then take a look at the executive summary structure given below:

When writing it with proper structure, you should keep in mind the following factors: it should be concise, easy to read, and professional. In addition to it, you have to keep it minimal. Especially when writing an executive summary, you should not give detailed information to the reader. So now let's move on with structuring the executive summary.

  • Title: The title must be created with the given topic assigned.
  • Introduction: The opening paragraph consists of introductory lines and conveys some of its essential elements.
  • Table of Contents: The entire subheadings you will cover in your main content.
  • A Brief Description of the Topic: An overview of the topic with its key highlights
  • Brief Planning Structure: You can talk about problem statements and the solution you have given.
  • Analytical Methods: It comprises the analytical methods you have used and how it helped in writing the main content.
  • Examples: You can mention instances of the topic. You can also refer to the executive summary example given on the various websites to get the jist of how to cite it.
  • Findings: It comprises the research findings you have made to gather the data.
  • Conclusion: This is the ending section of the executive summary that consists of your suggestions or how you have contributed to this.
  • Suggestions: The list of recommendations you will mention in the main content.
  • Problems: This section should contain the problems you have come across while doing the research or writing.

Now that you have understood how to give a proper executive summary structure, let's understand the tips to write one.

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6 Tips for Writing an Executive Summary

Wondering if everything is good, but what if you get the suggestion to make the executive summary more effective? To understand it better, look at the information given below:

1. Make It Short and Descriptive:

Many students fail to understand the balance between these two terms, which are short and descriptive. Keep in mind that if you use more words, it will be descriptive and less words will be concise. You have to keep a balance between the two. To understand it, you first know the essential elements you want to include in your executive summary and then brief them in a few sentences.

2. Logical Communication:  

While writing an executive summary, you should know how to write it logically. Depending on the content, you should know the information you share is consistent with the main content and gives the reader a proper understanding. If you don't write accurate data, it will also disturb the flow of the content.

3. Write in Interesting and Authentic Language:  

The main objective of the executive summary is to make the reader stick, and he gets that essence of interest only by reading the first sentence. Avoid using complex language, repetitive words, and incorrect usage of sentences. These loopholes can impact effectiveness.

4. Focus on the Main Theme:

If you are writing an executive summary, then the essential factor that you should keep in mind is that whenever you write this particular section, try to focus on the central idea or theme because that is what makes the reader understand. If you know this is the main idea, keep your information this way. It will be convenient for you to write, and from the reader's perspective, it will be easier to understand.

5. Include Proper Research: 

If you are writing for a business, then try to cite the research references in the form of footnotes or anything that clearly states that the information you have written is reliable. It must include the proper evidence of the assignment given. Thus while writing an executive summary you should do proper research and make it understandable to the readers

6. Mention the Positive Side: 

When writing an executive summaryyou should always mention the positive elements of the research and the business models you are describing. Try not to include problems or challenges in this. You can write it in the main body of the content.

Now that you have understood how to write this specific section, one factor you should also know is that it highly impacts the executive summary formatWhen you have the clarity that this is how you should write it, it automatically affects the flow and style of the content.

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Mistakes to Avoid While Writing an Executive Summary

In addition to the tips mentioned, there are some common mistakes that many of you make while writing an executive summary. Take a look at the information given below:

  • Avoid Mentioning Irrelevant Information: While writing an executive summary, keep the inner content relevant. If a reader reads this particular section, he will understand it easily. Focus on the pain points of the assignments, keeping in mind that they need to be short and detailed.
  • Do Not Repeat the Content: Sometimes you draft out the same information you mention in the main content. It is not the right process to follow. Try to come up with something unique and creative as it will make the reader understand and get stuck on your document for more time. Try to keep the content new and original while writing an executive summary.
  • Avoid Using Complex Language: This happens when you use complex language it becomes difficult for the reader to understand the content To make the reader develop an interest in your document, you must use simple words that have some meaning and that the reader can easily relate to. This specifically counts in when you are writing an executive summary and delivering the correct knowledge.
  • Avoid the Unclear Path of Communication: When writing an executive summaryyou must ensure there is a clear passage of communication with the reader. You should portray your thoughts and the ideas you want readers to understand.

Now you know these are some of the mistakes you must avoid while writing this section and the executive summary reportSo, let's move to the next part of how our professionals can help you with this.

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How Our Team of Professionals Can Help?

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