Top Reasons Why You Hate Writing

Know the Reasons Why Most of the People Hate Writing task

04 Nov 2023 6788 5 minutes

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Writing is no less than a pleasure for some students while others detest it. The pain of facing a blank page is quite ancient among the college-goers. But as this concern cannot be ignored for a successful academic career, here are certain reasons that will help you find out what is it that refrains you from writing anything. Don’t you feel it’s wise to know about the problems to find out the precise solutions for the same? If yes, then read this blog and discover for yourself the reasons why many students like you abhor writing and prefer staying miles away from it. You hate writing, but not reading, amiright? So, let’s get going!

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Lack of interest in researching

Believe it or not, but writing is all about extensive research. Unless you read, listen, discuss, dig, and explore the information, chances are that you won’t be able to bring out a remarkable piece of work. You cannot pull out excellent writing skills out of a starry sky. If you really want to improve the flair for writing, then you’ll have to put in extra effort. Inculcate the habit of writing and read something on a daily basis even if it’s a small paragraph. Be open to learning new words, writing styles, idioms, grammatical rules, etc., so if by a long shot you feel like scribbling a story; you don’t feel short of these required ingredients. In addition, do not let anything dampen your child-like inquisitiveness and search for the answers over the Internet till you get satisfactory results.

You’re not an observant

To develop the knack for writing, you’ll have to become vigilant who can pay heed to everything present around. Where do you think inspiring and intriguing stories come from? They are written by authors who are keen observers. They can at any point in time come out with something spectacular even if walking down a dirt road with a faithful dog.

You hold a fear of failure

What if others criticise my write-up and writing style? The feeling of being judged on every step of writing is indeed a difficult emotion to deal with for anyone. But those who do not pay attention to rejections continue to put in more effort, which eventually leads them to witness a huge transformation in their writing skills. Ward off the fear of failure and set yourself for an unforgettable journey of words.

You treat it as a chore

You find no joy in writing as you always take it as a chore and definitely not a fun activity that helps you express your opinions clearly about something. Once you stop taking it as a boring activity to carry out, you will naturally start enjoying it as everything is in the mind. You manifest whatever you think!

Don’t wait for perfection. Think, research, and pen down whatever you feel like on a piece of paper. Start with writing something on any topic of your choice and this way you’ll be able to ignite the interest for writing.

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