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CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers: Importance, Examples, and More

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Nursing and community health services are considered to be the noblest of all professions. The job of a community health worker or a nurse is no less than that of an adventurer. Every day they embark on new missions with the aim remaining the same, i.e helping others. Being a part of a public domain, they have to work with a diverse range of people. If you are a nursing student who is looking forward to making a successful career in the field then one day or the other you are going to need assistance with CHCDIV001 Assessment answers as it is a coursework that is required to be completed by budding community health care workers especially if you are a student in the any university of Australia. If you are already enrolled in this course and are looking for solutions to this assessment then the good news is that your search finally ends here.

In this blog, you will get to learn everything that you need to complete a CHCDIV001 Assessment with free samples so make sure you read it till the end. So without further ado Let's get started.

CHCDIV001 Assessment: Work With Diverse People

CHCDIV001 assessment is usually a subset of the study of aged care, yoga practices, bilingual community education, etc. The CHCDIV001 assessment answers is basically focused on developing skills and knowledge which are required to be developed in a community health care worker so that they are able to work respectfully in an environment full of people from diverse social and cultural backgrounds. A nursing student has to acquire an understanding of various cultures, their existence, and how they should be treated.

The CHCDIV001 Assessment ensures that students get acquainted with different types of cultures, their festivals, their way of speaking, and other factors that might come in handy while working in an environment with a diverse set of people. There are multiple elements in a CHCDIV001 assessment each of which is specifically designed to judge a person's ability to cope with the diversity of their workplace. According to this assessment, a student must show some importance towards their -

  • Understanding of Communication Techniques - Verbal and non-verbal
  • Ability to Handle People of Diverse Backgrounds.
  • Cultural Safety Awareness
  • Attitude towards minorities and marginalized groups
  • Understanding of Diversity
  • Understanding different issues which affect the minorities
  • Understanding of discrimination and its impact.

In other words, every skill that a particular person might require while dealing with someone of a different social, political, or economical background is assessed by this certification.

What is the Importance of the CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers?

chcdiv001 knowledge assessment as you might have understood by now deals with the behavioural approach of a nursing staff candidate towards a diverse group of people such as aboriginal Australians and Torres Strait Islanders. The assessment plays a major role in analyzing perfect candidates for community health care services as well as the nursing staff of a particular hospital. Based on the assessment help which are included in this unit, one can easily evaluate a candidate's ability to handle situations involving different scenarios of their jobs.

It is an important unit from a student's perspective as well because it can provide an insight into the career problems and situations a nurse has to face in their routine life as well as how to handle them in a more effective manner. These assessments have some practical tasks that are based on real-life scenarios of health care institutes. A person's competence is evaluated based on their performance in these tasks as performing these tasks helps them to understand whether a candidate is able to sustain in the official environment. There are different elements in a test that are used to evaluate a student's capabilities.

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Usually, the assessment is made up of 4 elements which include -

  1. Analysis of One's Perspective- A candidate's perspective on various aspects such as social and cultural conceptions, self-ignorance towards awareness of social factors, and various other social customary practices.
  1. Acknowledging the Existence of Diversity and the Benefits of the Same. - This element is helpful in evaluating a candidate's ability to respect the different social aspects of a diverse culture while working in an official environment.
  1. One's Ability to Maintain Healthy Communication with People From a Diverse Background- This element is responsible to judge a candidate's approach to interaction with people, whether one is able to display respect towards people from across all the sections of society or not. It is also used to evaluate a person's ability to establish successful communication when language barriers exist.
  1. Endorsing Awareness About Diverse Cultures and Their Existence- This element helps a candidate to understand the importance of spreading social awareness about the existence of various diverse cultures in society and their surroundings. This also helps in evaluating a candidate's presence of mind while handling a situation of conflict and whether a person takes an initiative to reach out to necessary authorities to report the matter.

These 4 elements combine together to provide an overall analysis of a person's ability to handle and communicate with people from various diverse cultures and backgrounds despite having different opinions, beliefs, and language barriers. It also gives some practical insights to students who want to make a career in this field. assignment answers is all about working with diverse people.

Wondering what a CHCDIV001 Assessment looks like and how to complete it? Keep reading as in the next section you are going to find some really useful insights on how to answer work with diverse people assessment easily.

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How to Write CHCDIV001 Assessment Answers? Tasks & Samples

Writing CHCDIV001 assessment answers pdf requires a student to be aware of several factors, as discussed in the above section. The assessment consists of 3 activities, and a student has to pass all three to pass them. These activities are -

  1. Basic Knowledge Test
  2. Case Study Analysis
  3. Final Project

You can see the diversity that the assessment requires in terms of exercises that one has to complete. Most of the students are okay with completing task one. However, tasks 2 & 3 are the ones where things get tough. As suggested by our experts, it is always better to check out samples before you start working on your document, and that is why in this blog every task is explained with the help of a sample, making it easier for you to understand how to complete CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people assessment. Let's go through each task and learn how to write the answers.

Task 1 - Knowledge Test

This is the initial activity of the assessment in which you answer certain questions about the concepts used in the course. These are simple questions that need a point to point answers. The activity is called a knowledge test because the problems stated in the document are based solely on your awareness of the concepts and how much you know about the subject. The pattern of this activity in the assessment can resemble the following-


You are expected to write your answer down in the box, and your assessor will check your work right there under your answer box. This is just one of the sample questions given. There are 17 questions. A few sample questions for CHCDIV001 answers are-

  • List any three (3) legislations relevant to issues surrounding cultural differences?
  • Is it necessary to value and respect the cultural identity and cultural differences of your clients and colleagues? Mention any two (2) reasons.
  • Describe briefly the following given below discrimination legislation in 100 words?
    (a) Age Discrimination Act 2004
    (b) Disability Discrimination Act 1992
    (c) Racial Discrimination Act 1975
    (d) Sex Discrimination Act 1984
  • When was the Universal Declaration of human rights adopted?
  • What rights do people have under the Universal declaration of human rights that affect disability support services? Mention any five (5) rights.

Our experts know how to answer all of these questions and such questions to their full potential so, if you find this CHCDIV001 assessment answers tough, they have got you covered.

Task 2 - Case Studies

The second activity of the CHCDIV001 assignment answers is based on an analysis of case studies. There are 3 specific cases mentioned in front of you. Once you understand the case, there are certain questions that you have to answer. The experts suggest that you note all the pointers from the case study before moving to the questions as they help in answering them better. Take a look at the sample case study and questions related to it. -


This is a sample case explained to a student who was writing a CHCDIV001 assessment answer pdf. The questions that might be given to you based on this case can be -

  • What is the central issue faced by the resident?
  • Which Strategy did the resident use to communicate the incident?
  • List any two (2) reasons why you will not use a family member as an interpreter for Ms Darlo?

This is how the questions come across when you are working on chcdiv001 work with diverse answers tafe. Make sure you have enough details to answer them if not, our experts can help you out in just a single call!

Task 3 - Project & Simulation

One of the key aspects of completing the CHCDIV001 Work with diverse people assessment is to learn and implement the concepts practically. And that is what the last activity of the course is about. Being a student you are asked to simulate a situation in which you are a certain entity in a health care institution and are in a dilemma of making a professionally sound and ethical choice while handling the conflict that has arisen from diversity.

The 3rd and final task of the document is divided into 3 sub-tasks -

  • Part A: reflective journal/blog writing
  • Part B: reflective journals/log writing
  • Part C: Role Play / Simulation

The first two parts are questions and answers that follow the same pattern as the first activity. However, the role play is what makes things a little bit spicy for the students. A sample of a role-play activity is given in the image below -


You have to conduct the highlighted tasks with due diligence and present your findings in such a manner that your assessor understands every bit of it and validates your conceptual knowledge and practical abilities. Many students reach out to our online assignment help experts for this particular task specifically to which the professionals always reply with a welcoming heart.

Sample Questions for CHCDIV001 Answers

 1. What are the advantages of culture and diversity for the employment and economy in Australia?

2. Do you have a duty to disclose client abuse if you suspect it? Describe your response.

3. Identify at least three practical methods that can help people communicate when there is a language barrier.

4. How has immigration affected Australia's cultural mix during the past three decades?

5. What measures ought you to take to prevent discrimination?

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