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In the current scenario, every student is running the race of the competition to get good grades. In order to get grades, all they are doing is mugging up things and not learning; this is the reason why students are away from understanding the basic understand the basic concepts of academic literature, which keeps them away from the generic conventions.

This has become a common problem for many students since they are not able to know the basics of the subject and hence face problems with further concepts. This leads to a lowering of the creativity and mental ability of the students.

However, getting an idea of the generic conventions list will help the students understand the concept easily and allow the creation of unique content as well. This will help them to choose the type of genre and hence directs the path of writing in a specific direction.

In the further section of this blog, you will understand the concept of generic conventions, their types, and genres in detail.

What Are Generic Conventions And Their Importance

What are generic conventions?’ must have been a question in your head, but do not worry; this blog will help you understand the same in detail, knowing its genre, types, and other details to help you improve your writing. Let us know what it is exactly-

Generic conventions are the features that help in making one story in a specific genre. Generic convention definition says that they can be a comedy, fantasy, fiction, or any other genre type, which will help the writer know what type of story they want to write. These are important to get the right direction of the story.

What are generic conventions

After knowing the genre of the story, it becomes easy to write one in that particular category. This helps in the right selection of the theme and hence makes the story more creative by generating new ideas. The humour is then used according to the theme and the genre of the story.

Importance of Generic Conventions

The generic conventions are important in order to:

  • Make the story creative
  • Helps in attracting and conveying the message to readers easily
  • Helps in differentiating the genre of the stories
  • Focus on the characters of the story

The above are the reasons why generic conventions definition and their importance. As of now, you are clear with the concept of generic conventions, so let us move forward with some genres of generic conventions to help you understand the same in an effective manner. 

What Are Genres?

A literary work is categorised by its form, subject matter, and literary style into genres like Mythology, Fantasy, Science Fiction, and Comedy. These are called the genre of that literature content. Every piece of write-up has its own voice and tone of talking to the reader: this tone is defined as a genre. Understanding what major genre group a work of literature belongs to will help to provide a greater understanding of that work because each genre differs in its qualities and functions.

Types of Genes

6 Major Types of Genres

  1. Mythology: Mythology is a completely fictional genre that states the myths believed in the ancient period. This consists of the stories that are based on different traditions as every diverse group has their own beliefs and facts that are brought forward to the generations.
    In this genre, one can understand the myths that have been followed over the years, which tells the human experience in the old times. This genre serves the ancient stories of the modern era.
  1. Fantasy: This genre of generic conventions helps in conveying the story that you have thoughts about. It is completely imaginary and fictional, where even the characters are unreal. However, this genre of fantasy has a strong similarity with that of the literature of the mythological genre of general conventions.
    This genre shows the perception and thoughts of the writer in the form of a story. When writing in this genre, the audience’s thoughts are also taken into consideration which specifies the requirement of superheroes, fairy tales etc, which can be the characters in one’s story.
  1. Science Fiction: It is very difficult to explain the mythology genre; however, this genre of generic conventions requires proper research and is in context with the concepts of science and technology. In this specific storyline, some facts are given while the other fictitious theories are involved.
    It can also be said that science fiction is completely different from the other genres of literature which helps in understanding the individual’s response to the transformation of technology.
  1. Comedy: Comedy is the genre where the infusion of laughter and jokesis present. This is said to be the most difficult genre of them all since it is very difficult to crack different jokes every time for millions of audiences at the same time and expect laughter in return.
    However, every individual likes to go through the comedy genre at any time, which creates a positive environment and can be done via television, social media, stories, etc.
  1. Satire: Satire is a genre where the stories of the society mishappenings are shared in order to bring improvement in the society as a whole. This genre involves the abuse and discrimination stories,etc., that showcase the wrong intent of the people in the society and how it is being continued over time without any actions been taken.
    This is ideally written to make the individuals involved in such activity feel ashamed and allow society to make an improvement. This genre of generic conventions helps in making an emotional connection with the audience, which engages them in the content.
  1. Dystopia: This genre is written with the fiction of science involved in it. This is, however, not the fact but is the combination of fantasy and science fiction. For example- superheroes and their powers.
    It is a complete fantasy of any individual to become a superhero while the powers are used with somehow the effects of science involved in it to make it look real.

The above is the main genre of generic conventions list in detail, which will help the students make their document more effectively, knowing the difference in all of these. In the further section, we will understand the types of generic conventions in detail.

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5 Types of Generic Conventions with Examples

When writing a generic convention, it is very important to know the types of the same as it will help in knowing the necessary elements of the document. It will make the story more creative and develop a sense of connectivity between the reader and the writer.

Let us understand the types of generic conventions in detail:

  1. Theme: It is the central idea of the document on which it is based upon. The theme needs to be decided at the beginning of the writing to know the direction of the research process as well as the brainstorming ideas. This helps in the relevancy of the information included in the document.
    Having said that, it makes the idea put forward from the beginning itself, which makes it easier for the reader to understand the viewpoint of the writer. This also attracts the reader’s mind, which interests him to get an insight on the particular topic.

Theme Generic Conventions Examples: Norse myths of Thor and the Ancient Egyptian myths of Ra

  1. Setting: Setting is the part where the story is set. The right setting helps in conveying the story in an organized manner. But, in case the setting is not correctly done, then all your efforts will go in vain as it leaves some unconnected dots that will not make the document interesting, and hence the reader will lose interest.
    It helps in keeping the document aligned with the emotions well expressed, step-by-step giving up information for better understanding of the reader. This also ensures the correct tone of the document, which is important to maintain the flow of the reader.

Setting Generic Conventions Examples: When a content or a book is set in a certain geographical location such as Beaches, Mountains, Schools, Houses, etc.

  1. Iconography: The iconography is very important when making a document to create an impression on the reader. It also helps in making the document more presentable for the reader, which attracts them to the document. The generic convention list shows that iconography is very important in the literature, which is the visual representation of data through diagrams, graphical presentation, charts, etc.
    This makes the document attractive and helps in easy analysis of the data represented for the reader. It portraits the information in such a way that it can be easily read instead of the writing part. Also, it gives evidence of the information included in the document.

Iconography Generic Conventions Examples: There is iconography in Christian religious art that uses pictures like the lamb, which stands for Christ, or the dove, which stands for the Holy Spirit.

  1. Characters: The characters play a very important role when writing the generic conventions. It shows the people involved in a particular story to make it easy to understand the complete scenario. Every story requires some characters to begin and even complete their story. These characters help in the communication of the story between two or more individuals and convey the writer’s message effectively to the reader.

Characters Generic Conventions Examples: A character is a person, animal, being, creature, or thing in a story.

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1. What Are Genres?

Genres are the tone or style in which content or a story is written. These differ from every write-up depending upon the criteria based on which it is prepared, such as Fiction, Non-Fiction, Comedy, Mythology, etc.

2. What Are Generic Convention?

Generic conventions are the different portions of the content that completes the story, such as the Theme on which it is based, the location where it is set, or the characters who are part of the story.

3. What Are Some Examples of Fiction Genre Books?

Some most popular books written in the genre of Fiction are:

  • The Keeper of Stories
  • The Blackbird
  • Amazing Grace Adams
  • The Last Devil to Die

4. What Are Some Examples of Mythology Genre Books?

Some most popular books written in the genre of Mythology are:

  • Fingerprints of the God
  • Timeless Tales of God and Heroes
  • Medusa
  • The Book Symbols

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