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Complete Knowledge on BSBADM502: From Organising Meetings to Answering Tasks

19 Jan 2023 1288 8 minutes

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What Is Bsbadm502 Managing Meetings?

In this modern era, gone are those times when employers only required computer and work-related expertise. Now every company needs employees who have management skills accompanying them. As most organisations are built upon meetings with people, they need employees who can handle and manage all of them at their fingertips. Students who have passed the BSBADM502 assessment with excellent grades can get much better salary packages. So if you want to be one of these students, let’s entail what BSbadm502 has to say.

And make sure that you read the whole blog as at the end, we have provided assistance offered to you which you might require. The reason, you ask? Well, a large percentage of students tried to give this assessment without taking any assistance, and only a tiny percentage of them have passed. Therefore to pass the BSBADM502 assessment for the first time only, it is recommended to get some support from experts.

Understanding BSBADM502 Assessment Tasks

This unit (BSBADM502) explains the skills and knowledge necessary to oversee meeting preparation procedures, chair meetings, organise minutes, and report meeting results. It relates to employees in various work situations who are needed to organise and manage meetings inside their company, including executing or managing administrative chores such as supplying agendas and meeting materials. This unit aims at students who want to be future managers or work in managerial or secretarial positions. This examination seeks to educate students on arranging, structuring, handling, and executing various types of meetings in the workplace.

Overall, this assessment is mandatory for students who want to learn how meetings in the professional world are managed and the duties they have to handle. Bringing senior and junior managers together and taking new people on board in a session are some skills taught in this assessment unit. This can also be a great addition to your skill arsenal, as no matter the job type you take up in the future; you will need to have meetings if you are in a team.

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Understanding Assessment Tasks

Now that you understand what is BSBADM502 Manage Meetings unit is about and know that it’s essential to all students. Then let’s start with understanding its meeting tasks thoroughly so you can give excellent BSBADM502 assessment answers

There are a few terms that students need to get acquainted with to get started with BSBADM502. Our experts have mentioned some of them below:

Quorum – It is the minimum number of people required to conduct a meeting to keep it valid.

Procedural Motion – These are put forth in the meeting to better everyone in the gathering.

Proxy – In Proxy, a member in a meeting is authorised to participate and act on behalf of any other member who is not physically present. The authorisation is given by the valid and significant member of the meeting who somehow cannot attend the meeting. Conflict of Interest – It is the difference between one’s personal interests and professional ones.

After getting these terms cleared in your mind, you will easily be able to give BSBADM502 manage meetings assessment answers.

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Task 1

There are a few thing that are involved in the task 1, our experts have made points of them so you can understand them easily.

  • Outline a meeting structure for a formal meeting.
  • Outline a meeting structure for an informal meeting.
  • State at least three key arrangements that need to be made for a meeting.
  • Express three important aspects of a Chairperson’s job during a meeting.
  • Explain why it is important for a Chairperson to monitor the participation of all those involved in a meeting.
  • Explain the purpose of an agenda and identify five items that should be included in an agenda.

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Task 2

For starters, in this task, you will have to organise and allot time to each thing; let’s look over the points for a more straightforward explanation.
  • Develop a meeting agenda (table for better clarification)

Meeting Date:


Meeting Duration:


Meeting Location: 

Meeting hall





Please bring &/or read:



Agenda Items Time Allocated


Welcome and apologies

x minutes


Communication of objectives

x minutes 



x minutes 


Outcome analyses

x minutes

  • Prepare draft of an email to staff (your assessor)
  • Prepare meeting minutes
  • Update the conference program

BSBADM502 Manage Meetings Task 3

In task 3 you will conduct the meeting, starting off by

  • Prepare draft of an email to the staff who will attend the meeting
  • Conduct the meeting
  • Prepare a final draft of an email to your team

Understanding all these aspects is essential for clearing your BSBADM502 assessment. Your brain might be feeling numb after processing this much information, but you will need this qualification to achieve much greater ahead in your life. And for this, you will have to work hard and give it all you have got. But you can leap forward and get good grades on your assessment with the assistance of Global Assignment Help Australia.

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Summary: This blog tells information about BSBADM502: Managing Meetings and its assessment answers.

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