How to Write A College Essay: A Comprehensive Guide

Tricks to Conjure a Flawless College Essay

27 Jan 2024 1153 9 minutes

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Essay writing has never been an easy task for students. Writing an essay in school and an essay in college has a huge difference. But both need to be written in the most recognized & understandable format. In addition, the movement of transition from high school to college brings a lot of challenges. Professors often complain that freshers do not possess the knowledge or skill how to write a college essay.

There’s a big difference between high school and college essays. And understanding them is the key to writing an essay successfully in college.

School Essay vs College Essay – Understanding the Difference

There are several parameters based on which the essays are different in terms of school & college. First, let’s take a look at the post in which we shall learn how to draft a college essay.

Structure: Despite being an essay, it greatly differs in school & college. The steps or instructions on how to write essays generally comprise putting the information about a particular topic into a defined structure. For school, the structure contains starting with an intro, then some two to three paras about the topic, and lastly, the conclusion where the paragraphs are summarized. For college essays, students need to focus on creating the structure around the topic.

Argument: The essay writing in school is usually considered a one-sided argument wherein the entire content depicts one side of the argument and the points to strengthen it. On the other hand, essays written in colleges comprise both sides of the argument, depicting both the strengths & weaknesses.

Audience: Essays in schools are written with the general audience in mind. The content & language of school essays are very much in layman's terms so that everybody can read & understand them. However, the best college essays are written precisely for a particular group audience. Hence, it is recommended that college students consider the knowledge level of the audience for whom the essay help would be targeted.

Content-Length: This is probably the biggest parameter that sets the difference between a college essay & school essay. An essay in school usually stays between a 500-to-1000-word limit. But for a college application essay, it’s around 10+ pages in length. This massive page length often sets a challenge for students since they have to do in-depth writing while getting the chance to use a higher number of information sources, citations & references.

Writing Standards: Writing is rewriting some already existing topics. The essays in high schools are normally rewritten to remove grammatical errors and plagiarism. On the other hand, it isn't very easy to rewrite a college essay because students have to maintain or keep up with the pace & flow of the essay as constant as possible. They also need to look for weaknesses in presented arguments while maintaining a proper choice of word structure.

Quick Tips for Writing a College Essay! 

Just as the saying goes, if you are not successful in making the necessary preparations, then you are bound to fail. So, why should you waste your time when it can be avoided in the first instance?

  • Understand the requirements of the essay before writing. Don’t feel ashamed or being laughed at when you ask your professor for clarification. Remember that the success of your college essay depends on how well you have understood the tasks.
  • Go online/refer to books and try to create a basic skeleton for the essay. Then, as you go on with the research, prepare what you can refer to as an info scrapheap which would contain all the topics/information you would need to prepare your college essay. You can also include articles and citation links to refer to them.
  • What is the main point you wish to focus on in your essay? The answer to this is very important before starting. Based on this, you would proceed with the intro, the arguments, and finally, the conclusion.
  • Prepare an appealing outline. Arrange the information into a proper format. Trim off anything that is of no use or seems out of context.

Techniques for Drafting College Essay on Any Topic:

Still, many students often get confused about what needs to be written in the essay, despite being given the topic. Here’s what you can do:

  • Try starting with a question that entices the reader to continue reading for an answer. Even if you don’t wish to start directly with a question, you can begin with something that creates a sense of suspense within the reader, arousing the curiosity to know further.
  • Whether you are writing a college essay or college application essay, avoid too much bragging or giving detailed info. Ensure to include matters relevant to the present & future aspects while eliminating the need to mention any past event/experience.
  • Try opening up when writing a college essay. Write about your experience or the event so that the readers can connect to the content. For college essays, professors love when students are giving facts/figures as well as authenticate the information that makes your professor read the essay till the very end.
  • There’s no need to summarize every event or experience. Let the readers work out their grey matter and identify the meaning. Let them read the content and imagine themselves being a part of that event rather than spelling it out. This immediately disturbs the reading process, making the readers leave the content halfway.
  • Try conveying the required meaning in sufficient words. Don’t make your sentences/information too complicated to be understood. For example, when you are writing for college essay, you would need to include topic-centric terminologies to let your professors know that you have complete knowledge of the subject or topic. Or else, you can just rely on the College essay help to get the essay written.

Remember that your essay represents ideas & suggestions paired with the relevant facts & figures. So, it is vital to present them in a well-documented format so that your professors are bound to give you nothing less than an A+ in your best college essays. However, if this doesn’t seem to be your cup of tea, then turn to Global Assignment Help Australia and try our essay typer tool- You can get a flawless essay in just a couple of minutes.

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