How To Write A Discursive Essay? - Structure, Types & Topics

Understand Discursive Essay Writing - Structure, Types & Topics

How to write discursive essay
28 Nov 2020 2587 19 minutes

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There is a mountain of course work provided by professors to students; one of the most unique is a discursive essay. The students are used to write about a topic both qualitatively and quantitatively, but how about taking a side? Well, you are required to do that here. This makes every student struggle with the same question, how to write a discursive essay? You have hit a jackpot of information here, but remember to keep a pen and notepad handy to take down quick notes. 

What Is a Discursive Essay?

It is a form of essay writing with a twist. In a normal essay, you are required to just write about a topic based on whatever information is available in a non-biased way. In a discursive essay or argumentative essay, you have to either write in favor or opposition to the topic. You can also present views from both sides and make it look like a discussion or subtle argument. This way, you give points from both sides and leave it for the reader to decide what suits them. 

This enables one to form an opinion based on the facts that suit its own argument and gives them an ability to reject facts presented by the opposition using innovative defense techniques. It doesn't mean that a student gets opinionated by this exercise, but they become exposed to both sides of the topic. This can be very helpful if you are looking for a political career. 

Such unique attributes are enough to start writing a discursive essay, but before you approach writing the content, you should know about its types

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What Are the Various Types of Discursive Essays?

 The previous section offered you knowledge about what is a discursive essay but it is not enough to learn the meaning. Since it gives you a fraction of education about what to write, you can end up making errors that can affect the quality. Moreover, it is advised that you must start work with proper and total knowledge to prepare a high-standard discursive essay.

So, the following sub-heads provide information on its divisions:

Opinion Essays:

The most common and highly assigned content type is this one. While most of the projects contain a topic given by the professor, here, it is your responsibility to find a topic. Moreover, you need to show your opinion on the subject. However, you must research it thoroughly so that your discursive essay contains arguments from the other side. Also, it helps you collect valid proof which makes it essential.

Contradictory Essays:

Most of you make this essay a bit wrong as it shares some features with the opinion essay. This type has the same approach for delivering the content but has a slight difference. While you show a bit of higher support for your side in the outlook type, this one requires a neutral presentation. It is a mistake our experts observe in your discursive essay, so you need to present both wings with equal importance.

Conclusive Essay:

Some of the content focuses on providing a definite answer to the problem. Such an essay requires you to read and understand the asked question first. You cannot skip past this process as it bases the entire course of your approach. Since you get confused, studying a discursive essay example can benefit you in understanding the correct method to draft this.

These are the general types in this essay you need to know so you do not deliver or face confusion while writing it. However, you should also know that there are some divisions in essays that are also considered under discursive essay. So, it is time for you to know who they are.

Argumentative Essay:

This type works to provide in-depth information as that is its primary objective. Since every project focuses on two targets, the second one is results. It is not necessary that you deduce an outcome unless the topic requires one. However, one condition while writing this discursive essay is that you must not take a side as you need to provide relevant and in-depth information.

Persuasive Essay:

It is also a type under this head, as you must present a viewpoint to the readers. Also, you have to pick a side and attempt to persuade the audience to agree with you. Also, you need to present proper evidence so the readers think about your opinion and start forming similar thoughts. You can learn it better by looking at a discursive essay example about it.

These are some famous and general types in this classification. Per the definition, these divisions suit this category, but writing it is tricky. Many of you attempt it without gaining proper knowledge. Due to that, you mix the pattern of your content with a persuasive essay. It is a form that can be categorised as a discursive essay. However, these both have some differences which are not known generally to most. So, the better pick is to learn what segments divide them as a separate division. The next section makes an informative distinction.

Discursive Essay vs Persuasive Essay: Points of Difference

Sometimes, what you know can be wrong, even though it seems correct at the last moment. But the whole concept is incorrect, so it bases a document which brings rejection. Hence, it is necessary that you study the accurate knowledge about what you are working on.

So, the following differentiation provides an idea about persuasion and discursive essay type:







Presenting different viewpoints to the public to provoke intellectual thought about the central idea.

It only explores and focuses on a single heading rather than directing the content into different areas.



You can find an introduction, body, and ending in a discursive essay example. You get the freedom to structure your draft by keeping a variety of passages and their length.

Though it follows the same layout, it does not give any leverage to frame your content. You need to apply three or four passages that share the same length.



Casual is not allowed, but an informal pinch is accepted. Most content is formal, but try to keep it in a friendly manner. It is vital to show who you are writing as.

This one is rigid. Though you need to change the user’s mind, you cannot alter the format of the language. Keep it formal as it is required for academics.


Applying First Person

It approves the use of first-person pronouns.

This document type does not allow using such pronouns in the content. You cannot show your personal opinion.


Evidence Use

Conditional as you do not require to show an in-depth analysis of a published context.

Follow the PEEL structure to design the task. So, the evidence is pivotal, unlike a discursive essay.


Metaphor Language

It welcomes the use of figurative speech.

It is not flexible with keeping the content too informal. The condition to apply such language is to examine a quote relevant to the topic.

The above table provides an accurate differentiation between discursive and persuasive essays. It is vital to know these variations, as many of you get confused while writing this type. Therefore, you must study and understand this difference to prepare accurate content. However, you must know the correct approach to answer how to write a discursive essay. Hence, the next section provides details on this issue.

How to Write a Discursive Essay Effectively?

Writing a document is not simple, but you can frame readable content through a process. Some have an approach that helps them to derive results, but you cannot follow each of them. Their methods came into existence through hardship, so you should go through the same process. But you need a stepping stone to move ahead, and the following steps can teach you how to write a discursive essay correctly:

Start with a Relatable Topic:

Without a heading, it is not possible to find information to frame your subject. When you see a document that lacks a definite topic, it is similar to walking on a path with pitch-black darkness. Moreover, you need to start your research process and cannot commence since you have no idea what to look for. So, the first step begins with framing various discursive essay topics and finding one to initiate your work.

Frame a Definite Structure:

Structure of Discursive Essay

Finding a topic and beginning the writing part right away is one of the wrongful approaches you apply. The better one is to design a correct format to start in a sequence. It provides a better presentation of details to the audience as they find it informative and less confusing. You follow the below-mentioned pre-requisite structure of discursive essay:

  • Introduction
  • Argument #1
  • Argument #2   (State Your Claims in these arguments)
  • Argument #3
  • Viewpoint of the other side
  • Conclusion

It allows you to show orderly framed content that lacks chaos within the information and can deliver accurate details.

Stick to Given Guidelines:

Sometimes, exerting your ideas on the document results in a setback. There is no issue with this, but a little heads-up about the document guidelines is beneficial. Why? Your professor assigns specific regulations that allow you to write the required document. So, before you prepare your discursive essay to the end, clarify these do’s and don'ts for an untimely drawback.

These are a few simple yet essential steps that can help you deliver quality content. It is necessary that your process to start a project remains correct and related to the subject with the given guidelines. But it requires much struggle to get it right. Many of you frame it wrong and realise halfway that you made mistakes earlier. You must find the correct topic to avoid such a mistake in your essay. So, the next section will provide you with discursive essay topics.

Top 10 Discursive Essay Topics as an Idea to Strive Towards

Finding a correct heading for your project acts as a positive start. But finding one is something that most of you see as a complex work. Even if the writing part gives you hectic hours or time, a wrong or no topic is more troublesome. That is why the following samples give you an idea of how to find an accurate title:

  • Is it necessary to apply multiple skin care products?
  • What are the benefits of listening to healing frequencies? Show if it is useful or just a trend
  • Can metaverse colleges or universities overlap traditional educational methods? Give reasons
  • Does implementing the use of drones take away privacy factors from the public? Present opinions
  • Can a different method of study take over modern classrooms? Disclose your theory
  • Should a concert use the feature of holograms to show the deceased superstars of the music industry?
  • Parents using their newborns to gather more followers on social media. Is it ethically right or wrong?
  • Factors responsible for protesting against offline culture by remote employees.
  • Does E-sports and regular sports have the same line or stream? Give your comments
  • Is the culture of diversity applied by companies a tactic to increase profits and goodwill?

These are some of the topics you can use for a discursive essay. Ensure they are not only informative but also require opinion. It is necessary that you address a subject that forces the readers to think and make their judgements at the end. However, there are always doubts in your brain that you must solve to move ahead to the next part of your task. So, the following section attempts to eliminate doubts in your mind so drafting a discursive essay becomes easy for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions Related to Discursive Essay

1. What Tips Does Expert Suggest for an Effective Discursive Essay?

Following are the suggestions from professionals to apply:

  • Frame engaging personal statements to have a better impression.
  • Apply exemplary techniques to draft your discursive essay.
  • It is essential that you frame your content in the first person to communicate the details.
  • Keep a sequence in your content to reduce complexity.
  • Ask for detailed feedback on your work.

2. What Is the Correct Format to Write a Discursive Essay?

The following structure gives an insightful idea about how to write a discursive essay correctly:

1. The Introduction

2. Body

3. Conclusion

Use them all in the precise layout to ensure your content can deliver accurate information to the readers with less confusion. Also, it looks more presentable for the audience as it is less complex.

3. Is Persuasive and Discursive Essay the Same or Different?

No, they are not the same, and the following points provide you with some insight into that:

  • Discursive essays can easily work with figurative language. The content accepts metaphor. However, persuasive essays do not agree with content containing metaphors unless it is to examine a quote.
  • Discursive does not have a single perspective, whereas persuasive addresses only one heading.
  • Discursive blends the information with causal and formal language. However, a persuasive essay only requires literary approach to educate the readers.

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