5 Do's & Don'ts for Writing a High-Scoring Psychology Essay

This blog highlights the dos and donts of psychology essay writing to help you score high.

Psychology Essay
28 Sep 2019 2533 6 minutes

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Almost all the students want to get an A+ in psychology essay and we know you are included in them too. But, your dream grade always remains distant, right? Have you ever wondered, why? Well, today, we will tell you the reason. This happens because you fail to do what you should be doing, and end up including the elements that must be avoided. Why? Well, it's not your fault as you've never been told about the do’s and don'ts of psychology essay writing. Therefore, our experts sat for a meeting and unanimously decided to come up with this write-up. Through this blog, you'll get acquainted with what should be done and kept at a bay while composing the essay. But, we expect one thing from you in return. Worry not, we are not asking for a monetary price. You can pay us another way. How? Well, your attention is more precious than anything else, therefore, read the next section with complete focus.

Don’ts of Psychology Essay Writing

We all hate to wait, therefore, we'll not keep you waiting. Here are the don'ts for writing the essay that was unknown to you. Give them a careful reading.

Don’t make it a saga:

Do you know what the basic difference between scientific and fictional writing is? Well, the latter one gives you the freedom of expressing your views creatively. There you can give a lot of background information, stories, mysteries, or whatever you want. But, while composing an essay for a subject like psychology, you must be specific and address the question directly. Therefore, refrain from blabbering about general things and converting your essay to a saga.

Don’t prove a theory:

The students while writing the psychology essay often forget the principle that scientific theories cannot be proved. You can only give your views about them, and back up your arguments with a piece of evidence. Avoid including statements like “hence, this study proves Piaget’s theory” instead of this, you can write “hence, this study supports Piaget’s theory”.

Don’t rely on unauthorized sources:

While researching for the psychology essay, you collect evidence from numerous sources such as the internet, magazines, journals, etc. But, not every source has the correct information. Therefore, do not completely rely on any data originating from unauthorized and low-quality sources.

Don’t use passive voice:

Passive means dead. The dead voice makes your essay dull, boring, and gives the impression that you have not researched the topic well. Therefore, don't use passive form excessively.

Don’t overuse direct quotes:

Direct quotes are considered evidence in other subjects but, overusing them while writing for disciplines like psychology, impacts the professor's mind negatively. Therefore, do not fill the pages with other author's views.

Now that you know what should not be done, a question must be popping in your mind, “what should I do?” Well, here’s the answer to it.

Do’s of Psychology Essay Writing

Do write specifically: Psychology is a scientific subject and science has no place for stories. Therefore, ensure to make a quick transit from general to specific information. Write to the point and talk about the issue directly.

Do mention your work’s importance:

Many students only explain their experiments and the results obtained through them. They don't answer the question "how their research will take the subject a level up?" This is what the professor wants to know. He has a keen interest in knowing why do you think your study is important. Therefore, address this query through your essay.

Do check evidence’s reliability:

If we ask, do you trust the forwarded messages received through social networks, then what will be your reply? Well, we know, it's no. Then, how can you believe the information obtained from a random source and use it as evidence for the psychology essay? Always double-check the data before making it a part of the document.

Do explain the keywords:

Every essay question contains certain key or important terms indicating what the theme is. You should make it a point to give their explanation in the write-up. This assures the professor you have understood the problem. Along with this, also define the technical words or jargon you've used.

Do present both the sides:

Every coin has two sides, similarly, all the theories have two evidence, one in its support, and another against it. You cannot ignore one side simply because it's not in confirmation with your views. The professor intends to see the complete picture. Therefore, while writing the psychology essay, you should present both the shreds of evidence.

Do you now want to thank our experts? Well, don't do it right now. Reserve your thank you for the time when you get an A+ in the psychology essay. But, if you feel it's still a dream that won't come true, then contact us for more assistance and the best essay writing services.

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