An Ultimate Guide to Know about Reference Letter

Everything You Need to Know about Reference Letter

04 Nov 2023 364 14 minutes

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In the corporate sector, a reference letter plays a crucial role. It is also called a letter of recommendation. Well, this piece of paper can make one’s life better or also help him to climb the ladder of success. It is common in offices to provide references to your friends or known person, but it is not correct to give references to them orally. It is a must for you to provide them with the best reference letter template for the advancement of their career. In this blog, you will know every detail of this letter. 

What Is Reference Letter?

It is a document that shows why a recipient must select the letter for an academic programme, volunteer role, or job. It shows the positive attributes and skills of a person. Reference letters are required when anyone is applying for volunteer positions, graduate programmes, colleges, internships, or jobs. 

It is a perfect draft that presents why a company should select that candidate or what qualities of his suit flawlessly the qualifications for the job. These reference letters are requested by the companies offered by the applicants and job seekers.

Now that you know what a reference letter isit is time to understand its types.

What Are the Types of Reference Letters?

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We hope that the above section has made you clear about the reference letter. So, in this section, you will read about different types of it. Not many students are familiar with the different kinds of letters. Therefore, reading this section of the blog will take you through something new. Hence, when you see any reference letter next, you get an idea of its type.

1. Professional Reference Letter: 

A professional reference letter is needed for a person who is moving to a new city for work or looking for one. This type of reference letter is helpful when switching to a new position. So if you are working for a company, your colleague can ask you for this kind of letter.

What to Include in Professional Reference Letter?

Some things are mandatory to include in any reference letter. It includes how well you know the employee, their practical skills, and their work capacity. The professional letter must also include your contact number. So that in any case, if they want to know more about the employee, they can contact you.

The work reference letter is somehow similar to this. You can get more information about it on Google.

2. Personal Reference Letter: 

This type of letter is also known as a character reference letter. When any person asks this from their office, someone who can explain the candidate's personality writes it. If a person has not had much work experience or, in any case, they think their employers will not give a positive review, they ask for this letter.

In this, there is information about:

  • Candidate's name.
  • How qualified is he or she?
  • Explain the candidate's personality.
  • Your connection with the candidate.
  • Candidate's skills.

Guidelines for Writing It

While writing this reference letter, the first thing you must mention is:

  1. Your relationship with the candidate
  2. The next piece of information to add is details about the person's experience.

If you are writing for a student, do mention their academic talent. If you are writing for any person seeking a job, mention their ethics, skills, and work performance.

This kind of employment reference letter is used by various people to get a job that suits them.

3. Academic Reference Letter: 

This type of recommendation letter has details about students' academic achievements and goals. It can given by professors, coaches, or sports organisers on behalf of scholars. They explain better how a student can fit into the university or any other career.

The paper helps an organisation understand the student and their interests. There are various types of academic reference letters:

  • Letter to gain financial aid
  • Job application recommendation letters
  • Graduate school recommendation letters
  • College recommendation letters

A student can get this reference letter from their university or any other institute where they are working. 

How to Write an Academic Reference Letter?

  • Write a brief introduction.
  • Mention the student's qualifications.
  • Write down your contact information.

So these are the prime three types of reference letters, and we hope you get a bit of an idea about them. If you want to read more about this, you can search for a reference letter example online. You will get answers to all your questions in a minute.

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How to Write a Reference Letter in a Good Way?

Before you write any reference letter, ensure you can write it in a positive manner. But, if you don’t know the candidate well, then in this case, you can avoid writing the reference letter. 

There are a few students who give a proper format where you have to mention the contact information of the person who will receive your letter, your data, and your contact address at the top of the reference letter.

If, in any case, you are emailing this to the person, then there is no need to mention all this. Instead, write your contact details after the end of your signature.

So the main things one must know when writing a reference letter are discussed below:


Always start your letter with Mr., Miss, or Mrs. and their last name. If you are unaware of their last name, you can directly type: "Dear hiring manager". When a student is applying for any academic programme, you can mention "To Academic Committee." If it is a general letter, then write "To whom it may concern" and start your paragraph. 

The First Paragraph: 

The first paragraph of the reference letter must include your relationship with the candidate you recommend. From how long you know them and how you know them. Just ensure to mention the company, school, or place the candidate is applying for. For example, I am Kelvin, and I have been working at XYZ company as a chief manager for the last five years. I am giving the reference "name of the candidate" for this position. It is the correct way to write the first paragraph. 

The Second Paragraph:

In the second paragraph, or, say, the middle of the reference letter, there must be data about the candidate. You can mention how they are qualified and how they can contribute to the company. If there is a long list, use more than one paragraph to describe their details. Always try to be specific about the skills the candidate has. Mention all that if the position requires it.

To understand it better, let us take an example: If a person is applying for a credit manager post, then mention their finance and communication skills.

Letter Closing: 

The last or closing paragraph is the most essential section and must include your contact information (email and phone). So that if there is a need for a verbal recommendation, you must be available. Also, you must mention that you are recommending that person without any biases and wholeheartedly.


Now you must end the reference letter with your signature with your full name mentioned. If you are mailing this, then only mention your name by following your contact information.

These points above must have let you know what you must include in your reference letter. Now the next crucial step is to know the correct format. 

How to Format a Reference Letter?

Formatting is one thing that is essential for reference letters as well as another paper-like assignments. Due to this many students search for assignment help. The way you craft your letter is as essential as the content written in it. Therefore, we will ensure you understand the correct formatting of this letter.


Any reference letter must be one or two paragraphs. However, you must keep it concise, formal and mention the essential points of the candidate. Hence, try to finish it on one page. A maximum of 2 to 3 paragraphs is enough to mention how you know the person and why they fit the position.


A recommendation letter must have a gap of one margin between two paragraphs. Due to this, it does not look disoriented, and the person you are writing it to finds it professional. The most alignment of the text is set to the left. So always keep this in mind while writing any reference letter.


Always use a traditional font like Times New Roman, Calibri, or Arial. It must be between 10 and 12 points, then it will be easy to read. You can also adjust as per your page.

If you follow these formats, you can write a recommendation letter that looks more professional and effective. Moreover, you can always clear your doubts or if you need any paper help from our experts. 

Necessary Point: Once you are done writing your letter, remember to proofread your content. Try to give it a smooth touch. It is because this letter can give a dream position to someone.

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