Five Easy Ways to Encourage a Growth Mindset

Read this blog to get some tips on adopting a growth mindset.

29 Aug 2023 5495 5 minutes

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In the past few years, educational scientists have highly focused on the need of teaching students about “Growth Mindset.” People with a growth mindset believe in expanding their knowledge horizon irrespective of any circumstances. They assume that there can be no barrier to stop them from improving their skills. The other category of learner that is more abundant in the world includes those with a fixed mindset. These folks think that the skills and knowledge they know are fixed traits, and they need not learn anymore. Educationists say that there are many benefits of having a growth mindset. It helps one become more self-disciplined, independent, and happier. Here are some tips on developing a growth mindset:

1) Have a positive approach toward life

Being positive is the first step toward adopting a growth mindset as such people do not get swayed by the hardships of life, rather take them as an opportunity to explore their skills. An optimistic view of life boosts self-esteem as when one believes the best about himself/herself, he/she will make all possible efforts to take on bigger goals. On the other hand, those with a negative attitude find it difficult to learn new things as they feel ashamed of facing the fact that they do not know something.

2) Try different methods to learn

Reading books are not the only way to learn new things. If you have become bored of them, then try some interesting techniques, such as design thinking, gamification, and participating in projects. For instance, if you have to cover a history topic, then visiting a museum can be useful. Similarly, to attain an in-depth knowledge about Shakespeare’s dramas, you can attend the shows at the Australian Shakespeare Company and Bell Shakespeare.

3) Learn from your mistakes

For a growth mindset, it’s important for you to learn from your failures rather than feeling crestfallen. Failure is one of the best teachers, and this is why many training sessions revolve around it. For instance, during a pilot training programme, the trainees are made to face many emergency situations that they are bound to fail during the first few attempts. The result is that the pilots become ready to handle such real-life situations with perfection.

4) Find your competitor within yourself

These days, the rat race is evident everywhere. While most people try to outdo their peers, we suggest you challenge yourself. This will not just help you lead a stress-free life, but also enhance your skills. Although competing with others can also be useful, after attaining a certain level, your skills will become stagnant. However, those who compete with themselves keep on improving. Let’s understand this by an example. You must have heard about Usain Bolt, the famous Jamaican sprinter who has bagged many records. Although he won a gold medal during his Olympic debut in 2004, he kept on performing better, and broke his own record six times before being announced as the fastest man in the world.

5) Welcome criticism

While most students start feeling dejected when they get negative feedback, this is a faulty approach. And, instead of feeling low, try to use such comments to improve yourself. Remember that you are blessed if you have someone to point out your mistakes. A critic can help you know what to concentrate on, but make sure that you focus on the right things. And in case, you feel that you have received an invalid remark, prove them wrong.

These were some simple techniques to acquire and practice a growth mindset. By focusing on these ideas, you will not just witness improvement in your skills but will also lead a better life. However, if loads of college projects are not letting you any time to focus on them, then seek assignment help from our subjects experts.

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