115+ Unique Presentation Topics to Leave an Impact On Your Audience

115+ Unique Presentation Topics to Leave an Impact On Your Audience

11 Jul 2023 19534 34 minutes

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Most of us have delivered a presentation at least once in our life. Be it the academic career or the professional journey, and presentations are a significant part of everyday professional life. The main struggle is coming up with interesting and unique research presentation topics on the fly.

Do you have a presentation to work on but can’t find a topic that resonates with your interest? Don’t worry; the experts of Global Assignment Help Australia have got your back. They have provided here unique yet general topics for a presentation that can catch anyone’s attention. Take a look.

A-Z Unique Presentation Topics

Art and Culture

Art and culture often lend a lot of topics for perfect PowerPoint presentations and other kinds of writing and public speaking tasks. Some of the unique art ideas for presentation topics that you can consider to impress all the creative heads in the audience are:

  1. Discuss some famous oil paintings that have myths revolving around them.
  2. Talk about the famous sculptors and the sculptures they have gifted the world.
  3. Naturally occurring arts like curved stone bridges, grooves, etc.
  4. How the amalgamation of various art forms are emerging with the cultural exchange?
  5. Street Art: A new form of expression

Apart from these presentation topics, we also provide the best architecture assignment topics. To know more about it, you can visit our website anytime.


Business has always been one of the interesting and most talked about topics. If the presentation is to boost your employees and colleagues or to work on the new project, there is a lot that you need to research on. Our experts have listed a few topics that can help you ace the task without much trouble.

  1. Let your job be your passion and not just profession
  2. Finding a secondary source of income is a key to success
  3. The digital domain has destroyed physical business or boosted profits?
  4. Is investing in a start-up a wise call?
  5. Business owners play a crucial role in the development of their employees


If you are a student, you need to work on your presentation in a very comprehensive manner. It could be that you need to prepare homework on a particular subject or for casual presentations. Depending on the choice, you can reach to any of these topics to get your work done without many troubles.

  1. How to crack an interview successfully?
  2. Effects of social media in college-goers life
  3. Unidentified Flying Objects: Everything you need to know about them.
  4. How to dispose your old gadgets properly?
  5. What are the significant effects of green fuel on environment?


With so many issues related to basic and major rights of any country’s citizenship, you can plan a presentation topic around it. Our experts have shared a few topics to help ace your assignment task easily.

  1. Is Australia doing enough to help its indigenous species?
  2. Honesty & integrity are lost in democracy
  3. Do people deserve all the power democracy has bestowed upon them?
  4. Freedom of speech in a democracy is still a dream away.
  5. Explain different types of democracies, their advantages and disadvantages?


With start-ups and many businesses coming up each day, entrepreneurship proves to be one of the best fields to find exciting and unique 10-minute presentation topics to impress your audience in a snap of the fingers. Some of the topics that can help you through are:

  1. What basic, hard, and soft skills are required to be a good entrepreneur?
  2. Why hiring the first employee is an important move for your business?
  3. What do the most renowned entrepreneurs have in common?
  4. How to create a product idea: Everything you should know about it
  5. How to prepare a perfect pitch for your small business?


Another subject of practical relevance in the list. When your professor asks you to prepare a presentation for the subject, you must take topics from the course and the significant topics in day-to-day lives.

  1. Budgeting: Your firm maybe doing this wrong
  2. Understand your money with correct investment plans
  3. Fluctuation in the stock market and its impact on your money
  4. Working for profitability of your enterprise in a planned manner
  5. Emergency savings are the security of tomorrow


If you are pursuing fashion, architecture, or mathematics, geometry won’t be leaving your side. It is essential that while working on your presentation, you explain geometry with an innovative approach to ensure the audience does not feel disconnected. Some of the geometry presentation topics for students include:

  1. How to classify geometry and fashion together?
  2. Understanding the geometry of architectural marvels from the past.
  3. How geometrical shapes positively influence fashion?
  4. How is geometry made simple in easy steps?
  5. Constructions in mathematics


The ancient buildings and events have always inspired present-day culture. It would be interesting to borrow topics from the field for your presentation task.

  1. How history has influenced the present-day luxuries we have?
  2. The sports from the past that make us lose trust on humanity
  3. The historical events that have shaped the current international relations in south asian sub-continent.
  4. Leaders from history that have inspired us since our childhood
  5. The most historical events in world history

International Governing Bodies

It is important to consider the influence of different international governing bodies has in governing the world. You must pick topics that not only keep you engaged but also has an effect on the world in general.

  1. Role of various sports federation in the sports event around the world
  2. What is the major role of the United Nations in world peace?
  3. International court of justice and the historic decisions it has made
  4. What is the key difference between Security Council and the Veto Power?
  5. The best governing bodies for international peace

Justice Topics

Justice is a major concern of the world today. Delay in the judiciary process and decisions are quite common. In such a scenario, taking a topic from the field would impress the audience and keep them engaged.

  1. Where to Look for Justice in Case of Cyber Theft?
  2. Juvenile Criminals Should Face Proper Consequences for Heinous Crimes
  3. Examples of “Justice Delayed Is Justice Denied”
  4. Preventing Crime: Individuals Responsibility
  5. Aftereffects of Child Abuse


If you are pursuing a course in art or language, what better than literature to lend a helping hand. Talk about books, people, etc., and keep the audience involved in your literature presentation.

  1. What is your favorite self-help book?
  2. The best children book writer the world has ever witnessed
  3. Diary of a Young Girl: What makes it the most read book?
  4. What books help you stay motivated in your down periods?
  5. Evolution of literature and its effect on the culture

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The subject is of great significance not only when you are studying it, but even after that. If you are making a career in marketing, then it is important that you have great presentation skills to impress your clients and nail the task.

  1. Marketing like a pro: Changing visitors to conversions
  2. Investing in social media marketing is the need of the hour
  3. How marketing is beyond just selling?
  4. Customer relations: A major marketing tactic
  5. Latest trends to follow for marketing your product

Natural Disaster

In the era of climatic changes, it is important that you do not forget to consider nature. The last few years have seen disastrous changes and impacts. Discuss about them and motivate your audience to do something better.

  1. Why being prepared for the natural disaster in your area is considered as the best approach?
  2. How Japan is prepared to cope with all the earthquakes?
  3. Which disaster is your area prone to?
  4. Mitigation steps for different natural disasters that the world faces
  5. Explain all the worst disasters the world has ever seen

Organ Donation

If you are a nursing student, the field would offer some interesting and unique topics for presentation to keep your audience engaged. Here are some of those that can leave your audience amazed and impressed.

  1. Organ donation: Be a part of the noble cause
  2. Role of psychology during organ transplant
  3. Organ trafficking: the horrible truth in the name of organ donation
  4. Organs that you can donate when you are alive
  5. Life of different organs after you are dead

Personal Growth

A subject that is significant for all of us. When you need to prepare your presentation for the miscellaneous subjects, what better than personal growth? Listed below are some topics around which you can frame your interesting presentation.

  1. Control your brain for better productivity
  2. Creating effective plans and calendars
  3. Preparing an effective to-do list
  4. Healthy eating habits for a happy life
  5. How to avoid obstacles in the path of productivity?

Quality Education

Since you are a part of the education system, you must reach to the list and get some of the most relevant topics for a short presentation.

  1. What is the prime role of Google in the education system today?
  2. Are our kids losing track of traditional study methods?
  3. Education or skills: The major factor for employment.
  4. Re-imagining modern-day schools for skill development.
  5. Education: The last weapon for world peace.

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Robotics and Future of AI

With the world moving to the digital platform and the technology has almost dragged the future to the present, there is a lot in store that can be talked about. It is important that you do not miss the topic from the field while considering a presentation that has all the nerds in the crowd.

  1. Rise of AI: Threatening the employment of experts
  2. Robots with emotional intelligence are no more just a thought
  3. Artificial intelligence making its way in various industries
  4. Artificial intelligence: The work of the future or the future of work
  5. Robots and man workforce: The future of business industries


The field has a vast scope. From health to nanotechnology and from botany to environment, the field covers all the areas that are a must while you talk about day to day lives. Here are a few topics that can give you some engaging topics for your presentation that are comprehensive and useful to talk about.

  1. Marijuana: Extending hands for future medicines
  2. Greatest women in science from history
  3. Evolution of nanotechnology
  4. Science and art evolving hand in hand
  5. Green technology: The future of reusable energies


With the development of transportation and building several works, tourism has become an important part of different countries' economies. One must talk about the topic and the changes it has brought in the world.

  1. Ecotourism: All you need to know
  2. Top countries benefiting from medical tourism
  3. Tourism and travelling know the difference
  4. Impact of religion on tourism
  5. How the climate of a place plays an important role in building tourism?

Virtual Reality

The advancements in the technical and other fields have made virtual reality an indispensable part of our lives. It is important that we do reach to the not so new topic to keep the tech geeks in the audience engaged all the while.

  1. Introducing the technology that knows what you are feeling
  2. Head-mounted display: All you need to know
  3. How is virtual reality revolutionizing the medical industry?
  4. Virtual reality: The future is here
  5. Impact of virtual reality in engineering and design

World Cultures

With globalization taking its charge, the world has changed into a village. With the travel and diversity being so indulged in the day to process, different cultures have a different influence on a person's transformation. With some adopting others' cultures to some fascinating cultures being almost extinct, there is a lot the topic offers you to work on.

  1. Burial Beads: The culture of changing the dead to beads
  2. Influence of religion on culture of a place
  3. Culture and religion synonymous
  4. The bizarre cultures around the globe
  5. Cultural Exchange: Stepping in others shoes


The youth forms the future of society and needs to focus on developing society as a unit. It is an interesting topic to address an audience that forms the subject. Here are a few topics that you may consider to work on your presentation task.

  1. Procrastination is destroying the generation
  2. Working on your practical skills is your duty
  3. Teen Suicide: Something we should be worried about
  4. Have our teens forgotten to move out of social-media
  5. The know-it-all youth: Creating troubles for themselves


If you are a student of environmental studies, then zoology is something that has been a part of your curriculum. It is not only about the animals but the complete diaspora that needs to be talked about. Here are some interesting topics to frame a presentation around.

  1. The prehistoric animals that are still not extinct
  2. What is the red book?
  3. Cross-breeding is a danger to the current diaspora
  4. Survival of the fittest: the evolution process
  5. Zoology: Is the course getting enough attention?
  6. How animal structure themselves for survival?
  7. What is the main role of camels & development of middle east Africa?

Ah...That’s a Long List

You can pick any of the topic as per your interest and get started. Even after knowing these many topics, students have a lot many questions in their head. If you want to know what questions do students have and what are its answers, take a read through the following section.

Here Are Some FAQ’s Asked By Students

What Are All Different Types of Presentation?

If you are asked to prepare a presentation, you need to know that there are primarily 4 types of presentations with various purposes. As academic writing service providers, we understand that many students lack knowledge about it. Thus, we brought you those essential types of presentation. It will help you know them and select the correct type before preparing and practicing your presentation. You can always make modification in your presentation to meet your specific purpose.

So, let’s get started.

  1. Providing Information

This type of presentation encompasses a feature of providing information. It could be related to anything and everything based on a topic. When a student gets this type of presentation, he needs to work harder to extract authentic and relevant information.

  1. Solving a Problem

Almost every time a professor assigns a student with a presentation topic, the student needs to come up with a solution to every asked question. However, to solve any problem, the student needs to develop a characteristic of identifying the problem first.

  1. Making a Decision

Students are even asked to prepare a presentation where they solve a question and make a decision regarding something. This type of presentation is common these days, and often students ask for help, and here our role comes into the picture. When we prepare their presentation, we ensure that every requirement is adhered to appropriately and that they get an A+ grade.

  1. Selling a Product or Service

If a student is selling a product or service in his presentation, he needs to introduce the product or service well at the very beginning. It will help the viewer know the features and benefits of purchasing or using the service. This type of presentation requires a lot of research and market understanding to come up with an effective selling pitch.

These are the 4 important types of presentations that students get during their studies at university. We believe that after going through the above-mentioned points, you must have gathered the required knowledge. Now, if you are wondering about 10 20 30 rule, you need to have a look at the succeeding section.

What Is the 10 20 30 Rule for Presentation?

10 20 30 rule of the powerpoint presentation is one of the key factors that help students prepare compelling slides. However, many students lack knowledge about this rule, if you are also one of those students, you are at the right place. The expert writers of Global Assignment Help have shared this rule in detail.

Take a read.

10: Ten Slides

A normal human being is unable to comprehend more than ten things or concepts. Thus, it is better to keep your presentation short by not including more than 10 slides. It would be great if you follow this pro rule because professors check whether you have messed the presentation content with multiple concepts or focused on a particular thing that described it clearly and precisely.

20: Twenty Minutes

You must present your ten slides in twenty minutes. It is because twenty minutes are considered an ideal time to make someone understand any problem's solution. To complete the presentation, you need to sub-divide slides according to the time.

30: Thirty-Point Font

Most of the presentations fail because of either look or font. You need to understand that keeping thirty-point font is best to make someone read the text from quite a distance. When your audience can read the text, you are likely to score better grades.

Ahh, this is all about 10 20 30 rule of presentation. Now, you must be wondering about creative presentation ideas to kick start your academic presentation. If yes, the next section of this blog will help you out.

What Are Some Creative Presentation Ideas?

Scoring desired grades in academic presentations is not at all an easy task. You need to adhere to rules, instructions, and structure according to your professor or university guidelines. However, it is not the only thing that assures you with good scores. You need to come up with some creative presentation ideas to make it look compelling. If you don’t have any creative ideas, look at some of the ideas curated by our experts.

  1. Trying out different colors in presentation
  2. Using a striking theme for the background
  3. Including related videos as an example
  4. Bringing life to your presentations’ story with audio
  5. Adding animations
  6. Creating a timeline
  7. Using numbers and bullets

These are a few creative ideas that you must consider to make your academic presentation stand out among other students. We understand that following these things is not easy every time, but stepping outside your comfort zone is the only key to success. When you implement these ideas, you are more likely to proceed further and think about the ways to introduce your presentation.

How to Introduce a Presentation?

It doesn’t matter how many presentations you have given before or it is your first time. Adhering to the below-mentioned ways to introduce a powerpoint presentation will never go out of style. All you need to know is about introducing your presentation is by invoking specific emotions with your viewers – surprise, curiosity, fear, or good-old amusements.

And here’s how it’s done

  1. The Retro Trick: Starting with an Appealing Introduction
  2. Using a Hook
  3. Trying Absorbing Visual
  4. Asking a ‘What If....’ Question
  5. Citing a Story

When you have insight into how to initiate a presentation, what are you now waiting for? Do you still have something in your head? Is it about preparing a 5-minute presentation? If yes, the next section has got an answer.

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How Do You Do a 5 Minute Presentation?

Many times students asked to give short presentations on several subject topics. However, preparing a presentation that compels viewers not lose interest is never easy. In such a scenario, experts of Global Assignment Help have got your back. Our professionals understand the importance of quality presentations, and fortunately, they have shared a few steps that will help you in doing a 5-minute presentation.

Here you go

Step 1: Know Your Audience Well

When you have only five minutes to rock in your presentation, you can’t afford to waste your precious time on covering anything and everything. Thus, it is better to know your audience well and plan everything according to it. Our experts always prepare the presentation keeping your subject and professor in mind that helps us to hold their interest until the last slide.

Step 2: Select the Right Topic

Now, when you have got an insight into the type of audience for whom you are preparing the presentation, it is essential to select the right topic. While choosing the topic, you need to be very clear that it must be compelling yet short because you have only five minutes to wind up the presentation. In case you lack knowledge of how to select such a topic, our experts have mentioned some crucial points below.

Have a look

  • Stick to one or two main points only.
  • Select a topic that you are already familiar with.
  • Avoid complexity, and keep it as simple as you can.

Step 3: Use a Professional Presentation Template

You need to understand that even a 5-minute presentation has marks for its look. It makes students wonder about the best ways to make their presentation look attractive in every manner. Often, students waste their time researching ways. In such a case, you need to know that using a professional presentation template would help save a lot of your time and make it look attractive. All you need to do is to insert every information you have gathered but precisely. It is the only way to present your presentation in 5 minutes properly.

Step 4: Initiate with Compelling Story or Theme

At times, students think that initiating a compelling story or theme would take a lot of their time and not look great. But in reality, you can conduct thorough research and come up with a short story that relates to your topic. It will showcase not only your skills but also an easy way to hold your audience’s interest.

Step 5: Practice Before Final Presentation

‘Practice makes a man perfect’ Ever read or heard this phrase before? C’mon who doesn’t know that even the weakest student can score well in his presentation if he devotes his time to practicing the speech. You need to understand the fact that when you work on your speech, you apparently manage your timing and hence able to know how long it will take you to complete it.

These are must-know steps that you need to know if your planning to give 5 minute presentation. However, if you want to know a few ways to prepare a perfect presentation?

Take a read through the following section.

How to Prepare a Perfect Presentation?

  • Use Less Words

When you are working on the presentation, try to express your ideas in as much less words as you can. Audience is assembled to listen to what you want to express and not read what is displayed.

  • Include Perfect Visual Aids

Use visual aids that do not distract your audience. Include relevant images with soothing colors. It would not only be eye pleasing, but let audience concentrate on your words than images.

  • Write in a Crisp Language

When working on your presentation, make sure that the language is loud and clear. Do not use a lot of articulated or fancy words that may confuse the audience, or take up your time while explaining them.

  • Engage with Your Audience

Make sure you talk to the audience and interact with them during the whole process. It is important that the presentation does not sound like a lecture, but becomes an interactive session.

  • Answer the Question

When preparing your presentation, always answer the question that your presentation is based on. The answer needs to be very clear and loud. Do not include a lot of topics, make your work straightforward and focused.

Following these tips diligently will ensure a perfect presentation. However, if you still feel unable to choose a topic, Global Assignment Help Australia has got your back. Our professionals can suggest you up to three presentation titles for free.

Can’t Choose a Presentation Topic? Get Free Suggestions

We understand that choosing a presentation topic is a daunting task. Due to this reason, our experts provide three free dissertation titles to ease your academic task. And if you opt any from those three titles and want us to draft the entire document, we will do it within the said time frame that too, at the lowest price possible.

Hire Our Experts to Get a Perfect Presentation

Global Assignment Help Australia is considered the best when it comes to creating presentations for college students. Our writers are Ph.D. certified and have in-depth knowledge related to their respective areas. They use their knowledge and experience to bring perfection in the presentation. So, you should not think twice before seeking help from us. Here are some perks of availing our services:

  • Quality Content
  • Free Unlimited Revisions
  • Money-Back Guarantee
  • Round-the-clock Customer Support
  • Original Work
  • On-Time Delivery
  • 100% Ownership

Place your order today with Global Assignment Help Australia and get a presentation that can leave your audience awestruck!

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