What Is an Appendix? A Complete Guide on It with Structure, Format, Styles!

This blog gives a guide on what is an appendix along with its structure, different format & styles.

What Is an Appendix?
27 Dec 2021 2104 12 minutes

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What is an appendix? Do you know about it? No, then you have come to the right place. When you will read this blog further, you will get to know a full guide in the appendix.

An Appendix is an optional point to a research paper where you all find some extra information to provide the audience with further background reading. There are different types of styles that are used in the writing. This varies from university to university.

But many students are not able to write the paper with the appendices. Because they do not know much about it and ask for help from here and there. But to solve their problem, the assignment writers assist them in the paper with an appendix.

So, let’s read this blog further and know what is an appendix in detail.

What Is an Appendix?

The answer to this question is simple, the reference that is included in a paper. They are common while writing an academic document. Usually, the professors ask you to include the appendix in the document. It contains all the information used in the document writing. It helps the reader to understand the information provided to them. It might also include all the types of references and statistics from multiple sources.

Moreover, this is done because some of the information is difficult to know completely. Thus, it is used to convert complex data into simple ones to provide an accurate insight into the information. They are developed to give the writer’s read a piece of additional information regarding the subject that has been written in the essay.

There can be more than one appendix as it is dependent upon the number of information. Also, it is included at the end of the paper. But do you know why it is provided at the end, not at the mid or beginning? It is because that contains extra information, which might not be useful for the entire readers, or you do not have time and space to write in the main body. Although it supports the main points of the topic, not everyone would be interested in reading the extra information. So, including in the mid or beginning would make it irrelevant.

Now that you know about Appendix, let’s move further and know about its structure.

How to Structure an Appendix? 

Every format has its own structure. But learning a basic structure is the first step that everyone should follow to know more about the Appendix. However, there is a difference between APA and MLA and their format. But first, let’s know about the basic points necessary in the appendix.

Certain points should be included in the appendix.

  • Appendix number or letter.
  • References for the body paragraph.
  • For reference to your appendix, but (#) after the sentence.
  • Page numbers for multiple appendices.
  • Label + Title (Center of page, normal capitalized fonts). The title is strictly followed by the label.
  • The crossover of appendix and body text.
  • Paragraph 1 is not intended.
  • The following body text is paragraphs 2 and 3.
  • Each paragraph is formatted as double-spaced.
  • In the occurrence that your appendix has data, include the reference number in the body text.
  • If the references used are from third-party sources, cite them as normal in the appendix and body text. It’s a bad idea to create a separate reference list.

So, that you know about the points, let’s know about the general appendix format. Before writing the appendices in the paper, it is essential to understand how to format it? You won’t find it much difficult to understand. If you learn this format by heart, MLA and APA format would be a piece of cake for you. Let’s get started general format of the appendix.

  • Heading “Appendix #”
  • Reference List.
  • Index Table.
  • Page Number.
  • Footnotes

After knowing about the general format, let’s know about the type of information included in an Appendix.

What Type of Information Is Included in an Appendix?

As mentioned above, an appendix is a piece of information that explains the research topic more clearly. Therefore, it can include different types of information. Here are some of the examples:

Surveys- There are some of the appendices found in the attachment of the surveys. This is used by many researchers who use the methodology to do surveys. You must include it as they are presented to respondents and how they are written exactly.

Interviews- In the interviews appendix are necessary, whether it is a transcript or recording. You should present the questions and answers as they are presented.

Correspondence- All the types of communication that happen during the research should be included in the appendix. These can be anything like emails, text, messages, etc.

Research Tools- Any instrument used while doing the research should be mentioned in the appendix to give the reader insight into the process.

Statistical Data- When the raw data is too long, there is a need for the appendix. Even if one part of the information has been used, the complete data should be written.

How to Write an Appendix on Paper?

After knowing the type of information, let’s know the ways to write an appendix in the paper.

  • Collecting the Content- The appendix should be a section where the raw data you have collected during the research should be included. You should write all the raw information relevant to the topic, especially if it supports your findings.
  • Formatting the Appendix- The title of the appendix should be written in a clear and bold format. Either it should be written as ‘APPENDIX’ or ‘Appendix’. You have to decide in whichever form you want. Also, place it after the referencing list.
  • Polishing the Appendix- After you are down with the writing appendix, revise it to have a clear and cohesive text. Check all the grammar and spelling mistakes. Also, see you have referred to the appendix with the text in the paper or not.

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How to Reference Appendix in Different Styles?

Appendix in APA

  • Appendices should start with the heading “Appendix” followed by ABC.
  • It should also be written on top of the appendix title.
  • Abstracts
  • Every appendix is to follow the order of the stated information on the paper.
  • Include the appendix after the reference list.
  • Include page numbers for each appendix.
  • appendices are to have their page, regardless of the size.
  • Include Footnotes.

Appendix in Chicago style

  • More than one appendix is described as appendencies.
  • The font required for appendix Chicago style is Times New Roman.
  • The text size should be 12 points.
  • The page numbers should be displayed on the top right of each page.
  • The page numbers should also be labeled at “Page 1,2,3”.
  • Avoid including a page number on the front cover.
  • The bibliography should be the final page. It should not share a page with any other content.
  • It is possible to include footnotes in the bibliography.

Appendix in MLA

  • The appendix is included before the list of references.
  • For multiple appendices, use ABC for tilting them.
  • Every appendix is to follow the order of the stated information on the paper.
  • Include page numbers for each appendix.
  • All appendices are to have their page, regardless of the size.

This is how you can write the appendix section in a different style. But if you still face problem in writing it, then move further with this blog and know the solution.

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