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    Various Methods And Applications Of Communication

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 16
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1480
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: D/508/9669
    • Downloads: 637


    Communication can be understood as a term that is filled with information and is a process of delivering the message (information) from one person to another. This sort of element is mostly being utilised by every single person or animal as well in order to present the feelings, perceptions that they have in their minds (Andersen, 2014). In a modern business environment, communication plays a vital role when it comes to interacting with other people like business persons, employees, workers and others. This can be done in many ways like writing, verbal, non-verbal and many more. In the present report, various methods and applications of communication are being discussed. The assignment will also put light on some principles of communicating along with barriers.

    TASK 1

    Communication systems & models utilized in business

    Covered in PPT

    Communication technology and method in business

    Covered in PPT

    Making effective communication

    Covered in PPT

    TASK 2

    Oral communication

    Oral Communication term can be understood as a communicating process where information is being transmitted from one to another. Means of exchange of all the information is being done through various ways. Under this many elements are being utilised and some of them are telephonic, direct, presentations, discussion, address and many more. Trust can be built in between two entities through many ways like direct communication in meetings, conferences and different ways.

    It has been analysed that oral communication carries many advantages and these are:

    • Proper understanding takes place if both entities are carrying same set of mind along with perceptions.
    • Helps in motivating staff members.
    • Team can attain all the targets in short period of time if they are having effective communication (Silverman, Kurtz and Draper, 2016).
    • Problems can be easily resolved in specific span.

    Conduction of Interview:

    In present case, role which has been played by me is of a customer service executive who is going through a phase where problem which is being faced by a consumer where he did not receive delivery of product in specific and given time of period. Person got irate and conversation which took place between me and customer is given beneath:

    Customer Care Department (Me): Hello! Good Morning, My name is Alex and I am your customer executive. How can I help You.

    Customer (Interviewer): Hello! I am XYZ, On Sunday, I purchased few products on Sunday from your website. My order number is: xxxxxxxxx. Can you please look into this issue and give answer that why it has not been reached to me because organisation have assured that purchased goods will reach to a customer right on time.

    Customer Care Department (Me): Sir, I am apologizing from my company's side and for the inconvenience which got caused to you because of delay in delivering process. But, let me clear this, as given under our organisation's policy, goods that has been purchased by the customer and when finally order comes to us it takes around 4 days to reach to the customer. But, it has also being given under the same policy that if production comes in at excessive level, then it is may be possible that process can get delay.

    Customer (Interviewer): I am sorry but whatever the issue is I want my purchased product today only or give me my money back right now.

    Customer Care Department (Me): Sir, I have located the issue here, actually the truck in which your product were placed of yours has met with an accident at Church Gate, Fulham and this news came in today's newspaper as well.

    Customer Care Department (Me): Kindly cooperate Sir, as your products will reach to you the day after tomorrow and I am putting your order number in the most important one.

    Customer (Interviewer): All right, but if this time any problem came across, I will directly put an e-mail to your Head branch manager.

    Customer Care Department (Me): Definitely Sir, Is there anything else I can do for you?

    Customer (Interviewer): No thanks, Bye.

    Customer Care Department (Me): Hope, I have given all answers right to your questions and have a blessed day ahead. Thank You for calling, Bye.

    TASK 3

    Communication in writing

    Written communication is being considered as a way of delivering information which is full of paper, electronic and other stuff and person do not take help of oral mode under this (Andersen,2014). Some of the modes of these are given beneath:


    Curriculum Vitae



    Mobile No:

    Career objective: To enhance my knowledge by doing work with financial institutes.


    • BBA and MBA in finance and marketing sector
    • PGDM in the financial section

    Personal skills:

    • Punctual and risk-taker
    • Positive attitude towards life and work
    • Healthy and active personality

    Declaration: I hereby, announce that the given information is filled with authentication in my present knowledge.

    Date (Name)




    To: HSBC_07@yahoo.com


    CC: Finance_executive_HSBC@gmail.com

    Subject: Post of Junior Financial Manager


    Here by to inform you that you have applied for the post of junior financial manager we are happy to deliver this information to you that you have have been selected for the job. Many congratulations to you. I have attached details of joining and other information as well. Kindly join us from June 18th, 2018.

    If any confusion you can directly contact to our Head HR manager on mobile number: XXXXXXXXXX in between 9:00 AM to 6 PM.

    Thanks & Regards


    Business Letter:

    Company name:

    Date: 14th June 2018


    Sr. Financial Manager

    Company ABC


    I hereby would like to give information that company in which you are working carrying a good name in all over the United Kingdom. I am willing to join your company as soon as possible so that enhancement of my own skills and knowledge can be done which I will definitely put in the context of the company in near future.


    Have a question or Need assistance
    Call us at +61 481612344


    Lastly, it has been summarised that in today's business environment, communication plays an important role in order to attain goals and objectives right on time. Along with this, the use of theories and models of communication firm can grab good position at marketplace along with employees relations can also get improvised in an appropriate sense.


    • Andersen, E. S., 2014. Speaking With Style (RLE Linguistics C: Applied Linguistics): The Sociolinguistics Skills of Children. Routledge.
    • Kleckner, M. J. and Marshall, C. R., 2014. Critical communication skills: Developing course competencies to meet workforce needs. The Journal of Research in Business Education, 56(2), p.59.
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    • Bach, S. and Grant, A., 2015. Communication and interpersonal skills in nursing. Learning Matters.

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