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    M/508/9862 - Analyse The Role Of Communication At Workplace

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 12
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1873
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/9862
    • Downloads: 753
    Question :

    The purpose of this assignment is to analyse the role of communication at workplace. In this regard, tis report will going to determine different methods of communication that can implemented by management in order to develop a positive environment at workplace.

    • Evaluate different learning styles and factors that have a direct impact over learning and communication.
    • Discuss different theories of communication.
    • Analyse the uses of research tools and academic skills to developing understanding for business communication.
    • Determine the role of effective communication for management of a firm.
    • Identify the influence of different methods of communication within managerial context and business as well.
    Answer :


    Business communication refers to the process of transfer data among the individuals that work inside or outside the entity. Main this function is perform to get profit. Major topics that cover under the business communication are marketing, public relations, employee engagement, interpersonal communication, advertising, customers relations and consumer behaviour (Lucas and Rawlins, 2015). Major media channels use for the purpose of business communication consists print media, television, radio, word of mouth and internet. Business communication should be effective without this entity can not achieve its set goals and objectives. Large number of communication methods which can be use in a business and role of effective communication in management is all given in this report.


    Communication is known as significant element for both business and personal life. According to me proper communication help business entities in attain their set goals and objectives. This is the one which make every individual inform about his specific role at workplace and also bring transparency among commercial activities. Different type of research tools are which can be use by researcher to carry out research (Lucas and Rawlins, 2015). I use research data management for carry out research that help me in manage information during whole research process. Investigation about communication in business help me in determine the various media tools choose by entities to interact with staff members. Further, this bring coordination among activities of various business functions which save cost and time of entity. Research support me in learn that with proper communication entity can get a competitive place in market. Feedback of receive should be encourage after communication process as this help in achieve main purpose behind this. Cost, advantages and disadvantages related with communication channel all should be analyse by manager before choose a media for communicate with employees at workplace.

    A business enterprise cannot survive without communication because this is the one which provide basis and offer various media to manager to communicate with employees so they can contribute more in success of firm and entity can get a competitive place in market. Communication help manager in share relevant information with employees and also offer basis to carry out primary functions of management such as planning, staffing, directing, monitoring and organising. With all this entity can utilise all business resources to an optimum level. Effective communication enhance productive of staff members  which provide large number of benefit  to business entity.  With this, managers can deal with the business issues and at the same time can identify an effective solution. Before solve a problem, it is very essential for manager to first first define the problem and communication help in do the same. Effective communication improve problem solving skills of manager, support in determine all the solutions of a specific issue and help in choose the effective one. I believe that communication is the one through which employer can create and  maintain good relations with staff members. With this manager can encourage employees to perform well. Communication help in introduce and implement changes at workplace. I  examine that communication is one of the most significant element for break down the barriers and this ensure effective functioning of enterprise. Effective communication media should be use at workplace for  interact with employees and other relevant parties. This increase understanding of every individual about his job roles and this eliminate the grounds of rise conflicts and help in create an effective working environment as well. For perform any kind of role, it is very important for an individual to have good communication skill as this help in understand the views of others and also support in make his views understood by others. For perform a role of leader and manager, it is required for an individual to have good communication skills. With this, they can motivate staff members to work well and entity can maintain a competitive position in market. There should be proper communication among all employees as this help in avoid repetition of task. Proper communication channels help manager of HR department to make workers aware about their job roles at workplace. A business cannot attain its set goal without proper communication channels. Effective communication improve employee's performance and enhance their satisfaction which help enterprise in attain its set goals and objectives. Effective use of communication channels help manager in modified the behaviour of workers and this support in attain set goal. Communication is known as a significant factor for every level of entity. Communication is known as link between knowledge and information as this help in transform the knowledge to the information that support managers in take better decision related with success of entity. Employees are known as a valuable asset of every organisation because these are the one that provide their support to entity for serve its customers in an effective manner. Proper communication channels help in create a better relations with staff members and this assist in retain them for a long time period. Lack of proper communication give rise to various problems at workplace and this increase cost of business process. Right media should be choose by manager in order to share relevant information with employees so they can perform their job roles and this also help them in identify what enterprise wants to achieve and this impact their decisions at workplace. In today's business environment, effective communication is very essential for a without this an entity cannot achieve its set goals.   With help of proper communication at workplace a business entity can avoid various problems such as wastage of resources, increase cost, decrease productivity, increasing number of conflicts and delays in delivery. For attain its set goals and objectives, it is very important for a business organisation to offer satisfaction to its employees and this can be attain with help of proper communication. When manager make the workers aware about their job roles then it provide a basis for measure and examine their performance. It can be said that  use of various communication channels exist at workplace directly increase the effectiveness of management. It is very important for manager to identify various ways to utilise all communication channels in appropriate manner.  Communication is the one which help manager in  communicate with employees and also assist in perform all managerial function in appropriate manner. With this, firm can take right decision for attain its set goal. Another most important benefit of effective communication is that it help in utilise all business resources at an optimum level which increase efficiency of business activities. With this, organisation can offer featured products to its customers at affordable prices. Communication also provide basis to create good relation with suppliers, customers and employees which provide various long term benefits to company.

    Also Read:

    Large number of communication methods are there which is use by entities for business purpose. Before choose a communication media for communicate, it is very essential for manager to first analyse the major methods available and determine its benefits and drawbacks. Communication can take place in various forms. Channel use by entities largely affect the effectiveness of communication process so proper analysis should be done by top authorities before  finalise the channel. With this manager can perform all business functions in an effective manner and entity can achieve its set goals and objectives. Major methods of communication that use within a business or for the business purpose is given below under the following points:

    • Face to face communication: In context to a business, lot of communication take place in face to face such as conferences, meetings and many more. For execute this in adequate manner, it is very important for an individual to have communication skills. Body language of sender play a big role in communication process and largely affect the same.  Body language  of sender indicate his attitude and this communicate a specific message towards the audience (Dulek and Campbell,  2015). To make this type of communication more effective, it is very important for an individual to have listening skills as well as this help in attain the major purpose behind communication.
    • Email communication: This is known as the medium that largely affect the process in which  individuals interact with each other in business world. Today, this is known as one of the most preferred method of communication in enterprise, one of the main reason behind this is that it help in send mass message at one time. This save time of both sender and receiver, further this help in transform message to more than two individuals.
    • Teleconferencing: This is another method which is used in  various organisations. Major feature of this method is that it help in conduct a meeting when individuals are not able to attend that meeting in person. This save time and travel expenses of individuals and help in do communication in effective manner.
    • Video conferencing:  This method is similar to teleconferencing as this provide an opportunity to individual to participate in a meeting. Different feature of this is that it allow an individual to see people with help of a computer monitor of TV screen. All individuals involve in the meeting can see each other and tell other about their opinions and views. But to utilise this method, it is very essential for a business enterprise to have right video equipment.
    • Meetings: This is another kind of method which is use by business organisations in order to communicate with its workers. In this, managers share reliable and relevant data with the staff members (Eisenberg Johnson and Pieterson, 2015). Further, this method is used to get a solution to business problem as every employee present his point to handle with the business issues.

    All these are the most popular methods of communication use in business. It is very important that these methods should be used in an effective manner so entity can attain its main purpose behind the communication. This support manager in communicate better with employees and make them inform about their job roles. This help in bring coordination among all functions perform by business entity. All this support entity in achieve desired goal. I analyse that effective communication ensure completion of business ac

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