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    Community Development Plan - Design A Solution For A Real-life Community

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 10
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1359
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/0494
    • Downloads: 664
    Question :

    Main purpose of this report is to design a solution for a real-life community issue and an analysis over its appropriate implementation. In this regard, it is required that student/learner have practical vision or skill to understand the overall scenario appropriately.

    • Evaluate the well-being model upon work undertaken in Finland.
    • Discuss the barriers that enables the implementation of project program.
    • Identify the outcome expected from program.
    • Determine the details of key partners of program.
    Answer :


    Community development planning is the action which is need to be taken in order to have well-being of the society.  It is process in which community members' comes together so that they can take collective action and generate specific solution to their problems. The main aim of this assignment is to increasing the well-being and social illusion of the elderly people by offering them better possibilities and participation in the society with the help of social activities.  This is need to be undertaken in order to cope up with issues as health loss, loneliness and depression with the help of developing cost effective methods to activates to the elderly people and which helps to maintain well-being of society (Clarke, 2018). Thus, to make this process effective there is need to organise one event as well-being party for old age people.


    1. The well-being parties modelled on work undertaken in Finland-

    The main aim of these projects is to aim at increasing the well being and social inclusion of the elderly people. In order to make this services effective, it is essential to provide better possibilities in terms to voluntary work and effective participation in the society with the help of social activities. Moreover, the main object behind organising the party is to prevent the issues as  are loneliness, depression and health loss. This is need to organise in order to maintain their well-being. With the help of organising the well-being party. This plan has come from marketing business as the network of Tupperware (Visser and et.al., 2018). This marketing network has not involved with any monetary aspects. Thus, this services are need to be provided in the manner as voluntary. The member who are in the marketing network of the Tupperware, need to arrange the party as for the elderly people so that there they can make interaction with one another. The party can be based on the differed themes as are healthy eating, social participation and physical activities. In terms to benefiting the elderly people the SIPPE i.e. promoting social inclusion of elderly through well-being parties. This is the program which helps to having the increment in the trained and active volunteer and by this social network can be strong. In this, it can be said that the active volunteers who are trained and motivated can work as to encourage the registered volunteers so that they are able to promote well-being and social networks to the peer elderly people. They also should know that how to organise well being parties around the differed themes. In addition to this, there is need to provide supporting training materials and online platform which will be helpful in terms to organise the events. It is need to be helpful for promoting the welfare to the old age people. The main behind taking steps towards the marketing network of Tupperware and other programs is to deal with the social inclusion of old age people. Moreover, in this term it can be said that SIPPE has reached to the number of the elderly people with the help of well-being parties.

    In this manner it can be said that, as per the results both the elderly communities as Turku and Tallin have come up with the several improvements.

    2. Identification of the barriers which enables the implementation of project program.

    At the time of implementation of the any specific program there can be number of barriers which could affect the implementation of project program. There are number of things which are need to be considered as are organisations capacity, environmental factors, operational challenges and number of risk associated with it. This is defined in following manner as are-

    1. Organisation capacity- In this term, it can be said that capacity of the enterprise will be expressed in number of things as are human resource, quality, skills and experience. The resources can be as physical and material etc. By focussing over this the entity can have idea that if the well community development program can be proceed or not. The related members in this should have knowledge so that things can be undertaken effectively. In order to develop any program it is essential to have experienced personal professional team (Marris, 2018).
    2. Lack of leadership- Before implementing the each program it is essential to lead the overall function of the programs so that vision of the programme planning can be clear to each person who are associated with it. The leader must inspire the other elderly people to be the part of SIEPP plan so that each thing can be conducted expertly. With the help of right vision and new strategies the program can be conducted.
    3. Inadequate resources- In this it can be said that each project need to have effective resources as are cost and all other activities. It is need to be in systematic manner so that project plans can be cleared. This is one of the major problem, which seen by the number of the volunteers at before implementing any program. It is need to be taken into consideration well being party for elder is going to organise not for the monetary purpose but for promoting development to society.
    4. Technology gap- In this it can be said that the technology palsy the crucial role in term to monitoring the overall function. With the help of Morden equipment there can have effective communication between the all people. The proper communication between the volunteer member of the program will be helpful in solving of the major issues.
    5. Political barrier- This is one of the common barrier and it is need to be mitigated in term to develop the program of project. The activities in relation to programme development is need to be considered effectively so that firm can able to have expert volunteers who are able to carry the operations. The main aim of promoting well being party to the elderly people is to cope with the issues as are health loss, loneliness and depression. In this way all legal formalities in relation to program is need to be done.

    3. Description on the outcome expected from program.

    The program as well being party to the elderly people is helpful in term to promote the social inclusion for the old age people (Berkes, 2007). The main aim of this program is to take measures which will work as to undertaken the activities of program in systematic manner. The outcome of this program is as are-

    1. In this, the number of the trained and active elderly volunteers has been increased.
    2. The rise in the number of the social networks, active participation and well-being among the elder people is need to be evolved.
    3. Thus, the motivated and active elderly are need trained so that they can encourage to the registered volunteers in term to promote well being and social networks.
    4. In addition to this, to promote well being parties it is important to organise it with the help of differed themes so that organisations is bale to promote the activities effectively.
    5. The one of the major benefit of this is to registered volunteers, SIPPE can be reached to the other elderly with the help of well being parties.
    6. The well being parties are very helpful as in this elderly can have the information about the healthy diet, physical activities this will be assistive in terms to promote healthy living to the individual.
    7. In this, registered volunteers can work as to encourage the participants to bring out their own special skills in the parties. This will be helpful in terms to enriching the effective growth in the society so that all things can be developed in the expertise manner.

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