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    Communication Skills for Business


    Business communication is a process of sharing information amongst people that are internally or externally connected with the organisation. It is an essential part of any business entity as this facilitates exchange of necessary data and statistics related to company. This helps management in maintaining a healthy relationship with employees of company (Andersen, 2014). It is required by business persons to possess skills like inter-personal communication, collaborative working, confidence and open-mindedness to execute the process of interaction at various levels of organisation.

    In corporate world, leaders and managers make use of a number of models, channels and systems to facilitate the process of business communication. By adopting optimum tools and techniques, information can be delivered to key business persons in an effective manner.

    This report is based upon the process of communication in business. It explores various models, methods, systems and principles guiding and governing this process. Also, this includes barriers to communication along with use of technology to facilitate this process. Besides this, a business case is presented which reflects the behaviour of executives of company in response to complex situations associated with customer queries that arise in an entity. The purpose of this project is to explore the factors that formulate and hinder the process of communication across organisational premises.

    a) C.V.

    Curriculum Vitae (CV)


    City, State and Zip Code



    Career objectives: To get a chance to work for a large scale enterprise as Manager of Customer Service Unit where I can reflect my skills and potential in relation to successful execution of all activities in an optimum manner so as to elevate in my field of interest.


    MBA (Master in Business Administration)

    BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)


    4 years of experience in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Department as a Senior Executive

    Employment History:

    ABCD Ltd. (01/2015- Present)

    Previous Job Responsibilities:

    • Designing and developing CRM strategies at various levels of organisation with an object to ensure customer retention and loyalty along with expanding brand image.
    • Planning and devising a CRM structure that will function across the business entity and capture important information along the sales funnel.
    • Ensuring that the database of customers is appropriately segmented for providing a boost to targeted marketing activities.
    • Working closely with other function of business to make sure that adopted strategy works in accordance with every department of business.
    • Creating testing strategies to evaluate and monitor the results of devised strategy upon customer satisfaction and organisational performance so as to choose the most optimum approach
    • Frequently coming up with unique ideas and preparing proposals to attract customers towards the products and services provided by company in marketplace overseeing the production process & execution and reporting the results to the relevant people.

    Personal skills:

    • Strong interpersonal communication skills
    • Effective leadership
    • Strong decision making abilities
    • Quick resolutions to customer queries

    Computer Skills:

    MS Office


    Web and Social Media

    Personal Interests:

    Listening Music





    I, hereby declare that all personal and professional information disclosed above is true to the best of my knowledge. I also assure that above mentioned particulars and facts are true and evidences supporting these can be presented as and when required.

    Date: 08-01-19

    Place: City

    b) Letter



    City, State and Zip Code 

    Name of person

    Organisation Name

    City, State and Zip Code


    Subject: Seeking for Job Role as Customer Relationship Manager 

    Dear Sir / Ma'am,

    This is in reference to the vacant job position mentioned in the advertisement posted on company's website dated Jan 3, 2019. Hereby, I request you to kindly accept my job letter and give your attention to Curriculum Vitae (CV) attached with this letter. I have provided all necessary information related to my personal and professional life. I seek interest in the job vacancy in your company for the post of Customer Relationship Manager. As per my concern, my skills and potential are suitable for the job role. Thus, kindly provide me an opportunity to prove my capabilities and show my competence and knowledge as required by your company. I assure that I will work for the upliftment of company from the experience derived from my previous job role. 

    Thank You

    Yours Truly


    C) E-mail


    To: def@gmail.com


     Subject: Applying for the post of Customer Relationship Manager

    Respected Sir, 

    Hereby, I want to inform you that I am highly interested in the job vacancy in your company. I have applied for the role of CRM and attached a job letter as well as CV for the same. I request you to go through my documents and contact me if I am suitable for the job role. Hoping to hear positively from you. 

    Thanks and Regards,


    Have a question or Need assistance
    Call us at +61 481612344


    From the above report, it has concluded that effective communication is required at all the levels and department of an entity for efficient and smooth functioning of business. Also, it is assessed that there are various methods and systems of communication that facilitates the process across the organisation. Moreover, it has been analysed that technology acts as a factor that foster business communication in corporate world.

    In addition to this, it has been evaluated that there are ample number of principles that guide and govern this process and thus should be kept in consideration by business persons. Besides this, it can be observed that there are various barriers to communication like emotional, psychological, semantic that can hinder organisational communication. Furthermore, it can be seen that various forms of written communication can be by way of email, Curriculum Vitae, reports, letter etc.


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    • Luthans, F. and Doh, J. P., 2018. International management: Culture, strategy, and behavior. McGraw-Hill.

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