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    MG414 - Organisational Behaviour | Thomas Cook

    Question :

    Questions - There are certain demonstration required:

    1. What are the organisational culture, power and politics for Thomas cook
    2. Give the effective team and ineffective teams.
    Answer :


    Organisational behaviour indicates the human behaviour within the company. It is the study of how people act during company's activities. It includes the performance factor of the employees, their skills, work efficiency etc. organisational behaviour study are necessary because it helps to business to know their employees deeply and it also helps to understand employees point of view about company. The reason behind organisational behaviour study is to improve employees work performance, improve skill factor in within the employees, Improvement in leadership etc. The management of the any company are responsible for the organizational behaviour study, in which the management needs to implement some research process in the business environment to get perfect results of the organizational behaviour. It also includes the methods of scientific observation to increase amount and quality of employee's work. This report is based on the Thomas Cook company, which are an integrated travel and travel related financial services company. These are included the discussion about the Organisational behaviour Thomas Cook, how they implement the behavioural research in the company, and what impact they get after implementation of the operational behaviour study in their company.


    P1: Influence of Organization's Culture, Politics and Power

    There are organisation's culture, politics and power really influence individual and team behaviour and performance in both term; positively or negatively. It depends on the organisation's environment and the situation handling power of the employees (Randhawa and Kaur 2015). How employees react on the Thomas Cook's culture, politics and power it also plays the major role in influences.

    1. Cultural Influences : There are Thomas Cook's culture are impact the all employees in the company, because if the company's culture are good and positive then the employees are also reacting well at their performance, they try to put their 100% efficiency in the work happily, but if company's culture are not good in that case the employees or workforce are not show their interest in the work (Tentama and Pranungsari, 2016). They are not put their additional skills in the work. Thomas Cook needs to make a healthy and positive culture in the company, so the company's all workforce; individual or team are easily put their all respective efforts in the company to achieve business goal of the Thomas Cook.
    2. Political Influences : These are also a major factor which influence performance and behaviour of the individual or team. If the Thomas Cook top-level management are give good response to their employees and try to listen them then the employees of the company are also reacts positive at their workplace (Asamani, 2015). If the company are not take them seriously and just take work from them as a worker, these are not good for the company because in that case the employees are not take their responsibilities in a good manner, they always just try to complete their work without attaching any personal strings with the work. Many times we see in the companies, their management are run political attempts on their employees and try to take just work from them in any case, management not show their personal attachments with their employees. These are such a bad thing for any business. Thomas Cook needs to try make good environment in the company. So, the all aspects of the company are helps to achieve business goals.
    3. Power Influences : higher level management of the company needs to use their power in good way. These are necessary because if the management are use their power badly and make harass their employees then the reaction of this act are also comes in the negative form. Employees are become depressed at work and not show any energy at the workplace (De Clercq, and Belausteguigoitia, 2019). Company needs to use their power in good things like; improve employees skills, motivate them, show them their particular growth in the company etc. These all aspects are help to the Thomas Cook business model to achieve their particular target in the market.

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    There are strong relationship exiting between culture, politics, power and motivation, because most of them are completely supervised by the top-level management of the business. Here is the manager is responsible for use this all things in proper manner for over all growth of the Thomas Cook. In other side with the help of effective culture, politics, power and motivation it is also able to gain high success in the market.

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    P2: Content and Process Theories

    There are two important theories of the motivation called; content theory and process theory. Generally the Content theory focus on WHAT and Process theory focus on HOW human behaviour is motivated. Both theories are important in influence employees in the business by improve their performance. Another one is motivation techniques factor, like; Promotion and Rewards etc. These types of motivation techniques are really productive for the Thomas Cook and also for the employees (Kirwan, 2016). The Management need to use these both theories of motivation and also motivation techniques in their workplace to gain motivated workforce.

    Theories of Motivation

    1. Content Theory : This theory of the motivation are very important in the achievement of Thomas Cook's business goals. This theory provides some specific ways to the management of the Thomas Cook to motivate their all employees. This is focus on the importance of human needs (YUSOF and GAN, 2018). There are different needs of different people, means people have a variety of needs. So, the content theory are helps to deal with these all human needs in the business environment. Content theory easily explain why all time human needs change with time which are helpful for the business to understand their employees changed behaviour easily. This is also explaining the important factors that motivate behaviour of the whole business environment, and at the final result these are completely helpful in the enables effective achievement of goals in the company.
    2. Process Theory : This is another theory of motivation after content theory. Process theory is also very important to achieve business goal of Thomas Cook, because it is focus on 'HOW human behaviour is motivated' formula. In that case the process theory help to the Thomas Cook in influence employees by the human resources actions, improve efficiency level of employees, build good interactions between employees, empowered the team etc. These all roles of the process theory are very necessary to the Thomas Cook for achievement of all business goals by improving behaviour aspect of the employees.

    Motivation Techniques : These techniques are the best way to motivate Thomas Cook's employees by giving them some special support (Kapil and Rastogi, 2018.). Every successful business in the world are implement these techniques of motivation in their business environment to encourage their employee. There are some important techniques of motivation below;

    1. Promotion Technique : Thomas Cook management needs to promote their such employees in the company which are connected to the company form long time, employees who give their 100% efforts to the company, who actually put their hard-work in the achievement of business goal. This is great technique to gain more productivity in the company because if the management promote some hard-working employees then other employees are also influenced to work hard in the company.
    2. Rewards Technique : This is also a great technique of motivation, in which company needs to give rewards to the employees. It is the best way to positively influence employee at workplace. For example; if any employee good at their work, complete target at accurate time, in that case these are the responsibility of the company to give reward to that employee. These are enough to make motivate employees of the company because they feel company understand their work efficiency. So, they try to put more efforts in the company and at the final result company able to achieve their business goals easily.


    There are many chances for the Thomas Cook management to positively influence their employees through these all motivation techniques. The management is necessarily needs to employ these all techniques at workplace for improve the behaviour of all employees or people in the business environment of the Thomas Cook. This influencing step the management through motivation techniques also necessary for the over growth of the business.


    P3: Effective Team Vs. Ineffective Team

    Teamwork role is one of the major part in the successful business operations. Teamwork includes a group of employees working together to achieve business goal. They work on any task, operation, target together and put their all efforts in the achievement of work objective. Thomas Cook needs to make good interaction value, effective relationship, moral values between their employees. So, the result of the teamwork are also come positive. The company need to employ Bruce Tuckman's development theory in their business environment for gain dynamic cooperation within teamwork. This theory has five major stages called; Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning. These stages are helpful for teams to be effective in the Thomas Cook. If the company does not follow these useful terms in the business environment then company's teamwork become ineffective and teams work also become unproductive (Chand, 2018).

    Here is the Thomas Cook highly need to use communication tool between employees so the employees are become able to better understand their team member. Try to improve employees communication skills in the team work, because if the company's employees not use these communication skills during team work, and not try to understand their team member, then the result of the team work is also become poor. A team necessarily need to follow some rules at work place like; listen team leader carefully, take all information about task, Good behaves with other team member, Show punctuality at work etc. if in any case team members not follow these rules during teamwork, whole team become ineffective. Management of the Thomas Cook are responsible to improve their teams environment within the organization. Try to use some development theories and strategies to make an effective team in business environment.

    These all stages of the team development theory are very necessary for the Thomas Cook to gain effective teamwork. The team leader also need to improve their leadership skills otherwise their team covert into an ineffective team. The leader also need to avoid such negative elements from the teamwork. Otherwise, this factor also makes an ineffective team within Thomas Cook. There are these stages also teach the lesson of dynamic cooperation to the team members which will improve their workability in the teamwork. The development theory give large contribution in the improvement of organizational behaviour.


    P4: Concepts and Philosophies

    There are various concepts and philosophies of the organizational behaviour. There are some major concept and philosophies of the OB are mentioned below;

    Perception: In the business environment here is each employee has unique ability to observe and understand the complete situation of anything. Currently there many employees are working in the company. These all are comes from the different background. So, ultimately their perception also different from others. This concept is highly influencing to the Thomas Cooks over all behaviour.

    Motivated behaviour: In which there are motivation existing in both term; positive or negative. When Thomas Cook encourage employees to do any work this positive motivation and if company forcing for work to their employees it is called negative motivation (KOPP CAROL, 2019). Thomas Cook needs to motivate their employees in positive manner, otherwise employees of the company are become depressed. So, this concept also influence the organizational behaviour of the Thomas Cook.

    Value of the person: In which top-level management of the Thomas Cook need to give appreciation to their employees for their hard work, abilities and skills. Any employee feel happy when their boss appreciate them. These all are useful concepts of the organizational behaviour. This concept positively influence to the organizational behaviour of the company.

    The philosophies of the organizational behaviour are, suppose when the company's management has very supportive to their employees, management listen problems of the employees and then try to solve them, analyse other aspects of the business environment. These all are the part of organizational behaviour philosophies. If any employee unsatisfied with the any term of the business, then management needs to listen them also need to take their opinion about the alternative solution. Company's management need to try solve that all problems which are facing by their any aspect of the business. Then company become able to achieve their business goal because the company are take their all responsibilities in systematic manner and cover them with useful business strategies. Analysis of these concepts and philosophies is too necessary for the management of Thomas Cook, because it is very helpful in improve the over all business performance and productivity of the Thomas Cook in the market.

    SWOT Analysis

    SWOT analysis is too important in completely know the Thomas Cook's internal environment. There are all elements of SWOT; Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats are highly influencing decision-making of the company.

    Strengths: The Thomas Cook has good brand image in the market. It also has large customer base. In which the management of the company need to take decisions for gain high competitive advantage with the help of these strengths.\

    Weaknesses: The major weakness of the Thomas Cook is, it has poor marketing strategies. In which the management need to take effective decisions for use some modern and latest marketing strategies for achieve more advantages from the marketing tool.

    Opportunities: Here is great opportunity for the Thomas Cook to expand their business in other market segments. In which the management is responsible to take decisions towards business expansion.

    Threats: Day by day the market competition is rising. In this case the Thomas Cook need to take decisions for produce exclusive range of the products and services for customers to deal with this high competition situation.

    These all elements of the SWOT are really influencing the decision-making factor within Thomas Cook. The top-level management need to take specific decisions to deal with these all aspects of SWOT.


    It can be concluded that there are many terms included in the organisational behaviour. The culture, politics and power are influence behaviour and performance of the individual and team in the company. There are also content and process theories of motivation, and motivational techniques are very helpful in the achievement of business goals. These techniques are useful in to encourage the employees to put their more efforts in the company. It also included the major factors which makes an effective team in the company and also mentioned which aspects are reason behind ineffective team. The concepts and the philosophies of the organisational behaviour are also played great role in the achievement of the whole business goals.


    Thomas Cook company needs to understand all terms of the organisational behaviour. Company are good at their work performance in the travelling industry, but there some additional business strategies are also needs to implement in their work place. The reason behind implementation of additional strategies is, current travelling business market are full of competitor. In that case company need to use some latest business tricks or strategies in the business environment, So these tricks or strategies help to the company to beat their competitors in the market. Company also need to observe and understand their workforce or employees because they are the main people which run all business activities in the market.

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