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    Investigate The Extent To Which People Make Use Of Mobile Security Measures

    Introduction Of investigate the extent to which people make use of mobile security measures 

    The social networking site is a digital platform that is most commonly used for the purpose of sharing messages and making relations with different people. The relations are made on the basis of common interests and hobbies or for knowing different persons of various parts of world. The facilities delivered by such sites have made it very easier to share messages instantly along with sharing of various photographs and memories between people. With the invention of these sites, the interests of people have taken a new shape. The organizations who use to provide such facilities continuously try to make it more interesting and user friendly to increase their usage. With these advantages, there are some drawbacks of these sites as well. With enhanced usage of social networking sites, the risks related to privacy issues have also been developed. The cyber crimes have increased a lot where many people have filed cases of hacking their personal information’s by hackers and its misuse. Many times, these cases reach to severe level also due to which many people go under depression or commit suicides. Therefore, it becomes very necessary for users of these sites to be aware of such activities so that various risks related to their private information can be restricted.


    Methodology is one of the vital elements of every research study as use of perfect and suitable methods and technique enable investigator to conclude the investigation effectively (Maher, Markey and Ebert-May, 2013).

    In order to obtain required data, sample of 6 people on the street has been surveyed through questionnaire. All the participants have been selected randomly without any bias from the street. All the persons who were above the age of 18 have been invited to give their responses by filling-up the questionnaire. The reason behind selecting a sample of total 6 people is to minimize complexities in gathering data from every resident. Moreover, generating data from the representative sample also consumed less time period and helps to examine the entire universe (Hartas, 2015).

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    Research design specifies and standardise that how a particular investigation will be carry out thoroughly by the investigator.  Referring the current study, design of study incorporated by the researcher is analytical. As in these, the findings and outcome of the mobile phone security questionnaire result have been evaluated and examined by applying statistical tools and technique through SPSS. Data collection is a very important and crucial facet of design, as authenticate, reliable and prominent information gathered by the investigators helps to find out an appropriate solution of the issue or vice-versa. In order to gather required quantum of data, there are two alternatives available to researchers to either generate information by applying primary method or secondary or a combination of both (Punch, 2013). Former is used to acquire fresh or unique information that not already obtained by any other researcher scholar previously. Most importantly, it is incorporated to tailor certain specific requirement of the users through conducting observation, field-survey, questionnaire survey or interviews. Unlike primary method, secondary data collection process aims at utilizing already available data sources either published or non-published (Schmidt and Hunter, 2014). In order to assure validity, it is necessary for the investigator to take some precautions while using secondary data so as to avoid the use of time-outdated data.For more Info Get Assignment Help.

    Here, in the present investigation, scholar has applied primary technique to generate reliable and specific information that will be helpful for fulfilling the aims and objectives of the study. In such regards, a survey has been conducted by the investigator of selected participants to obtain sufficient quantum of data (Davis, Evershed and Mills, 2013). It will be proves greatly beneficial for the researcher to tailor and meet-out their specific information need.

    The present study followed a quantitative research, as in which, scholar applied a famous statistical software, Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS) to evaluate and examine the findings and results of numerical data (Creswell, 2013). In such regards, regression and descriptive statistical methods have been performed to reach the effective and accurate solution of the problem.


    Researcher has designed a mobile phone security questionnaire as an instrument of research. In total, three set of questionnaire have been developed to study the extent to which public incorporates a range of precautions regards to mobile-phone usage. The focus of the selected investigation material is to ask respondents about the type of mobile phone usage and their adopted security measures to prevent crime (Monette, Sullivan and DeJong, 2013). In total, three questionnaires have been prepared by the researcher differentiated from each other only on the basis of time such as last week, typical week and typical month.


    While collecting data, every participant has been asked to fill only one of the three drafted questionnaires and randomly assigned to one of the three groups. Every questions prepared in the questionnaire has been answered by two people so as to generate responses quickly (Douzenis and Seretis, 2013). While surveying respondents, scholar assured that at one time, only one respondents will be surveyed in order to eliminate confusion or confound in the experiment (Yilmaz, 2013). After gathering data, SPSS technique has been applied to generate the needed outcome so as to find out the right solution of the selected issue (Belk, 2013).


    Quantitative analysis

    Hypothesis 1

    Ho: There is no significant difference between mean values of mobile phone usage in terms of weeks and mobile security measures.

    H1: There is a significant difference between mean values of mobile phone usage in terms of weeks and mobile security measures.

     Hypothesis 2

    Ho: There is no significant difference between mean values of monthly mobile phone usage and security measures.

    H1: There is a significant difference between mean values of monthly mobile phone usage and security measures.

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    By doing descriptive statistics, it has been assessed that mean value of recorded serial number and hours online is 1.80 & 22.23. Further, extent to which mean amount will deviate in the future by .404 & 17.11. Along with this, it has been identified that people who were spent more time on online makes use of recorded phone serial number. Moreover, level of significance between both the variables is 0.1 which shows that alternative hypothesis is true. In addition to this, mean value of the option of screen code or pattern is 1.09 & 0.29.  Correlation-ship which takes place between the two variables is .13. By considering this, it can be stated that moderate level of relationship takes place between lock pattern option and hours which are spent by the customers online.  R square is 0.18 which presents that minute changes will take place in the usage of the option of lock pattern. Level of significance which takes place between the usage of screen code lock or pattern and online spending hours is 0.04.  It lies within the value of 0.05 which shows that null hypothesis is rejected.

     Along with this, output of SPSS presents that people who spent 22 hours on internet in a typical week had not registered their phone on asset register.  Outcome of descriptive statistics present that people whose weekly spending hours are 22 prefers to track or lock mobile phones with the aim to prevent the threat aspects. Significance level of such aspect is also near to the standard criteria.  Outcome of SPSS entails that  customers with average spending  hours of 22 does not make use of the security measure such as physically marked phone. Thus, by following such aspects it can be said that there is a significant difference takes place in the weekly usage of mobile phones and employment of security measures (Seuring, 2013). All these aspects shows that there are several people who spend more online weekly hours do not make use of mobile security measures.

    From quantitative investigation, it has been assessed that people who spent 22 monthly hours do not make use of serial numbers to protect the mobile phone. Level of significance which is related to such aspect is .14.  By doing investigation, it also has been identified that people who spend more time online makes use of screen lock or pattern to protect their mobile phones.  On the other side, as similar to weekly users, people who make use of internet monthly basis lays high level of emphasis on using lock system. The rationale behind this, it prevents other to make use of mobile and access to private details (Backonja and et.al., 2013).  By taking into account all the above presented aspects it can be said that there is a significant difference takes place in the mean value of monthly mobile usage and usage of security measures. In survey, most the respondents have presented their views in similar direction. Thus, usage rate of security measure is very slow which in turn negatively affects the information to the large extent. The reason behind this, now hacking related activities are increased with the very high pace. In this situation, by making use of suitable measures people can keep secure the information shared by them (Gibson and Morgan, 2013). Thus, outcome of SPSS shows that alternative hypothesis is accepted which presents that now there is less number of people who make use mobile security measures.


    As per detailed analysis of primary and secondary data, it can be said that people are more attracted towards effective use of mobile network. In addition to this, it can be said that people are spending half of their day in the usage of mobile. Number of social networking sites is there which is being used by the members such as facebook, twitter is being accessed. Along with this, it has also been noticed that there is slightly difference between mean values of mobile phone usage in terms of weeks and mobile security measures (Marshall and et.al., 2013). In addition to this, it can be said that people are using mobile phone but they does not focus much on security measures. It indicates the difference between overall outcome. Analysis of information also reflects that there is no significant difference between mean values of monthly mobile phone usage and security measures. In addition to this, it can also be said that phone serial number is one of security measure which helps in effective development of organization. Recorded security measures are also being taken into account for measuring the use of mobile. Number of people is using mobile and internet but at the same time the ratio of usage of recorded phone serial number is not in much use. It impacts the overall outcome in diverse manner (Flick, 2015). Along with this, male and female both are using mobile firms but there is slight difference between the ratio. Male are using mobile phone more as compared to female. It is significant to have improvement in security measures so that goals and objectives can be accomplished effectively. Moreover, overall outcome in respect to security mobile need to be understand effectively. For Homework Help Visit Global Assignment help Australia.

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