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    Effective Academic Writing

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1426
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: AS106
    • Downloads: 293
    Question :

    TASK 1: Choosing an essay question

    To initiate, select one of the following essay questions.

    Demonstrate how social networking site should be controlled by the government.

    Analyse how some people think that the sense of competition of children should be encouraged. Others believe that children who are taught to cooperate rather than compete become more useful adults.

    In some countries, young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finish school/college and starting university studies. Identify the advantages and disadvantage for young people who plan to do this.

    Animals are currently used by scientists to conduct experiments for both medical and controversial research. Do you agree that scientists have the moral right to do this?

    Are celebrities entitled to a private life?

    Is there any places for zoos in a civilised society?

    Some countries are handing over public services such as hospitals, railways and education to private companies to be run for commercial profit. Are governments justified in letting private manage the public interest?

    How it is important for the students in the UK to study English and / or Maths until they are 18?

    Should all levels of education to be free for all in the United Kingdom.

    “You inherit your environment just as much as your genes”. Evaluate.

    Should the UK hold a second referendum on Brexit?

    “Significant abilities and qualities of mind are acquired through the study of History. They are particularly valuable for the graduate as citizens are readily transferable to many occupations and careers.” Do you agree or not?


    Part A and Part B  must be for the same question:

    Part a) form a  plan for written response to a question (250-500 words) (LO1, LO2, LO3)

    Examine the true meaning and implications of the question (LO1.2)

    Evaluate some appropriate terms and concepts pertaining to questions (LO1.1)

    Identify the impact of target audience on the selection and use of information. (LO 3.1)

    Draw up a plan for a written response to the question (LO2.1)

    Part b)  provide a logical and reasoned response in 750-1000 words to the question planned in Part A (LO2, LO3).

     Your answer should be appropriate, critical and concise.

    Use effective language and format (LO3.2)

    Source must be acknowledged using Harvard referencing.

    Learning Outcomes

    Assessment criteria

    1) Evaluate a specific question in context of a particular subject area.

    1.1 Examine the true meaning and implications of the specific question

    1.2 Evaluate some appropriate terms and concepts pertaining to questions

    2) Provide a written response in an appropriate format.

    2.1 Develop a comprehensive plan for a written response to a specific question

    2.2 Use the appropriate plan to write a coherent and logical response to specific question.

    2.3 Develop the response in the appropriate format.

    3) Use language, style and conventions suitable to academic writing

    3.1 Write accurately, following accepted written language conventions

    3.2 Use various style and register, developing an awareness among the audience

    3.3 Use appropriate standards form of referencing, highlighting a variety of sources.

    Answer :


    Academic Writing is an appropriate practice that is associated with a concise, clear as well as structural development of writing that is backed up by evidence (Introna, 2016). The agenda of this aspect is to enhance understanding of reader in context of different concepts. Hence, in this context, the report below is based on effective academic writing which is divided into two parts. Part A is related to drawing up a plan for written response to a question, whereas Part B covers presentation of a logical and reasoned response to the question.

    PART A

    The question into consideration asks for a detailed insight within the procedure some countries follow of encouraging students of taking a gap year after their graduation from high school, along with its advantages and disadvantages. The meaning of this question is that there are several opportunities or demerits that are inclusive within this element and which must be communicated effectively in order to ensure that the students take such decisions in a calculative manner.

    There are several terms and concepts which are relevant to an understanding of the question. One of the prominent term is Gap Year, which refers to taking an year off for travelling or working before enrolling for higher university. Another term is young people, who are the students that are being considered for the gap year situation. Moreover, advantages and disadvantages are other prominent terms that are relatable in context of drawing up the good and bad impacts which gap year could exhibit on the students.

    The target audience for the information is the students who have been graduated from their high school. The impact of selection and use of this information within these students is that it would allow them to gain an insight on the positive and negative effects which the gap year has on these individuals and whether they should actually adopt something like this concept or not (Hathaway, 2015).

    As for the plan for this information, the very first step of this aspect is identification of the target audience for whom this information is being acquired. The other step is to plan the necessary topics and concepts that are required to be covered within the overall topic. The third step is to appropriately research from relevant and important resources and acquire information that these sources have on the topic and contents. Moreover, prioritisation, sorting and segregation of information acquired becomes another step. The last stage becomes the writing the content and proof reading.

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    PART B

    Question 3

    In several countries, young people are very much encouraged in relation to take a break from studying after they graduate from high school. Moreover, this trend is very much popular amongst individuals despite their background and monetary status. For instance, people who experience weaker financial support are encouraged to work and be financially dependant. Similar encouragement in context of travelling is provided to students who are financially strong (Dirgeyasa and Hum, 2017).

    There are several reasons as to why several countries encourage their students to take a break and either work or travel. One of the most prominent reasons in this regard is that they would be getting more exposure of the outside world which would be adding to their experience before they enrol themselves for further studies or for a professional career. Those who do not cease this opportunity become restricted from gaining such an experience which might have been beneficial for their future growth and prosperity. On the other hand, individuals who enrol themselves within such a gap gain broader view towards life which helps them in better and more structured approach towards gaining more appropriate resources to draw upon. Moreover, certain nations also encourage their students to enrol in course where they could get a professional experience from travelling to a place, such as a language diploma or working in a cross cultural company. The agenda of organisations from the same is to appropriately and effectively enhance the competence level of these people to prepare and expose them from different cultures and their organisational practices (AlHassan and Wood, 2015).

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    In context to this, there are several advantages which is associated with taking a gap year to either work or travel. These benefits are very much necessary for the students to be aware about in context of choosing this option after they graduate from high school. The very first and one of the most prominent advantages related to this aspect is that individuals become more independent, which is an important factor for academic study and future professional practice. Moreover, a direct impact related to the same is that this makes them ready, as well as competent enough of dealing with the challenges which are yet to be experienced by them. Another benefit of the gap year is associated with career selections. Students opting for a gap year have the opportunity to explore different career options, by either travelling to the place to get a personal touch, or working within any such organisation as an internship. In both the ways, they have an opportunity to evaluate different options and choose the same which they best fit in. In addition to this, another prominent advantage in this context is that this time period of the gap year is very crucial for individuals to learn about their own society, as well as different cultures closely. This enriches their experience as well as their knowledge about how distinct people behave, along with what norms are followed within their cultures. This would give them a more personal insight about the world, that would be very much appropriate for them to understand and work with people of different cultures quite effectively (Piniel and Csizér, 2015).

    However, taking a gap year has its own disadvantages which are very necessary to be examined in an appropriate manner. As an example, one negative element related to this factor is that it might drive the students away from education. The reason for this is because a gap of a complete year might lead them towards developing interest in different fields or even travelling, which would be beneficial for their personal experience and further life, however, would be disadvantageous towards their university education. Furthermore, this could also lead to undesirable or underpaid jobs in the future due to not pursuing further education when these individuals had that opportunity. Another weakness associated with taking a gap year is that there might be several scholarships who do not avail for multiple years after graduation, that would have been very much beneficial for the students to opt. In addition to these disadvantages, there is another negative element related to this factor is that having a gap year and continuous travelling might lead to a backdrop within their financial status. Moreover, this might also make them more independent towards their parents for financial support which could have been acquired by them in a quicker manner (Al Badi, 2015).

    Hence, by evaluating both the advantages and disadvantages of taking a gap year after graduating from high school, it could be stated that it has several opportunities as well as threats for the students enrolling within the same. However, it depends upon the career preferences of individual to take up such a gap year or not. Hence, if an individual perceive of having certain opportunities in this regard, then they must go for a gap year.


    Thus, it is concluded from the report above, that academic writing is very crucial to present an information in a professional and effective manner. Drawing up a plan for responses of the question, along with determining their impact upon the target audience of information and implication of the question allows to gain an insight, as well as plan as to how best the information could be presented. Lastly, presentation of a logical and reasoned response is necessary to ensure fulfilment of the criteria set up by the

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