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    Study Skills Required for Higher Education

    Question :

     This assessment will cover certain questions which are like:

    • What are the adequate learning style in academics and professional areas.
    • Give the effective methods to improve the learning quality and retention.
    Answer :


    Study skills for higher education is very necessary for any individual who is interested in the higher education. This is necessary because of the reason that without skills and learning ability the person cannot learn or educate themselves (Hawley, 2018). Thus, the present essay will deal with different approaches of learning styles. Also, in the end of the essay a study plan will be made to help student to attain both academic and professional success.

    Learning styles which assist individuals to learn best

    The learning style are defined as the different way or approaches which the learner can use in order to educate themselves with the different skills and knowledge. Also, the learners are of different type that is they are different in their approaches and also different in their thinking, perception, way of seeing things and this is the reason behind the fact that every individual learner is different form the others. And because of this reason every learner has different strategy to learn and understand different things in different way.

    The learning strategies are different methods which the student of higher education uses in order to complete their education and learning. In the present world where the competition in the studies is up to the maximum level it is very necessary for the student to be very proficient and expert in learning all the new things and concepts (Lim, 2018). The effective learning is also necessary because of the reason that the business environment is very dynamic and ever changing and to mange these changes the student needs to be updated with all the latest changes in the environment.

    Therefore, for managing these changing requirements of the business environment it is very necessary for the student to adapt to the new learning and for these many different learning strategies which can be adopted by the student. The first strategy is of learning through argumentation. This is very effective strategy of learning (Kenedi and Mountford-Zimdars, 2018). This is an approach in which the student learns with the help of augmenting. This is a better way of learning because when the student argument with the other person on some topic then at that time the student remembers all those things said. This is because of the reason that the person can argue only at that time when they have complete knowledge of that topic and this helps the student in by heart learning that thing.

    Another learning strategy is of learning by doing. This is the most effective learning strategy. This is because of the reason that when a person does some task or anything then it never forgets (Douglas and et.al., 2015). Therefore, all the skills and knowledge which the student learn by doing is very beneficial for the student and all these skills help the student in learning effectively. One more learning strategy which can be helpful for the student in learning in better way is crossover learning. This is a technique in which the student learns out of the class or out of the structured learning process. Under this method the learning is done in the informal structure. This type of learning is preferred because of the reason that with informal teaching the student can retain much information and can learn in effective and efficient manner.

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    Developing study plan to accomplish academic and professional success

    Just learning is not enough the student needs to also get through the exams for which they need to do study hard. And this can only be possible by planning for the study that is making an effective study plan. A study plan is an effective way of planning for the steps which will be taken by the student to study so that they get pass in the field (Cottrell, 2019). For making of the effective study plan some of the following steps need to be followed which are discussed in the adjoining points below-

    Analyse the learning style- the first and foremost step is to analyse that which learning style suits the most to the learner. This analysis is necessary because of the reason that there are many different types of learning which suits different people in different way. Thus, the analysis of the techniques of learning is very necessary.

    Setting objectives- the next step is to set some different types of long term and short-term objectives. These objectives help the person in knowing that at least in some time frame they have to achieve this much of learning.

    Defining study time- here the person needs to define the time frame within which the person needs to set some deadline which needs to be fulfilled by that person.

    Prioritizing- this is also a major step because the student needs to analyse that which part of the study is more important in comparison with the other (Landry, 2019).

    Implementation- the last stage of this is to implement the thought working and structure of the plan made to learn the desired things.


    Short term- To attain the highest marks in the whole class

    Long term- to become a professional manager in future

    Study plan


    20-minute review new topic

    50-minute practical discussion

    10-minute s modify work

    20 minutes for learn about mistakes


    20-minute reading practices

    30 minutes for practical questions

    25 minutes modify work


    45 minutes for listening practice

    20-minute specking topics

    60 minutes for done practical work


    10 minutes for review yesterday work

    20-minute writing task questions.

    50 minutes complete their work


    20-minute listening practice

    15 minutes for reviewing study

    40-minute practice the questions

    20 minute read work


    3 hours test as per sample of exam.

    20 minutes for checking answers.

    20 minutes for making changes as per requirement


    3 hours do a full-length teat as per day study.

    15 minutes for checking answers.

    25 minutes for making changes as per requirement.


    With the above study it can be concluded that for clearing the higher study it is very necessary for the student to be aware of the changes taking place within the educational environment. This is because of the reason that for getting success the student needs to be an effective learner. Thus, the present essay outlined the different learning strategy such as learning by doing, learning by argumentation and many others. Also, in the end to implement the learning a study plan was developed.


    Reading and comprehension skills are one of the key components in developing the intellect of a student and every student needs to understand the necessity of developing good comprehensive skills and inculcate deep learning which they are able to retain for a longer time period rather than momentary learning.

    Role of Building comprehension and retention in improving learning quality

    In order to develop and increase the comprehensive power of the students so that they can interpret in a better manner and retain what they have learnt for a longer time period, authors, Hung and Chen (2018) , in their research paper have suggested that holding interactive video lectures are a good means. The authors suggest that by holding interactive lectures, the learning experience of the students get intensified and therefore, the video lectures helps in increasing the involvement of the student in the learning activity. The content of such video lectures should be selected and included very carefully and the communication strategies along with hand gestures etc. must be kept in mind and used perfectly ion sync with the video lecture that is going on. Since there is more use of pictorial data, the students would be able to retain more of the knowledge that is being imparted through such video lectures. Thus, the authors concluded that increased retention led to increase in the correct answers that were being given by the students and also when these students were cross questioned about the topic, their answer was more prompt than the usual answering frequency.

    The contribution of increased retention on the success of student was further emphasised by Kimbark, Peters and Richardson (2017), where they although the number of students choosing the option of higher education has increased in the past decade, yet the rate of those students that are succeeding in life due to such courses has not showed much impressive results. The researchers analysed and compared the difference of learning level between students who were enrolled in the Student success course as opposed to the ones that were not. When they were interviewed, it was found that the students that were made to learn in a systematic, practical and success oriented manner had more chances at success due to the fact that they were able to retain and comprehend more as compared to those students that were not actively involved in the SSC course. Therefore the authors concluded that when the retention and comprehensive skills of the students is higher, their chances of succeeding at the life automatically increases since they are able to develop more practical learning approach that assists them in taking important decisions in the future.

    Another major factor that contributes in the development of comprehensive and reading skills so that the learning experience of the students gets more enriched is by ensuring that their minds do not wander much and their concentration levels are increased. Authors, Mrazek and et.al., (2017), have researched in the similar field and concluded that there is specific training that needs to be given to the students or any other category of individuals who wish to increase their concentration power. There are various interventions that can be used by the individual’s particular in the academic field such as using a standard course structure, giving elaborative and illustrative instructions where it is easier to retain certain points that have a deep impact on the mind of the students, listeners of readers. There have been many arguments that students belong to different cultural backgrounds and therefore, it is not easy for them to grasp as well as other students which leads to them lagging behind and thus their incapability to effectively retain the information reduces their effectiveness. In order to address this issue, the authors, Thomas (2016) , have suggested that there are much better strategies that can be adopted so that students at academic level are able to develop a comprehensive approach towards their education. All the students should be engaged in the process and their contribution and involvement should be given highest importance so that they are able to develop the approach of comprehensive learning and by educating them with practical and real life examples they will be able to conduct their own research and therefore, the conclusions now developed would be more comprehensive which the students would be able to retain automatically. Therefore, even though the students might belong to the diverse groups, when they will be able to develop correct approach to the learning and start educating for the purpose of gaining knowledge rather than passing exams and this will be the major contributing factor in their success.

    Evaluation of the obstacles in comprehension and retention

    While developing and building a comprehensive approach in the students, there are various barriers that the students or their tutors can experience:

    Lack of Focus: There are too many distractions for the students today with the rising use of technology such as phones, emails, social media, games etc. and therefore, it has become almost impossible to concentrate on the work that they wish to do and therefore, the concentration level of the students has declined drastically where they cannot go on for more than 20 to 30 minutes without checking on their smartphones (Ness, 2016). This distraction has led to the students becoming unfocused and therefore, this directly impacts their learning and development. The retaining power is also getting affected since although a student is reading or writing but his mind at that moment is rather involved elsewhere in something that is associated with his smartphones and therefore, they are reading without absorbing its true essence or context with which it was written. Therefore, distraction i.e. lack of adequate focus acts as a major barrier in the learning process of students today.

    Negative past education: When, in past, the learning experience of a student has been made i.e. if either the student has encountered a bad teacher or if they have faced boring lectures or if they have learnt through monotonous online lectures, then things are bound to go wayward for the student hand he will lose interest in developing his learning activities. This is directly associated with the students missing out on important lectures and other learning lessons which leads to lack of deep learning or adequate knowledge and inability to retain the important data. And hence, the students are not able to develop correct, comprehensive and adequate learning abilities thus making the process complicated and difficult where they are not learning with the adequate amount of knowledge and skills (Telfer and Newton, 2016).

    Clashing Mind set: This kind of barriers usually occur with those individuals who are older in the age group and believe that their age to learn or change has already surpassed and now they no longer need to learn anything new. This kind of attitude or more importantly mind set makes the learning process difficult or the learners where they are not ready to argue or contradict anything but are also unwilling to learn new things. This is especially in the case of online technology and new things that they are made to learn (Zabidin, 2015). This makes it difficult for them to build up a comprehensive learning habits and therefore, they are not able to utilise maximum advantages of the learning process and develop adequate and strong knowledge base. This also impacts their co-learners where they too get affected by their negative attitude and refuse to acknowledge the changes that are made and hence develop an up to date learning strategy and approach.

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    It can be evidently concluded that for students, it is imperative to develop learning abilities where they are able to formulate better comprehensive skills and understand how to develop deep learning abilities that can assist them in succeeding in their lives. Therefore, the research helped in concluding that although there are many obstacles in developing a comprehensive learning and retaining the learning that is has been learnt such as distractions, bad experience etc., yet there are a number of strategies that can be adopted in order to overcome all such obstacles. Developing concentration through mind techniques such as motivation etc., using latest technologies like interactive video lectures are some of the strategies that can be used by the learners in order to develop a more targeted approach in the entire learning and development process. It can also be concluded that the varied research papers and their study can help in concluding that those students whose retaining power and comprehensive skills are more developed are able to develop better learning abilities and have a higher chances at succeeding than those students who are not developed in this manner i.e. who lack adequate comprehensive and retention skills. Such students, when faced with practical situations in real life, are not able to comprehend and interpret it correctly and therefore, it leads to failure in the real life which makes all their learning redundant. Therefore, it is important for students to develop good learning skills and enhance the comprehensive and retention skills.

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