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    Strategies and Leadership Theories to Communicate Participants

    University: University of Sydney

    • Unit No: 5
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 6 / Words 1607
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: SOC102A
    • Downloads: 490
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Evaluate the relevance for their own professional practice, or potential future professional practice.
    • Justify evidence with reference to theoretical models and the application of different approaches to specific contexts.
    Answer :


    Coaching and mentoring are two broad areas of practices where provide guidance to large people of commonality and over lap. To mentoring and coach to any body required to high skills that helps to handle the those people who take guidance from us. For this purpose apply different types of model & theories to provide deep explanation about the learning things (Carter and et. Al, 2016) . The process will help to recount the strategies and required efforts put up from both the ends. There are required to follow leadership theories & style to communicate with the participants and understand their problem. The whole procedure was very informative for me and found in the training and teaching process that become reason of situation arising later in the field. There are I'm providing the guidance to colleagues for new project.


    About Project

    I am working in the multinational organisation at the post of senior executive where direct to employees regarding to work and provide training according to their efficiency. In recent times company start new project and provide all responsibility to me. The new project to manufacture of flavour cigarette that can not harm to people. For this project require to experience team who able to initiate and take responsibility in different departments. The manager provided list of selected employees who was working with me in the particular project. I was disappointed with the team because mostly people have not good experience in this field so it was challenging for me. The manager provided to those workers and started work from next day. I was excited to work on new project and motivate to my team regarding to work. On the first day of project introduce with all the team members and provide information about the project and guidance how to possible in set period of time. It is challenging task for me to work with non experiences people in the new project. There was required to provide all the appropriate training and guidance regarding to work and focus on every thing that relate with the project (Rist, 2019).

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    Reflection on a mentoring experience, linked to theory

    As a leader it is one of the most essential role to provide all the proper guidance to my team to get success in the given project. By doing this, it will helpful to make all the appropriate decision to sort out the problems that are holding them back, learn new skills and otherwise progress their careers. Some people get formal training that was related on the work not linked with the business ethics and other problems.  However, many people have to build up the particular skill themselves. It may sound daunting but, if I was putting myself regarding to techniques, trust and practices so I become great coach. It helpful me to provide good framework to developing to coaching or mentoring. Before start to training I set goals and objectives that related to this project that achieve by me in certain period of time. My goals was to complete the project in 8 months, get success and explore my skills that help to get new opportunity in other field and in this business. For this purpose I provided training to people how to work in different situation. During to coaching I feel many people did not take interest in this project but I needed to man power for the project so I search out the interest and according to that provide coaching and mentoring to those people. There was required to focus on their skills that utilise for the project and sort out the problem (Golden, 2016). To provide coaching to people apply different types of leadership theories that helps to came together all the participants effectively. Firstly applied of behavioural theories that related with the belief that great leader are made not born. In this theory mainly focused on the activity of people, not on the mental qualities or internal states. As per the theory people learn to become leaders with the help of monitoring and teaching. After that apply the participative theory where advise to apply the ideal leadership style in order to take input from others regarding to account. For this I motivate to team members to feel more relevant and committed to the decision making process. I was applying this theory to take team members in the major decision so they feel that they were important in the project so take in suggestion from them in decision making process. So this theory said that leader retains the right to enables the input of others. There is also applied the management theory that is called as transactional theories. After applying this theory mainly focus on the role of the individual member of the employees, group performance regarding to every task and organization performance means how to they provide us support to complete this project on time to fulfil the requirement (Savage, Collins and Cruickshank, 2017). Through managerial theory I can get success in the project because every team member take the interest in the project. Some people have the skills of emotional intelligence so I was focusing on every team member skills and notice that how to utilise these skills in different activity of the task.


    During to performance management I was focusing on the every person performance and set the goals regrading to project for specific period of time. It was helping to carry out all the results regarding to performance. I feel may people not take interest in the activities of the new project so for that provide effective training session because they have not more experience in the particular field. For this I  was applying the skilled helper model with the aim of searching any underlying reason for the lack of progress to reach the requirement of the role and recognising the accomplish goals that help to become more successful in my role (Galassi, 2017).

    Thoughts and feelings

    At the the of task many up and down face from my team because many people did not like me and always taunting on me regarding to my work that time I was feeling down but my senior provide me suggesting how to tackle these problems in effective manner. I felt my colleagues  had let me down by not raising their concerns earlier thus enabling the into the role well be asking more challenging questions regarding to project. I though carefully about the plan of action that applied by me to complete the project on time (Reynolds, 2017).


    The results come of mentoring in positive manner after many hazards all the team member all the problems regarding to budget and team support and company support. Many time company did not provide sufficient budget that required to complete the project so that time play challenging role every one and in low budget provide ideas and suggesting that works appropriately. I assured about my feeling and apply all the theories and model to provide effective guidance to my team regarding to work. If they are feeling any problem so that time find out all the alternatives that supports them in the different activity. As a result I was getting success at every steps in order to get positive experience that motivates me regarding to coaching as well as mentoring  (Sherraden, 2017).

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    At the end it is concluded that we were getting success in my project and compete in set period of time. It is good opportunity foe me and learn new skills with my team members. Many time in critical situation I feel fell down but my team member provide support in each activity and my mentoring is tough because I never provide training to people. In the different situation the task was challenging and also provide the rewarding. I was feeling happy with the mentoring way I took with the learning supporting assistant where I judged the character of every team member that enough to get success. Many time team members were asking typical question from me that time I had no answer that shown greater effect than skirting these challenging issues.  I would certainly set aim to start the procedure of challenge at an earlier stage and from the off mentoring model that supports to my team members in their role. To complete different types of activities face many challenges that create problems but mu team work together and get success in ever task. I would introduce the mentoring/coaching approach from the first meeting

    therefore being proactive in the development of a colleague. It is said that it was good experience in the mentoring and coaching where learning many new skills and cooperation with employees and how to take decision in the typical condition.

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