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    Convergence and Learning Processes

    Convergence is the concept which involves coming together of two different entities. It is basically an act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity.Convergence is the tendency of group members to become more alike over time. It is known as company culture in the terms of business aspect (El-Hussein and Cronje, 2010).

    Concept of convergence and learning processes

    Convergence is a concept of bringing two entities together. It is useful if one continuously choose to sped time with people one like to become more like. Convergence also means the tendency of groups to police themselves. Convergence can be defined in the context of computer technologies and mathematics. In the context of computing and technology, it is the integration of two or more different technologies in a single device system. A good example is the convergence of communication and imaging technologies on a mobile device designed to make calls and take pictures, which means convergence of technology that convergence on a single device. From the view point of economics (Evans and Honkapohja, 2012).

    Convergence theory of economics is the hypothesis that poorer economies per ca pita incomes will tend to grow at faster rates than richer economies. As a result of it, all economies will eventually converge in terms of per ca pita income. Policy convergence is a concept which is based on an overly deterministic logic, a static conception of convergence. On the other hand learning process is a self directed learning process which is most powerful model for facilitating and inspiring individual , group and organizational learning and development. Learning process is consist of steps which empower people to guide themselves through their personal learning and development. The learning process is as follows:

    Define my ideal self:

    it includes the personal and professional aspirations and goals. Analysis is done about the strength that are required to perform job well.

    Assess or evaluate My Real self:

    this step involves evaluation on the basis of feedback and self assessment. It also involves the ways through which weakness are overcome by using strengths.

    Prioritize learning and development needs:

    it is the next step which involves building on strengths and close gaps. The most critical skills and competencies that are required to be successful should be developed (Razzouk and Shute, 2012).

    Create an action plan:

    an action plan is created to enable overall development by evaluating skills and regarding training also.

    Implement the learning and development plan:

    it includes an analysis about new skills, competencies and behavior which can be applied to enable and implement learning and development plan.

    Framework of learning

    The quality framework of learning provides a language that sets out the behaviors that characterize learning and teaching (Liao and Wu, 2010). starting from the universal goals of effective teaching and learning , the framework has been designed that explores and describes learning successfully. The framework has been designed as follows:

    Assessment for planning and learning-

    it is the concept by which an individual plans about learning by assessing the planning and learning framework. It involves the concept which includes that proper plan should be made for conducting learning process. An individual should form proper learning plan which should contain all the important aspects that are required be done. Learning should be done by following proper process. An assessment should be done regarding what contents to be covered, how much time it will take in learning process etc.

    Strategies for learning and the application for learning process-

    in this process strategies are formed for conducting learning process and also the details about subject knowledge in respect of which learning process is sought.

    Climate for learning and lesson organization

    it means there should be a proper climate and environment for effective learning (Van den Bossche and et. al., 2011). It will enable effectiveness and efficiency of learning.

    Use of resources-

    resources should be properly used. It will enable the learner to conduct effective learning process.

    Learning theories are conceptual framework in which knowledge is absorbed, processed and retained during learning.

    Cognitive, emotional and environmental influences as well as prior experiences plays an important role.

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    Different theories of learning are as follows:

    conditions of learning –

    this theory means that there are different types or levels of learning. It has its own importance as each type of learning requires different types of instruction. 5 major categories of learning are: verbal communication, intellectual skills, cognitive strategies, motor skills and attitudes . Different internal and external conditions are necessary for each type of learning. Learning strategies for intellectual skills can be organized in a hierarchy according to complexity (Sosna and et. al., 2010).

    Experiential learning-

    according to this theory,there are two types of learning that are cognitive and experiential. Cognitive aims at academic knowledge such as learning vocabulary or multiplication tables. On the other hand, experiential refers to applied knowledge such as learning addresses the needs and wants of the learner. There are qualities of experiential learning : personal involvement, self initiated, evaluated by learner and pervasive effects on learner.

    Connection ism-

    this theory emphasis on the concept which is the result associations forming between stimuli and responses. This theory is consist of three primary laws: law of effect, law of readiness, law of exercise etc. this theory also suggests that presence of identical elements in the original and new learning situations affect the learning process.

    Situated learning –

    it is the general theory of knowledge acquisition. It has been applied in the context of technology based learning activities for schools that focuses on problem solving skills of the students. Social interaction is a critical component of situated learning concept .

    Structural learning theory-

    according to structural learning theory, rules which consist of domain , range and procedure are included in the rules. There are alternative rule sets for any given given calls of tasks. problem solving may be affected when higher order rules are used (Bressler, Golub and Jackson, 2012). This theory aim at single,goal switching control mechanism with minimal assumptions about the processor. It also explains that working theory holds both rules and data.

    Double loop theory of learning-

    in this theory it pertains to learn to change underlying values and assumptions. The focus of the theory is on solving that problems which are complex in nature and not properly structured. It is based on theory of action. It examines reality from the point of view of human beings as actors. It also consist of distinction between an individual 's es pound theory and their theory in use .

    These are different theories which impact individual daily life and also provides some knowledge about learning skills and processes.

    How countries choose effective learning policies

    Every country aim to provide effective learning skills. It is done by enabling and implementing effective learning policies by government. The committee has been framed by government of UK to analyze and give policy tools about the tools that can be embedded within a consistent framework to bring out a real gains in performance of learning system (d Menon, 2010).

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    There are different ways through which countries can enhance their learning process :

    • Government has framed different framework in respect of which learning skills and styles can be enhanced. These are framed in respect to improve the learning system of the country.
    • Policy development needs to develop reflection on the different components of the framework such as school assessment, teacher of class room practice etc.
    • number of strategies have been formed in respect of reinforcing the linkages between the evaluation and assessment framework and class room practice in the country.
    • To establish summative assessments to frame meaningful performance goals.
    • The company aims to provide balanced public reporting.
    • countries in order to enhance its learning process and skills aim to form strategies and norms that can enhance the learning values and system abiding to which can effect learning skills (Bien and Xu, 2012).
    • Different theories on convergence and learning has been framed so to enhance knowledge and opinion for public.
    • Learning system should be clearly evaluated .it facilitates meeting information needs at system level. It is a key priority within the evaluation and assessment framework.

    The country also monitors key outcomes of the education system. Assessment of learning provides evidence by which policy makers , the public administrators, educators and parents at national and local levels can gauge the performance.

    To enhance the learning system various policies have been framed to maximizing the use of system level information. Countries often collect large amounts of data and statistics at the system level, so there is frequently significant untapped potential for integrating and using the available data (Krakauer and Mazzoni, 2011).

    the value of learning and its importance of learning among individuals. Learning process is a self directed journey or process which is an effective model for facilitating and inspiring individual and group development. It is an act of acquiring new or modifying and reinforcing existing knowledge. Learning is a continuous process. Convergence is a concept which combines two different concepts together (Cortes and et. al., 2010).


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