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    Examine The Career Developments Strategies

    University: Arden University

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1122
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code:
    • Downloads: 642
    Question :

    Self management is the improvement and the implementation of self-assessment for the growth of the individual. In a formal assessment made for the program, you will have to submit the managing self and assessment. There will be required to refer the student Handbook to cover the general information and schemes for programme assessment. Kindly do address learning outcomes mentioned below:

    • Examine the career developments strategies.
    • Elaborate the skills development and approach for lifelong learning development by yourself and also for others.
    • Examine the various range of strategies which provides the improvisation for high performance people.
    • Mention the strategies in working like an individual or as in with the part in team.
    • Reflect your performance and explain the learning with the self-improvement skills.
    Answer :


    Human Resource Management is a process of hiring people, providing them training, correcting them, developing strategies to retain them. Human Resource Manager has three major responsibilities: staffing, employee benefits, and managing work (Bratton and Gold, 2017). The function of Human Resource Manager is to maximize productivity of an organisation. Role of HR manger is the development of a staffing plan, recruitment, development of the work place, dealing with the laws, and so on.

    Transferable skills are those skills, which an individual develops as he develops through education, employment or training. Communication skills, problem solving, personal motivation, research and analytical skills and teamwork are all transferable skills.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Own career development plan and reflect succinctly on the knowledge, and transferable skills that you currently have that you will need to function effectively as a newly promoted HR development manager

    My personal development plan describes specific learning goals and ensures to make the most of my learning opportunities. If I want to continue moving forward, I must continue growing my knowledge and skills(Personal or professional development plans, 2012). A good career development plan focuses on improving knowledge and skills and connects your goal with your plans for the future. Career development plan helps us to identify and focus on the learning opportunities that will be benefited to us.

    The Four Stages of Career Development Plan are as follows:

    1. Stage 1 Self-exploration: - self-assessment is important for career planning and personal development. My knowledge regarding computer skills, various academic skills got improved in recent years. My communication skills, listening skills and I am also good at interacting well with different people. My strength is that I am very expressive, patient and good communicator. Weaknesses are lack of time management, over talking and sharing responsibility.
    2. Stage 2 Market research: - there are two sources of market research i.e. public (Chelladurai and Kerwin, 2017) and published. People are excellent resources to gather information. My market research will be focused on collecting information about organisation functions, industries to inform my career choices. I will ask about: my duties and tasks, my role, responsibilities, rewards provided by them, their culture. Published resources include books, websites, professional associations that are essential for gathering basic functional industry and company’s information.
      1. Wet Feet Inc.:- It is an online career research tool(Personal or professional development plans, 2012). It helps me with research and tips for preparing for interviews and other parts of job.
      2. LinkedIn: - It is the world's largest networking site, which helps in job search and networking tremendously (Harteis and Goller, 2014).
    3. Stage 3 Focus: - it is the mixture of the first two stages, overlapping your interests with what is happening in the market and setting a goal for internship. As I evaluate the match between information collected in the market and the result of my self reflection, I will direct my search towards a particular functional focus. These choices are core factors for personal development plan. My goal is to identify a functional role whose tasks, responsibilities, duties fit with my interests, skills, experience and knowledge.

      Personal SWOT analysis reveals Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. It helps to specify goals and objectives to mitigate gaps.
    4. Stage 4 Planning: - in this, I will integrate what I have learned in the previous stages and convert it into a strategic development plan that includes midterm objectives as well as five year vision. Writing down the vision will help me to create goals and plans. A strategic plan is a document, which helps me to update it periodically as my environment changes. Moreover, my personal SWOT analysis may tell that may I need to follow an alternative step for other development experiences (Marchington and Kynighou, 2016).Lifelong learning skills are defined as all learning activities undertaken throughout the life, with the purpose of improving knowledge, skills and competencies. Lifelong learners are motivated and dedicated towards learning. It can help enhance our understanding of the world, provide us with better opportunities and improve our quality of living. A lifelong learning helps in keeping both body and mind in shape.

    Tips that made me a good lifelong learner:-

    • Audio books are perfect way to boost knowledge. I used to listen the political debate or even new languages.
    • Practice made me perfect; reading books and applying practical skills had fun.

    Human Resource Development Manager is a person who helps employees in developing their personal and organisational skills, knowledge and abilities. They are involved in training of employees to achieve organisational goals. The nature of HRD manager requires skills such as decision-making, communication, teamwork and multitasking skills (McGrath, 2014).

    It consists of opportunities such as employee training, employee career development, performance management etc. to become a HR manger I had taken relevant courses in school and I had earned bachelor's degree. To be a HR manager, various skills are required to deal with different situations. It takes multiple skills to create and manage people(Personal or professional development plans, 2012).

    I need to make regular assessments of the ways I work and the progress I am making. I need to manage my work efficiently to achieve deadlines. As part of my assessment, I need to find areas for improvement and skills to learn. I will monitor my own performance regularly to make sure that it is effective.

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    Throughout this report, I had learned that if I want to continue moving forward, I must continue growing my knowledge and skills. A good career development plan focuses on improving knowledge and skills. Transferable skills are those skills, which an individual develops as he develops through education, employment. Further, I concluded that the lifelong learners are motivated and dedicated towards learning. It can helps to enhance our understanding of the world. To be a good HRD manager, I need to make regular assessments of the way I work and the progress I am making. I need to manage my work efficiently to achieve deadlines.

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