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    Sample of Developing a Learning Culture


    Blitzen engineering is a supplier of automotive components, in these components has specialization in the country (Knowles, Holton III and Swanson, 2014). In the market of this company image is very bright and effective because this company provide effective and brand specialization components to the clients and give proper satisfaction to the customers and employees. This company recruit the employees for increasing the efficiency of working and increase also productivity and also want to adopt new innovative ideas for producing automotive components. In the other hand, Blitzen company want to increase productivity and build the more effective image in the market and beat all competitors.

    1. What are the learning and development issues raised in this case?

    There are some learning and development issues those are facing in the Blitzen company those are follow:

    Dealing with changes: This company produce specialized and branded automotive components to the customers and clients and give proper satisfaction that's why in the market this company could beat other competitors but now in these days this company recruit other all engineers for producing the components but these engineers want to do some changes and try to apply some innovative ideas for producing in this company, but for these innovative techniques and ideas have to give training and learning to all the employees and give proper information how to do work and how to mange the situation in the company so its not easy to understand and also not easy to adopt changes by the all employees in the departments.

    Developing leaders: Learning and developing process has to made some leaders and followers to maintain the situation and also give proper information the employees (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014). So, in this situation all employees are accepting the leaders for giving the any guidelines and for the any orders. All employees are not follow guidelines given by the leaders in this situation.

    Engaging learners: In this situation old employees and leaders think those are well knowledge and smart in working in this company so these employees do not take interest in this learning process and they are show over smartness front of new employees.

    Tracking skills applications: Employee's skills and ability development for has to do some effective work and adopt a new effective way to improve skills of working but all employees are different in nature and also has different capability skills. So that's why all employees are sometimes not taking interest to improve skills and increasing efficiency of working. In the other hand its hard to difficult to give proper training and learning knowledge related to producing these component.

    Instilling conflicts management skills: In this situation has been create some conflicts and misunderstanding between employees and head persons. Because old employees don't want to do any changes in the production process and they don't want to adopt new innovative ideas but new employees try to adopt new ideas and techniques so in this situation make some conflicts and misunderstanding between old and new employees (Bratton and Gold, 2012). These situations are not easy to understand and do not take actions its all these situations are affecting the image of the company those are providing special components in the market. On the other hand in the learning and developing process has to face some issues and difficult situation by the employees those situation has to handle by the top department's members and has to manage all the employees. Before learning and development process has to identifies new innovative ideas are useful for the company or not if in case new ideas are not useful ad give negative effect on the companies image so the company should not start this process.

    2 What barriers might management come up against in the creation of ‘learning culture’ at Blitzen?

    The barriers might the management against in the learning. The knowledge, skill, motivation, team leadership and performance appraisal change the organisation. learning culture defined the long term success. There are some barriers they affect the organization.

    Program focus: the program focus on the new programs and services and evaluations of the new market. The program focus on the participants at the end of the workshop.

    Limited resources: Limited resources not defined learning, motivation, and human resource management (Dowling, 2008). They defined the quality of the human and perception on the human personality. The car manufacturer has limited sources to advertising their own product like advertising, sale promotion.

    Work learning dichotomy: The car manufacture decided the to sale the car for the high rate because the car quality is very high. The manufacture selling and producing the value of the car. The supervisor in the learning of their direct report.

    Passive leadership: The car manufacture sale the car for the high cost. The high cost defined the high quality of the car. The passive leadership is very important part of the management for create the learning process of the product.

    Non learning culture: The non learning culture is defined the value of the organisation, customer behaviour, individual success (Flamholtz, 2012). The non learning manufacture is not recognize the organisation goals and norms. The non learning culture is like praise, reward and promotion of the product.

    Resistance to change: the resistance to change also effect the management process. every are told the what is innovative and creative ideas for purchasing the car.Not discussing the UN-discussable-the every people stared the spoken the manufacture for the car .they understanding the what is the product .

    Selective attention: People get understand according to their attention, if a person is more attentive then he or she can learn good or if the other one is less attentive then he or she can not learn in good way. So we can say that every person has their own way to understand or learn anything. Skilled incompetence-the place meter the management process of the learning. the manager skill, and knowledge is important factor for selling the product. The leader of a team helped the selling the product. Blame, not gain language: In company, people can not understand anything then they will ask to managers. But if after implementation any problem arise then manager always blame those people who is responsible for that.

    Focus on short-term and long term: the manufacture focus on the long term profit .the main problem of the management process is the cost of the product (Ulrich, 2013). The Blitzen customer decided the high quality product but there are many competitors available in the market so the price effect the management organisation. The human resource manager manage the product quality and product price. The manufacture has the product knowledge. The company has required the knowledge of the product. The manufacture produced the car quality and price and their parts.

    3. Importance of skill development program and circumstances it which it can give negative results

    As the company is having the focus to provide proper skills to their employees to make them beneficial for them. Some points are to describe the importance of the skills development program;

    Keep changes in the industry: As the Blitzen is having their focus to build a quality automatic part for the automobile industry so it can help them to keep changes in them. Automobile industry is developing so it can help them to develop accordingly.

    To beat market competitors: As they has recruited new employee in the organisation which are college graduates so it is essential for them to make them skilled. Skill development program can help them to make new employee efficient to provide better work which help them to beat market rivalries.

    To cover a gap: It can help to the management of the Biltzen to cover the gap in between the old employees which are experienced and new employees which has a personal dedication to work in the car industry. Some circumstances are here in which development plan can make a negative impact on the organization and as well as on the employee, these are;

    Inappropriate leanings to the employee: It is essential for the company to provide proper training and skill development program which can helps to the employees to develop their skill to perform better (Daley, 2006). Inappropriate development program can provide a certificate to the employee who is not fully developed and it may be a cause of any type of accident while working. A unskilled employee can reduce make a negative impact on the quality production which can reduce the company’s goodwill in the market.

    When employees are against to the management: It a circumstances in which company can reduce the effectiveness of their skill development program. Many of the times employees are not fully supportive for the organisations, they are having some personal conflicts with the management so at this time they can reduce the effectiveness of their skill development program on them which can makes a financial pressure on them and as well as it makes negative impact also on the employees.

    4. Appropriateness of one size fits all approach on human resource development at Biltzen

    One size fits all is term which is not appropriate for the human resource development in the Biltzen, they are having different types of employees which are having various types of differences in them which can prove that this term is not appropriate for HR development;

    Different age group of employees: Biltzen is having a huge difference in between the age group which creates a gap in between the requirements of them (Collins and Smith, 2006). So it can not be possible to satisfy their employees by each type of HR practice to them. So employees which are working in the organisation are having a huge difference in their requirements so which can not be possible for the company by providing a same thing to both of them.

    Difference in between skills and education: As the company is having three types of employee experienced and skilled, college pass out graduates, studying in the college. So these can be a group in the organisation which are having a huge difference in their thinking and point of view which creates a gap in between them.

    5(a). Learning need of the workers in Biltzen

    They are having different type of employees in their organisation, so learning needs have to be divided in to these sections of the employees;

    Old employees: Most of the old employees are having experience and skills to perform and deliver a quality work which is a demand of the company from their employees (Sun, Aryee and Law, 2007). But they are having a need to develop them self with the changes in the automotive industry. So management has to provide them proper learning as per their needs like; use of new machines and use of electronic gadgets in the company.

    Needs of undergraduates: Most of the newly recruited people are graduates which are not having experience to work in a big organisation and as well as they are not having skills to deliver better services in the account of company. So they are having a need of training to perform according to their job role to fulfil their job responsibility in the organisation.

    5 (b) Appropriate methods of learning and development to meet the needs

    Some of the learning methods are here which can be used by the management of the Biltzen to provide training and skills according to the employees;

    Audio visual learning style: The management can use this learning method to provide training to the old employees o use new types of machines in the organisation, it is an easy method for the learners cause people can easily observe by a movie rather than by manual training (Guest, 2011). So it can be used by the company to provide training to the old employees.

    Mentorship method: Management of Biltzen can use this method to provide training to the new employees. It is a part of on the job training in which they can provide mentor to all of these new joiners, these mentor can be old employees which helps and guide to the newer ones to perform and in the organisation. So these two methods are having potential to meet the development and training needs of the employees.

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    5(c). Expectations and responsibilities placed on employee groups at Biltzen as a part of the drive continuous improvement

    As Biltzen is having it’s focus to provide better products to the car companies and they are having believe to make a quality product (Kang, Morris and Snell, 2007). They are having a huge need of the new staff so they have recruited new people from colleges which are having less skills and experience. As well as they are having old staff also in their company so the management is having a different expectations and responsibilities for the both groups which are ;

    Expectations and responsibilities from experienced employees: The management is having a huge expectation form the old employees, that they provide them quality work as per the requirements of the client companies and as well as they have given a responsibility of the new employees to provide them proper training and guidance in the work.

    Expectation and responsibility of new employees: The management has recruited new employees in the organisation to improve their production capacity to reduce their market competition (Luthans and at. el., 2006). So they are having huge expectation with them to improve their work efficiency to increase their sales as per the demands in the market.

    5 (d). Assessment points of the progress of development in the organisation

    The Biltzen can assess their employees development on the basis of these points;

    Working capabilities: After the development program, it is essential to improve the working capabilities of the newly joined employees in the organisation working conditions.

    Uses of new machines: Managers can judge their employees development towards the use of new machines by them, which can help them to improve their working capabilities and efficiency according to the time.


    The above presented report has been concluded about the developing learning culture in the Blitzen engineering, they are having a requirement to recruit young staff. So they has analyse the needs of the new staff and provide them proper training so the management have to use both method for new joiners which are presented in the above report.


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