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    Concept of Ambidexterity - Match Box Architects Design Partnership Company


    Ambidexterity is that situation where the person will be able to equally adapt the use of both right and left hand while doing their daily task such as typing, surgery, playing sports, musicianship and juggling (Turner, Swart and Maylor, 2013). While refereeing to organisation ambidexterity means the need of a company to balance exploitation and exploration in this developing competitive advantages which is not that much easy to achieve in current practices. This current assignment analysis will be done based on Match Box Architects Design Partnership Company which highlights the concept of ambidexterity. This will show that it is very much important and essential for organisations to balance productivity and creativity or innovation efficiently.


    For this changing environment it is very important for any firm to be very much competitive with their use of latest technology, creativity and innovation along with increasing and improving productivity of current workers of firm (Tarafdar and Gordon, 2007). This will help company to serve their customers with complete efficiency, delivering them better goods and services and achieving the competitive advantages. However, it is very much tough for company to achieve both of them by involving innovation and considering how to improve the productivity among workers and managers.

    Match Box Architect (MBA) is a creative company which believes in creating beautiful engineered buildings in way of shaping the future of British architecture. They value in inspiring the whole coming generation of social and ethical responsible design so that future generation could be motivated (Eisenhardt and Martin, 2000). This company will be focusing on area of ambidexterity which is an ability to be able to explore and exploit business situation. This is as per the perspective of information system, leadership and an operation so that all levels of MBA is able to support ambidexterity. Their aim and vision of company is to provide integrity of activities with help of expert decision makers so that they are all in way of ethical and alignment with their professional code of conduct. They will be developing process which helps them to make their project with use of expertise knowledge and guiding through completion of project.

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    According to the view of Pieterse, Van Knippenberg and Stam, (2010) ambidexterity means balancing of work within organisation in combination of improved productivity and including innovation into working. There will be many points which company require to consider at this time like resources that will be required, machinery used, type of training and motivation required and management. there will always be problem when company is adopting both these exploration and exploitation as if the worker is working at long hours then he could not ensure efficiency in his work. As per Zhou, Fang and Hua, (2018) exploitation includes training, development, motivation, selection and choice of production of all employees. While on other hand Tai, Wang and Yeh, (2018) included that exploration means research of something which help company to improve their use of machinery and technology like creativity, innovation and risk taking.

    It is rather included that exploitation will only help company in its short term benefits in way of sacrificing the long term performance. Moreover this is only when Match Box Architect is not able to adapt all changes and modifications which its market environment is having. They are in making efforts of improving efficiency of producing design which is exploring and selling their products and service which is exploiting. As per the view of Uhl-Bien and Arena, (2018) it is required that company is focusing on both these terms of explore and exploit which is the requirement of market. As if they are having excessive focus on exploration which is that on innovation company will not be able to look above their workers.

    This means that organisation is only working upon its innovation and not on how to improve quality of worker which lowers down their performance. But then there is argument which is put forward by Garaus, Link and Müller, (2016) that there is one major basic issue which company will face is that of how to lower down cost, improve efficiency of workers along with incorporating innovation into work. Within the concept of ambidexterity which is considered combination of exploitation and exploration requires differentiated structure, capabilities, culture and strategy all these will impact performance of firm and that of individuals as well.

    There are many research on this topic of ambidexterity within business which includes at various different levels of organisation like that of structure, operation, leadership, firm performance and information system. This includes that how resources of organisation will be used in process of ambidexterity which means balancing both creativity with more efficient work of employees.

    Ambidexterity in operations

    In context with Huang, Baptista and Newell, (2015) it could be said that all sectors and industries need to work into such an environment that help them to delivery best form of goods and service to their customers but this is not at all possible without improving efficiency of their operations. For the way of operating within competitive environment company is having its major resource with help of which they could achieve their ambidexterity of operations. These resources involves like that of intellectual capital which are like that of human, organisational and social capital.

    So in way of ambidexterity in operations would identify the structure of company means that performing all function with standardising quality of innovations as well. From the point of view of Hsu, Li and Sun, (2017) it is said that all groups or teams working within organisations are allocated with resources like that of human and capital which is very much appropriate in exploratory activities. All companies will be able to identify their exploration and exploiting activities so that performance could be improved.

    Ambidexterity in leadership

    As per the view of Donate and de Pablo, (2015) at individual level which is laying its stress on role, responsibility, leadership behaviour and attributes or combination of all these is called to as efficiency in proper handling of people. This will help leaders of company to focus on type of leadership they are undertaking like completion of all task or activity on time with improvising relationship and knowing importance of social aspect. According to Meglio, King and Risberg, (2015) leadership is the emerging aspect in view of ambidexterity and is also contribute into working of organisation as well. Thus if there is leadership within the company this will especially draw attention onto both exploratory and exploitative activities of individual employee and that of whole organisation. In the view of Turner, Maylor and Swart, (2015) ambidexterity is that capability of top management which acts as leaders to be able to adapt learning through identifying the assets of company and then adapt the changing environment as well.

    In addition to this it is included by Baškarada, Watson and Cromarty, (2016) that transformational form of leadership will always be positively related to ambidexterity. This shows that performance of leaders and managers within cross functional section and their decision making activity will also be positively related to ambidexterity. There are mainly noted about 4 behaviour of leaders in way of their ambidextrous including that of multitasking, taking more initiative which are not part of their job roles, more looking up for internal linkage which is into company only and cooperative behaviour as well.

    It was laid down that Trong Tuan, (2017) recently many other researchers lay their stress on how leaders are acting in ambidextrously in way of achieving organisational ambidexterity. In this way top level management is playing important role in integrating and mobilisation of all activities which will maintain balance between exploitation and exploration. As explained by Kortmann, (2015) this means that management is fostering behaviour of exploitative and explorative so that they could reduce risk and increase switching up of all individuals.

    Transformation type of leaders who believe that change and modification into company and innovation is very important with help of which they are able to achieve their aims and objectives. Aslam, Roscoe and Azhar, (2018) pointed out that this type of leadership encourage thinking out of the box which means that there will be assumptions based on situations and information sharing is must. So this type of leadership mostly encourages ambidexterity within context of business so that they could utilise the resources interpreted by García-Granero, Fernández-Mesa and Vega-Jurado, (2017). If the leaders are ambidextrous then he would be able to change their working or style of leadership which is currently used with any other type which is mostly based on situation.

    Ambidexterity in information system

    There are various parts of a company where ambidexterity is very much important and essential laying down that it enhance the working of individual and use of innovation within firm as well. As pointed out by Kortmann, (2015) different subsections like that of task, cultures and individuals need to be consistent in their working and performance. As this exploration is mainly into hands of Research & Development part who will be responsible for proper exploring the market and inculcating various form of technologies and innovation within company. They will also be responsible for information system which means that ambidexterity is maintained with effective communication and exploiting the performance of individual employees. The information system of the company will enable them to balance all work effectively with the use of better technology and innovation.

    The information system within the organisation will consider various parts which enable individual and group of people to ensure that they are balancing their task with complete efficiency and use of latest technology. As per the viewpoint of Ojha, Acharya and Cooper, (2018) ambidexterity play important role as this help company to overtake exploration with exploitation.

    The underlined subcomponents into this will include that of human capital which is the skills of employees or workers, social capital that is network of relationship and organisational capital includes knowledge that is circulating within structure of company. So there involves ambidexterity of all these components meaning that there is very well balance of exploitative and exploratory element within each of them. According to the view of García-Granero, Fernández-Mesa and Vega-Jurado, (2017), it could be included that human could be specialist with use of technical expertise and their skills that help them to grow in organisation. While on other hand it could be included that social capital needs to use variety of networks outside and within company which will allow them to establish stronger team. Then at last organisational capital will include that of skills and expertise so that it could be able to flow throughout company in cooperative manner as included by Carter, (2015).

    All the various kinds of review which is undertaken in this context at different organisational level including that of individual, group and company classify these subcomponents. It was noted out that marketing agency which are working as per planned for long time frame manner is very much important for meeting the ability of success of organisation. In view of Carter, (2015) organisational ambidexterity is defined to as ability of company to align with efficiently within current business demand in today’s world which is adaptive as well.

    Exploration will called to as searching, risk taken, discovery and experiments while the exploitation is that of improving production and selection of task. For company it is very much required that they are considering balance or mix of both these components as if they are not having these then ambidexterity will not be able to attained. Risk taking is another task or important activity within this context which includes that if company is not able to make something creative and innovative then they will not be able to achieve the market goal of expansion or stability.

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    Many of the scholars and authors in this context of ambidexterity included that big and larger organisation would not simply be able to explore new areas of efficiency. As they all need to contribute into their success with help of historical data, future opportunities and business activities which is done by them according to Carter, (2015). So there are lot of things that is undertaken by company which make it quite difficult to include capital model for the exploratory requirements. This means that R&D and information system require huge sum of capital for all type of company which make it hard for organisation to balance their exploratory and exploitation.

    Furthermore it was also included by Kortmann, (2015) that selecting, recruiting and giving training to personal or employees is also another tougher job for company. For this simple solution is recruiting highly qualified with experienced workers which are help organisation in lowering down their cost, time and efforts. But bringing together both the things expertise with innovation and latest form of technology is not easy task for any company whether it is big or small. So Trong Tuan, (2017) concluded that ambidexterity in Match Box Architects with the perspective of leadership, operations and information system need to be highlighted. This will allow company to include innovation and creativity within company thus to succeed within market. Cross functional teams into firm also invite the innovation and breaking through the achievement with the exploitation of workers. All the complete or high performing firms will be sustaining through continually exploiting and exploring their market environment with the business innovation and use of the latest technology as well.

    The aims for identifying all type of mechanisms from across the multiple organisational levels which are and must support ambidexterity to larger extent. While on other hand it included that Donate and de Pablo, (2015) ambidexterity is also somewhere negative impact on employees receiving their rewards within being into organisation. This will based on their reward system and evaluation in way of completing their daily task so that all employees are confirming to standardisation of all procedures. So company could undertake the innovation within their reward system in renovating the existing one so that employees are then able to concentrate on completing their routine task

    According to the view Huang, Baptista and Newell, (2015) there are certain level of problems which are linked with this ambidexterity which is focus on role of leaders, teams and social context of organisational ambidexterity. For company it is very much required that they are all using absorptive capacity of company that ability of company to acquire and transform the knowledge of operational environment.

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    From the above research report it could be concluded that ambidexterity is that ability of person who is able to do their daily work with both left and right hand most effectively. From the point of view of operations and business, ambidexterity means that a company is able to align its expertise, skills and knowledge with innovation. This means that management is having a balance between exploitation which is efficient productivity that of exploration that is linked with creativity and innovation in this competitive advantage which is not achieved within all types of practice. It was also concluded that ambidexterity into exploitation and exploration is very much essential as this will be helping in developing competitive advantage of company which is not so easily achieved within practice of all companies.


    Need to balance exploitation and exploration- it is very much recommended that for the company it is required to balance its creativity and efficient productivity. This will be helping company to further grow in market so that they could be able to develop competitive advantage. For all companies, it is very much important that they are including all-important types of practice and balance their activities.

    Training and development- It is also important that the company is giving training and developing all their employees which will be helping them to improve productivity and gain competitive advantage as well. So this is also one of the recommendation that company is providing training to its employees are becoming effective and working ef

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