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    M/508/8849 (Rcf) Size And Scope Of Industry - Service On A Plate

    University: Icon College of Management and Technology

    • Unit No: 8
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 9 / Words 2338
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: M/508/8849 (RCF)
    • Downloads: 623


    The industry of conference and banqueting is one the biggest growing domain. In modern era, public and multinational companies conduct some events, for that aim they also recruit some of experts within same sector (Bladen and et. al., 2012). In this, it is a process in which particular people create an event at a large scale for example activities of meetings and conferences. In the halls of the banquet, organizers of events use the aspects attractive for making a successful project. In this report service on a plate, the organization is giving the services of catering for events like as banqueting as well as conferencing along with that also having contractors of local areas with biggest companies. In this assignment, the scope, and size of the industry of conferencing and banqueting within UK and its factors which gave impact on its development. Food and beverages serving ways in conferencing.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Size and scope of conference and banqueting industry in United Kingdom

    The scope and size of the banquet as well as conferencing industry is an essential element for attracting investors. So, they invest in the Service on a Plate industry of banqueting and conference. It mainly depends on certain factors like styles of ownership within the industry, its orientation, and level of service given by them. This conference business gives the large conference and facility of the seminar. On another side, the banqueting business gives space of meeting and facility of food for the people who are attending the seminar.

    UK is one of biggest economically developing nation. It is mainly strong in economically as well as this nation is conducting a world biggest conferences. Along with that they are having lots of scope for this industry in their nation. In this domain it is one of biggest emerging sector within UK (Bouchon, Hussain and Konar, 2017). Scope of the industry is mainly depend on support of other associated industries like as bar, restaurant and many more. Through accomplishing the research on the industry of conference and banqueting within UK. They analysed that approx 46000 hotels as well as houses for guest are their in United Kingdom. In this business, they nearly cover properties approx 130000 along with that 1.5 million persons are included in this property. Therefore, UK is having a great opportunities in this domain due to it is specialized within this sector.

    Size of this industry is conference as well as banqueting is mainly defined as a small, medium and large (Deng, 2012). Its size are also divided as per guest attending the seminar at a time, number of banqueting and conference occur within a span of time and square size of business. Therefore, in the term of UK they had conducted a small size conference and they analysed that approx 500 peoples had attended their conference. In this medium level of conference, approx 600-1000 peoples are attending along with that it last for 2-3 days at least. In large sized, there are approx 3000 to 4000 persons are attending conference and it continuous for 4 to 5 days at least.

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    1.2 Analysing factors that impact on its development

    Their are various factors which is having a strong impact on developing the industry. All these factors should be considered in the context of emerging business. Some of factors that gave impact on its development are given below:

    • Political factors: It is an most essential problem for accomplishing a industry. If the condition of political is unstable, then industry will not able to conduct a conference. In this, it will rise the fear of attending a conference in the persons mind as well as cost of important goods will also enhance (Stephenson, 2014). Modifying in the policies of government will impact on business growth. Hence, condition of political is stable within UK so it will be easy to develop industry of conference as well as banqueting.
    • Economic factors: Economical situation as well as rate of GDP is an important factor for increasing any kind of industry within nation. Tax and interest rate consists this factor to increase or decrease their industry. Government of UK is spending, rate of exchange and situation of European and global economic will impact this domain. Hence, United Kingdom is having a better position in inflation rate, employment rate, GDP which will be easy of the industry.
    • Social factors: Behaviour of consumer means a lot in the sector of conference and banqueting. Their customs as well as beliefs gave impact on industry. Modifying in their attitudes will influence on business. It can be negative or positive so any business can act as per their traditions and norms of United Kingdom. Consumers perceptions, behaviour, expectations and its actions are analysed by environment as well as social norms.
    • Technological factors: In modern era, every company can comparatively get success by adopting latest technology. Continuously changing within technology can impact on the sector of conference and banqueting. Technology is improving on regular basis as well as latest technology is taking place by removing old once. Therefore, this sector have to make adjustment in their operational functions with the modified technology for enhancing service quality as well as increasing profits by reducing cost.
    • Environment factors: This components gave influence on the industry of banqueting and conference. Persons are very much concern about the problems of environment. Green enterprise is developing as a theme of new industry. Persons is using those services which gave lower level of harm to their environment.
    • Legal factors:In this factor there are various legal laws which they have to consider in their business like as quality of food, healthy environment and many more. It gave impact on banqueting as well as conference industry but UK is following all the laws properly, so, it will be very easy to operate the business (Roy and Pyne, 2011).

    TASK 2

    2.1 Key operational and strategic problems for managing events properly

    Their are various problems of operational and strategic which are occurred at a time of making as well as managing a events in an systematic manner. In current times, United Kingdom GDP as well as income rate is raising on regular basis. Therefore, industry of conference and banqueting is becoming a third biggest operating domain. But they are facing various problems regarding administrative, managerial and operational which are given below:

    • Standards of legal laws and government: Enterprise problems can raise if they will not follow all the laws effectively. These aspects can decline the potential of working operations as well as activities in an negative way.
    • Lack of experiences manager: It gave a high influence on success as well as growth of banqueting and conference business. If they are not having effective experience then she or he will not able to conduct a event in an effective way (Rogers, 2013).
    • Event scope: Their are some advantages and disadvantages of organising an event which gave impact on its working functions. If event scope is wide then service on a plate companies managers have to take effective decisions for performing in an proper way. Sometimes it become difficult to manage all the tasks effectively as well as take a proper decisions for achieving the objectives of performance.
    • Trends: In current times, it is very much typical to achieve the trends of market, because of changing environment, user wants and needs these are taking change on continuous basis. In this context, management of banqueting and conference industry they have to make some steps as well as they have to combine them with previews trends of marketing.
    • Menu planning: Designing as well as creating a menu is also a main issue for the programme of events management. It consists its nature, peoples wants and needs etc. In this, sometimes events menu are not effectively designed according to buyers prefrence which will impact their desires negatively. Its outcomes, buyers will not prefer to book the hall again for their events (Kitchin, 2011).
    • Time: An imperative or proper planning of event management need proper framework of time. Sometimes persons book their event place instantly, it create a situation which is unmanageable for the organiser of event. Besides this, some of large events take lots of time as well as it gave negative influence on its operations and sector also.
    • Price: It is an main part for every business as it harm the all over development as well as success of the industry in an adversely way. In this, there are various costs are incurred for accomplishing events. Service on a plate company manager require to analyse all prices properly along with that make a plan of event management.

    All these problems are raised by some errors as well as mistakes within the process of production. It gave impact on productivity and growth of service on a plate organisation. In this, managers of HR need to recruit a qualifies and talented workers for improving efficiency within a working environment for achieving good outcomes.

    2.2 Quality and performance techniques used in industry of conference and banqueting

    In the term of conference and banqueting industry, it is important for management to keep on auditing and monitoring of hygiene, safety and food quality so as to provide a healthy goods to their users (Pavloviġ, 2014). In service on a plate organisation, when they are providing services to persons according to their promises as well as following all the standards effectively. Then all strategic and operational problems can be decline in an proper way as well as company can easily meet their objectives and goals. For this aim, the industry should have encouraged and inspired leadership at a level of senior due to this peoples are able to instruct other managers who are working under them.

    In this, it is also needed a fair applying of conference for that management require to take a active staff members who will support for their betterment within this sector i.e. service on a plate. In this, managers have to take effective customers feedbacks as well as reviews for improving the employees performance. They require to give them effective sessions of training and development as well as it affect on making a evaluation. Hiring an expert who will provide guidance to all employees for their project work (Li and et. al., 2013).

    Service on a plate company have to make certain practices, set standards, procedures and policies for regulating of all administrative and operational activities in an legal way. Additionally, increasing of numbers of buyers regularly by making attractive options of sales and facilities as well.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Range of food manufacturing system and style of foods and beverages services

    Food manufacturing system

    There are several numbers of food-producing methods as well as systems that are available like as:

    • Moist-gest cooking method
    • Dry-heat cooking method
    • Conventional approach
    • Traditional approach
    • Cook-freeze manufacturing method
    • Cook-chill manufacturing approach

    These are various methods of manufacturing food but banqueting industry will choose their own method of producing food as per their menu they will choose for a provided meeting or conference (Marais, Plessis and Saayman, 2017).

    Food manufacturing service style

    Their are various services of food as well as beverages styles are also existing like as:

    • Buffet service style
    • Russian services style
    • English service style
    • French services style and many more

    Above are the kinds of services styles of food and beverages which is selected by the industry for a given meeting. It mainly depends on conference size, type, number of participates, guest profiles and many more. These factors will impact at a time of selecting a food service style for a meeting or conference.

    Service on a plating company select English service style for their conference because the organizer has to serve their guest pre-plated food. In this, there are huge numbers of guests attending seminar which will be easily served pre-plated food. It saves the cost and time of the total meeting or conference.

    ( 3.2, 3.3, and 4.1 are Covered in PPT)

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    As per the above report, it has been concluded that the industry of conference and banqueting play the main role in business development and growth as well. It also describes some main problems which are in the plan of event management like marketing, quality, financial, time, price, etc. In these terms, it is important for every manager of events to find out their problems as well as make effective solutions. Various techniques, as well as tools, can be used to review the event's effectiveness. They are having several ergonomics which are considered for given events of conference and banqueting industry.


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    • Deng, Y., 2012. Shaping mega-event flagships: a case study of Expo Center of Expo 2010 Shanghai, China. Facilities. 30(13/14). pp.590-610.
    • Kitchin, P., 2011. Planning and managing the stadium experience. Managing Sport Business: An Introduction.pp.350-66.

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