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    Digital Technology Help and Consumer Experience for Dockland Academy

    University: Griffith University

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 5 / Words 1140
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: BUSI 2113
    • Downloads: 457
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Investigate about the impact of digital technology in customer relationship management.
    • Implement effective customer experience management within a service sector business to maximise customer engagement.
    • Dockland Academy is a higher education institution. Demonstration of delivering customer services.
    • Evaluation of how digital technology is used in Dockland Academy


    Answer :


    In the present marketplace, it is very important for an organisation to manage the experience of customers so that company will be able to maintain their sustainability for a longer period of time. In the present report, Dockland Academy is chosen as the base company along with their partner restaurant Hazev so that they will organise an international food event (Ali and et. al., 2018). This is the report which includes various sections where discussion is made on how effectively with the help of digital technology positive and good customer experience will be developed. In addition to this, different types of customer strategies are going to developed which will improve the sales of organisation. 

    TASK 1

    P1 Examine how Digital Technology help in managing Consumer Experience

    It is very important for an organisation to use digital technology in order to produce innovative goods and services so that they can maintain their sustainability. In the present context of hospitality sector where ample number of organisation perform their business functions such as Dockland Academy so that they gain competitive advantage. There are ample number of CRM system which are present at the marketplace are as follows:

    • Zoho CRM: It is the kind of CRM System, which generally assist the hospitality sector in order to gain insights about concerns as well as it will also assist in developing sales related procedure. This as a result grow the business organisation in an effective manner. This is the type which is used by various organisation in order to examine difficult situation. Apart from this, it will assist Dockland Academy in order to perform their ample number of business functions in an effective way.
    • HubSpot CRM: It is the another most essential type of CRM system which is mainly developed for hospitality sector in which inbound marketing, content management, are generally performed (Cetin and Dincer, 2014). Apart from this, Chatbot is a technology which is mainly concerned as an innovative technology used to interact with consumer with the help of email, messages, websites & so on. With the help of this, customers get proper direction and guidelines as well as solve their issues within given time frame.

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    TASK 2

    P2 Elaboration of customer service strategies

    Each and every business organisation formulate various strategies in order to serve consumers high quality goods and attain their goals and objectives. With the help of developing such strategies company will be able to retain their customers for a longer period of time. In the present case of hospitality sector, the top management department of the company enhance their sales with the help of various services (Goodman, 2019). Some of the most essential customer service strategies are going to be discussed as follows:

    Training and development sessions: One of the prime feature is that it assist in examining the basic requirements of consumers and on the basis of which training session is given to the staff members (9 Characteristics of Top Employee Training Programs, 2019). It is very important for Dockland Academy that they must provide effective training sessions to the employees in order to improve their skills and efficiency. This will assist in enhancing the performance as well as productivity of the staff members which leads towards the development of positive image of the company.

    Improvement of emotional intelligence: It is said that this is another most essential strategy which is used by organisation in order to influence large number of customers. This is the factor which includes various features such as it assist in improving the thinking ability of the employees. In the present case of hospitality sector or Dockland Academy, this is the type of management system which make sure that all the communication between the staff members will be in defined and authentic manner (Homburg, Jozić and Kuehnl, 2017). In addition to this, issues might be solved within given time frame faced by customers will help in developing positive brand image. 

    P3 Customer service strategies builds & develop customer experience

    Generally each and every service strategy related to customers are formulated by the staff members by considering digital technology. It includes effective training programme as well as emotional intelligence associated programmes. With the help of digital technologies a company can effectively manage experience of their customer. In context of Dockland Academy, it has been said that managers of the company examine the market so that they can analyse the need and preferences of consumers in order to offer food items according to their requirements (Hwang and Seo, 2016). 

    T&D sessions: One of the most effective strategy used by Dockland Academy is training and development session. With the help of this strategy organisation will be able to retain their loyal staff members by producing high quality goods and services with the help of training sessions. Apart from this, it has been said that top management team of the company examine, check as well as monitor the activities performed by the employees with a set standard. This will help in identifying the gap between current and desired skills and develop training and development sessions accordingly.

    Educate & Aware employees: It is considered as one of the most important element which helps an organisation in order to gain success at the competitive marketplace with the help of their staff members. It is very important for the managers of the company to communicate and create awareness about the operations so that employees will be able to perform their task in an effective manner (Jain, Aagja and Bagdare, 2017). In the present context of Dockland Academy, with the help of this strategy, workers generate interest towards the task as well as activities which influences the overall profitability of the company. 


    As per the above mentioned, it has been said that it is very important for an organisation to maintain the experience of customer so that they can maintain their long term sustainability. By considering various customer strategies and policies such as T&D sessions which is given to the employees in order to develop effectiveness and efficiency of staff members.

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