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    Digital Technology for Management of Customer Service and Experience | Hazev Restaurant

    University: Docklands Academy

    • Unit No: 2
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 4 / Words 1056
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: MFB402
    • Downloads: 271
    Question :

    Learning Outcomes

    LO3 Examine the impact of digital technology in customer relationship management 

    LO4 Use effective customer experience management within a service sector business to enhance customer engagement.

    Brief and Scenario:

    You are needed to analyse how digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within a Hazev restaurant. The answer must include the strength and weaknesses of some customer relationship management system.

    Finlay, Dockland Academy of London will be delivering an international food event for the student and other staffs through its partner restaurant Hazev. You are required to support Academy by planning and promoting the event and making some dishes or drinks to serve customers. You re also required to provide a menu with some attractive material for the event. During the event, you should provide appropriate customer service strategies.  After that, you need to analyse the event and make valid recommendations to improve the quality of the customer experience.  

    Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria




    LO3 Examine the impact of digital technology in customer relationship management 

    D3 Critically analyse the advantages and disadvantages of CRM systems used in service sector businesses fro acquisition and retaining of customers.

    P5 Analyse how digital technology is employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector providing specific examples of customer relationship management systems.

    M3 Analyse how digital technologies employed in managing the customer experience within the service sector are changing CRM systems to effectively require and retain customers

    LO4 Use effective customer experience management within a service sector business to enhance customer engagement.

    D4 Explain the delivery of customer service strategies and communication, justifying and making valid recommendations for improvement for developing a quality customer experience.

    P6 Provide customer service strategies in a specific service sector context.

    P7 Discuss how customer service strategies create and develop the customer experience in a way that meets the needs of the customer and required business standards

    M4 Examine the application of customer service strategies of a specific service sector organisation in creating the customer experience and make recommendations for improvement.

    Answer :


    Management of customer experiences is a crucial task that needs to be performed by each and every corporation in an effective manner. For this purpose, different types of plans and technologies are taken into use. The present project is based on Hazev Restaurant which is regarded to be one of the best Turkish restaurants of London. This enterprise is engaged in provision of a wide array of tastes related to conventional Anatolian Cuisine. The project consists of usage of digital technology for management of customer experience along with the customer service strategies to enhance the experiences driven by clientele.

    LO 3

    P5. Use of digital technology in management of customer experience

    Customer Relationship Management can be referred to as the process by which companies seek to manage their interaction taking place with customers in market. For this purpose, a number of technologies are now being used by firms across the globe. By employing digital technologies, companies are able to inflate the experiences driven by clientele. Thus, it can be acknowledged that digital technology has a massive impact over the management of customer experiences. Through this, determining the past purchases of customers and gaining knowledge of consumer purchase behaviour becomes quite easy for organisations.

    With respect to Hazev Restaurant, it is acknowledged that their customer relationship management is executed via the usage of software. This software is developed with the help of automation. This provides aid to the respective restaurant in maintaining healthy relationship with clientele without any extensive investment. This software capitalises upon optimisation of enquiries and customer grievances in an effective manner. As a whole, this aids the firm in having strong and effective interaction with people online. This enhances the overall experience gained by customers.

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    LO 4

    P6. Customer service strategies in relation to a certain service sector

    It is of immense significance for each and every organisation to apply effective customer service strategies so as to serve the customers in an effective way. With respect to this, it is analysed that such strategies would provide aid to firm in deriving high satisfaction from them. This will enable Hazev Restaurant to ensure its sustainability within market place for a long period of time. There are several strategies that are employed by the respective restaurant in this regard. However, the most effective and crucial ones are discussed in a detailed manner as follows:-

    Training: This is considered as one of the most crucial customer service strategies that are employed by almost each and every firm operating within any corporate sector. This strategy emphasizes upon the employees as they are the ones who are actually engaged in providing high quality services to people. It is the executives of Hazev Restaurant who come into contact with customers in order to serve them in a better manner. Training becomes essential in order to acquaint the employees with the standards and demeanour which is required to be maintained at the time of dealing with the customers. Training sessions enhance the existing level of skills and knowledge of staff and thereby provide assistance to them in catering to the needs, demands and preferences of clientele. This raises the goodwill and market share of firm.

    Infrastructural Development: This is yet another effective customer service strategy which is employed by firms with a view to engage customers effectually and serve them in a better manner. Infrastructure includes the equipments used in food operation management and beverage production, technologies, knowledge, organisational capabilities etc. By capitalising upon the infrastructural development, the management of Hazev Restaurant seeks to gain the attention of a large number of consumers. When customers feel that they are getting service as per their demand, they derive high satisfaction from them. This makes them exhibit loyalty towards Hazev Restaurant and spreading awareness about the company via word of mouth publicity. This raises the sales as well as profits of enterprise.

    P7. Customer service strategies create and develop experience for accomplishment of needs

    There are several ways through which customer service strategies appropriately create as well as develop experiences of customers which accomplish their needs alongside required business standards. This is explained in a detailed manner as below:-

    Training of Employees: Hazev Restaurant is quite aware of the need to provide development opportunities to employees so that they can serve the customers in an effective manner. Thus, the management of this hospitality organisation conducts training and development sessions at regular intervals of time. This enables the employees to inflate their existing level of skills and knowledge. When they are competent to meet the needs of customers, they are able to serve guests in a better manner. Thus, this strategy create and develop experiences for accomplishment of customer needs through engaging them with knowledgeable and educated employees who could assist them in a better manner.

    Infrastructural Development: Hazev Restaurant is a well renowned restaurant which is known for developing its infrastructure according to time and changing business environment. Customers only have to update their mobile applications to acquire better and more appropriate services. Moreover, they perceive ease, convenience and enhanced service quality in digital services, which the firm could optimally ensure through developing its infrastructure.


    On the basis of above discussion, it can be said that management of customer experience is a key procedure for companies as it aimed at ensuring the stipulation of quality services to people and consequently the attainment of extensive satisfaction from them. In addition to this, it is important for firms to take into use a number of digital technologies prevailing in market to appeal to customers in an effective manner. This enables companies to build strong connect with customers and thereby influence them to experience the offerings of company.

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