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    Food Operations Management


    Food operations management is the process of controlling and assessing all the delivery related activities that are performed by an organisation who is executing business under food and beverage sector. For all the restaurants, hotels, pubs, motels and bars it is very essential to supply good quality food items to the customers so that business can score a high level growth. The business entity which is taken for this report is Imperial Hotel which is established in Bloomsbury, London, UK and founded in year 1905, designed by Charles Fitzory Doll.

    This assignment covers various topics such as responsibilities of facilities manager for staff engagement in facilities operations and in context if the operational aspects of building, responsibilities of manager toward customers and impact of employer and funding agencies on facilities operations. Assessment of statutory regulations, health, safety, business environment measures, different documents that are required to account for compliance with statutory regulations, development of effective system to process information and effective facilities operations are also covered under this report. Along with this evaluation and review of procedures of quality and effectiveness of faculties operations are discussed in this project.

    TASK 1

    1.1 Assessment of the responsibilities of the facilities manager for staff engagement

    Facilities manager: 

    the person who is responsible to make sure that organisations and its services meet the requirements of customers so that profits for the future can be enhanced. In Imperial Hotel all the managers work to assure that the environment of the hotel is good so that visitors may spend their quality time there. Facilities manager of the organisation contributes in maintaining responsibility with largest and most valuable assets such as building, property, equipment and other elements of operation.

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    Levels of facilities management: 

    There are two different types of levels of facilities management that are implemented in Imperial Hotel. Both are as follows:

    • First level:In this step all the departments are directed to work effectively and impact of decisions that are taken by functional departments is analysed in order to render good services to the customers.
    • Second level:In this stage facility management is carried out for employees in which they are allotted specific tasks so that their skilled and abilities can be measured.

    Roles and responsibilities of a facilities manager:

    • Main role of facility manager of Imperial Hotel is to make sure that all the basic requirements of employees and the organisations are fulfilled by the decisions that are taken by the top authority.
    • Another responsibility of the manager is to oversee and agree on the contracts that are related to catering, parking, security and cleaning of the hotel.

    HR roles including legal issues in HR functions:

    • HR of Imperial Hotel is responsible for workforce planning and employments that includes selecting, recruiting etc.
    • Overall performance of hotel staff is measured by the HR compensation can be provided accordingly.
    • Confidentiality is the main responsibility of HR and also a legal issue because if the managers are not able to keep the information confidential than strict action can be taken against them.
    • Another issue is workforce rights and implications. When the organisation does not provide security and their basic rights to the employees than they are free to sue the hotel.

    1.2 Responsibilities of facilities manager in context of the operational aspect of the operational aspect

    Facilities manager play vital roles in the appropriate execution of the operational activities. All of them are discussed underneath:

    Accessibility of the building: 

    Facility manager of Imperial Hotel is responsible to analyse that the location of the hotel is easy to access by the clients so that they can reach there easily.

    Maintenance and repair: 

    Timely maintenance and repair is the main requirement hotel. Facility manager of Imperial Hotel has a responsibility of identifying the areas of the organisation where proper repair is required. It can help the customers to get a good experience at the hotel.

    Mechanical and electrical systems: 

    Facility manager in the hotel is liable to assess that mechanical and electrical system of the organisation is appropriate so that customers may not have to face any issue regarding failed air conditioner and lift.


    Trend and taste of customers changes with time. Facility manager of the organisation has a responsibility to refurbish the hotel according to their requirement so that large number of visitors can be attracted.

    Security of the building: 

    It is the main requirement of all the visitors to spend their time at such place which is highly secure. Facility manager of Imperial Hotel is responsible to check and be sure about the security of hotel.

    1.3 Responsibilities of the facilities manger has toward customer's who are using the facilities

    Facilities manager of all the food and beverage organisations is have various responsibilities. It is essential to fulfil all of them so that overall profitability of the business entity can be increased. Following are the roles of facility manage toward the customers:

    Identifying customer's needs: 

    Facility manager of Imperial Hotel is liable to identify the needs of customers so that all of their requirements can be fulfilled to increase their satisfaction level. For example, if the customers are willing to have good quality food or modified room services like swipe less cards etc. then the manager need to identify them and make improvements in hotel's services.

    Importance of good service delivery: 

    For the manager it is essential to analyse importance of rendering best quality services to the customers so that organisation's profitability and revenues can be enhanced.

    Customer care and its skills:

     Facility manager of Imperial Hotel is responsible to identify the value of customer care and its skills so that all the issues and queries of them can be resolved. It is essential to increase satisfaction level of visitors.

    Customer service and retention:

    Both the elements are interrelated with each other and facility manager of the hotel is responsible to analyse that good services are delivered to the customers. It can help to retain the visitors hence the manager should assure about the quality of the services in order to hold all the existing customers and attract prospects.

    1.4 Impact of employers and funding agencies in facilities operations

    Facilities manager of all the business entities is responsible to analyse that all the operations are executed or not and make appropriate strategies of that business goals can be achieved. Role of the manager in public and private sector is described below:


    Public Sector

    Private sector

    Profit maximisation

    In public sector hotels such as Hilton the facility manager is not concerned with profits because they are mainly concerned with wellness of society.

    In Private sector organisations such as Imperial Hotel the facility managers are focused with profit maximisation and they make strategies to fulfil this goal.

    Customer satisfaction

    As Hilton is a public sector organisation and the facility manager of the hotel are responsible to make sure that customers are highly satisfied so that their retention rate can be increased.

    Facility manager in private sectors are also concerned with customer satisfactions but it is low as compare to public sector because their main goal is to enhance their profits.

    Impact of the roles on both the organisations is positive because facilities managers always try to make strategies so that business objectives can be achieved.

    Role of facility manager in Ownership and Leased and financial management:



    Leased and Financial management

    Formulation of appropriate records

    In Ownership facility manager form all the records but all of them are not formulated strictly because there are not investors who may ask questions regarding the organisation's performance.

    In leased businesses the facilities managers are responsible to make sure that their accounts are formulated appropriately or not because all of them are presented in form of investors.

    Mobilisation of resources

     In Ownership funds are freely mobilised by the facility manager.

    In leased business facilities managers are responsible to take permission from top executives to mobilise funds.

    If the responsibilities are not fulfilled by the facilities managers than it may result negatively for the organisations.

    TASK 2

    2.1 Statutory regulations affecting facilities operations in UK hospitality industries

    Various rules and regulations are imposed by the local government of UK for all the business entities who are operating business under hospitality industry. It is very important for all the organisations including Imperial Hotel to follow all of them in order to operate business appropriately. All the statutory regulations are as follows:

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    Food safety act 1990: 

    This act will affect the facilities operations of the Imperial Hotel if the manager are not able to follow the rule of food safety. It directs the organisations to ignore artificial substance while preparing food items.

    Food standards act 1999:

    The main goal of this act is to establish a standard food agency and if Imperial Hotel will not give preference to the food standardization than the operations will be affected and strict actions can be taken by the government. To ignore the impact the managers needs to follow all the regulations in appropriate manner.

    Employment and labour law 2018:

     According to this act the organisations are required to provide basic rights to all the employees so that they can perform all the tasks appropriately. The facilities operations will get affected due to this act when workforce is not having their rights and they refuse to work for the organisation.

    2.2 Health, safety and environmental measures that are required to be implemented within a hotel

    Facilities managers of the organisations executing business under hospitality industry are required to follow the health, safety and environmental measures so that their customers may get good quality service and food items. All of them are described below:

    Health measures:

    • All the hotels like Imperial are suggested to supply good quality and healthy food items to the visitors.
    • It is very important for the facility manager to assess that any artificial substances are not used by the hotel staff while cooking food.

    Safety measures:

    • The facility manager of the hotel should check that there is a fire exit in the organisation for the visitors to assure their safety.
    • Facility manager needs to implement a system in the hotel that can check that the visitors who are visiting do not have any criminal record.

    Environmental measures:

    • It is essential for the facility manager of Imperial to implement an eco-friendly cooking system that does not harm the nature with its Fogg.
    • The facility manager may plan to establish a balcony garden in hotel rooms in order to provide good experience to the visitors.

    2.3 Documentation required to account for compliance with statutory regulations and health, safety and environmental measures

    For Facility manager of Imperial Hotel it is very important to keep detailed record of the organisation so that it can be presented in front of the government to provide them appropriate information of the hotel. All the documents that are required to comply with statutory requirement, health, safety and environmental measures are as follows:

    Financial reports:  

    It is required to show that organisation is paying the appropriate tax and also hired the limited number of employees who are conducting operational activities. If Imperial Hotel is not able to keep appropriate repost than it may result in interferences of legal authorities in the operations.

    Contaminating report: 

    This report is made by food inspector in which it is declared that the hotel is not using artificial material in the food preparation. It is very important for Imperial keep this reports to comply with statutory requirements, health and safety measures.

    Pesticide residues report: 

    It is also made by food inspectors that provide the information of pesticides that are used to not used by the hotel. This repost is also very important documents to comply with statutory regulations, health, safety and environment measures.

    TASK 3

    3.1 Effective system to process information and maintain communication

    Facility manager of Imperial Hotel can use management information system to process information and maintain communication within the organisation. It is explained below in details:

    Management information system: 

    It is a comprised system which is used by the organisations to record financial data so that appropriate and structured reports can be maintained. It can be used by facility manager of Imperial Hotel to process information and easily communicate it with stakeholders. It help them to analyse the statements as they are not able to study the financial statements due to lack of understanding.

    3.2 Control system which is required to effective facilities operations

    Facility manager of Imperial Hotel can use Distribution Control System in order to effectively control the facilities operations. This system is described below in details:

    Distribution control system: 

    It is a system in which a specific hierarchy is followed by the management in which all the activities are performed in appropriate manner by the managers and other staff members of hotel. In Imperial Hotel it is used to control and manage the food orders and other functions. For example if any order is received than it is taken by waiters, than it is checked by the managers then cooks are guides by the chefs to prepare the food according to the requirements of customers.

    3.3 Systems needed by facilities manager to support effective building management

    There are various system that are used by the facilities manager of Imperial Hotel in order to effectively manage the operational activities of the organisation. All of them are as follows:

    Decision support system: 

    It is the system which is used by facilities manager of Imperial to support decisions making activities so that it can be assured that all of them are going to result positively. It helps to make sure that all the judgements that are passed are relevant and help the organisation to get success.

    Supervisory control system: 

    This is used by the supervisors to control, manage and assess the activities that are performed by hotel staff in order to analyse that all of them are executed in appropriate manner or not.

    This presentation concluded that for all the organisations who are operating business under hospitality industry to follow all the statutory regulations of the government in order to successfully operate business. Various system can be used by facilities managers to effectively run operations. These system are management information system, decision support system, supervisory support system etc.

    TASK 4

    4.1 Establish appropriate criteria to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations.

    The facilities and qualities are impressive as the staff is comprises with the skilled persons and strengthen is almost sufficient and they renders best quality services to their customers accordance with their customer's wants and desires.  Besides this, the staff members of Imperial hotel, works with their full potential to render the best quality services such as clean and hygienic environment of hotel, polite talks with their customers, reduces the cases of delay in serving the orders, best quality food is prepared with the large varieties of dishes and  also renders  bar facilities to their customers according to the status of the 5 stars hotels.   

    4.2 Implement evaluation and review procedures to analyse the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations.

    Monitoring and evaluation is an major part of any quality checking procedures and must not be neglected. Key indicators and performance indicators can be monitored and the results used to determine when actions should be implemented and to monitor the success of the quality and effectiveness of facilities operations. Effective monitoring and evaluation underpin the planning cycle. Monitoring, evaluation and review process is designed to ensure that information is used to inform decision-making, make appropriate adjustments, and report to users or owner and decision makers. Without a systematic link between monitoring and quality checking, there is a risk that monitoring activities and resources will be unfertilised and discontinued.


    From the above report, it has been concluded that in every hotel there is a need of food operation management that focus to control and assess all the important activities that are performed and offered by Hotels. To properly execute different function in  Hotel there is a need of a facilities manager that is responsible to execute different activities in proper manner.


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