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    Y/508/0464 - Internal Strengths And Weakness For BT Group

    University: Icon college of technology and management

    • Unit No: 6
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2663
    • Paper Type: Assignment
    • Course Code: Y/508/0464 (RQF)
    • Downloads: 600
    Question :
    'Strategies made by manager for reaching company’s business goals is called strategic management. BT is a UK based telecommunication enterprise; it has global presence. Pestle analysis provide complete information about external macro environmental factors. Mentioning BT’s vision, mission, objectives and strategies. Development of vision and mission statement for the organisation. Identifying BT Group’s external opportunities and threats. Preparing a Competitive Profile Matrix for BT Group. Developing an External Factor Evaluation. Determining the internal strengths and weakness for BT Group. Constructing an Internal Factor Evaluation. Recommendation of long term objectives for the business and strategies to achieve them.   Development of two matrices for the organisation. Specifying the manner in which recommendation can be implemented for BT Group. '
    Answer :


    Strategic management is the formulation and implementation of the major goals and initiatives of the major goals and objectives taken by the company. It is the most essential and required for the company to make productive and essential goals and techniques. Strategic management provides the overall direction to the company by utilising the overall resources of the firm. Present study will be based on strategic management for that British telecom company will be taken into action. Further apart, this study will be cover the different models of business in order to accomplish the overall objectives of the company. It will also take the company mission, vision, objectives in order to gain competitive advantage. It will more advancing and more efficient for the company to define the company goals. Furthermore, strategic management generally focusing on long term planning and direction of the organisation. Strategic management helps to manage the things in proper systematic manner.

    1. Identify the firms existing vision, mission, objectives and strategies

    British telecom is a British multinational telecommunication holiday company with two head offices in London, United Kingdom. It has overall very wide network and expansion growth which contribute overall growth manner (Barney, J. B., 2014). It is the big and wast network company which is mostly known for its wide range of services. It also provides many services to their potential customers in order to gain their goals and objectives. Company always ensure customer values and their requirements from the company expectations.


    British telecommute main mission is that to revolves around a total dedication to the quality of services and experience our customers. BT is always adopted customer centric approach and always provides services as per the requirements of the buyers. The mission of the company is the that to grow in advanced manner (Purpose and strategy, 2016). They ensure to develop different services which creates flexibility and innovation in the business growth. Their mission is that to promote new offers or communication channel to full fill the needs of customers. BT enable to connect large population and target market growth. Mission of the company is to build new routes to market and manage profitability to developing new areas of connectivity


    BT has a vision paints a vivid picture of the future by growing new opportunity and growth. It makes new services and growth for the new development. Company will get to achieve the position of market leader Which enhance the coverall position growth. They want to become specialized logistics and transportation and related services in Australia (Ginter, 2018). Moreover, it also helps to bring new services of telecommute sector (Purpose and strategy, 2016). They earn maximum enthusiasm of buyers by providing the best productive services with the help of integrity, teamwork and innovation.


    BT goal is to deliver sustainable profitable revenue growth by promising best services with customers. They also help to enhance the best quality performance and telecommunication services. In 2015 company focused on the cost transformation to offset the declining revenues. This process helps BT to grow the business values (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). They always set the objectives on the basis of customer requirements and their comfort level. It will be more enhancing and implementing process of working. It will be more comforting and influencing process of making good services or output for the company (Purpose and strategy, 2016). The major objectives of the company is to produce sustainability growth in long term market.


    Deliver best service growth It gives new services or growth for the company enhancement. Moreover, strategy is the more influencing and productive nature of growth. Along with that it also helps to influence the other activities which makes more influencing and growth factor (Moutinho and Vargas-Sanchez, eds., 2018). There are three pillars of the BT is delivering superior customer service, transforming the costs, investing for growth. The main organisation is that to protect the major objectives and growth. The focus of the company is always is on the customer sides and their potential needs. Moreover, it will be more promising by the company side to build long term relation with the customer and their stakeholders.

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    2. Develop Vision and mission statements for the organisation

    BT telecommunication is the fastest growing company in terms of services. They make their milestones to break their own standards. It makes new advancing technologies which makes new development growth and findings (Rothaermel, 2015). In order to compete with their other competitors company requires adopting the best technique or strategy to build great advantages or growth. BT adopts follows three pillars or growth factor deliver superior customer service under this they get good experience from customers by offering them best network. Develop new services and growth which makes new development opportunity and growth factor. In order to full fill the best opportunity and growth factor. Along with that, BT communication services are very much wider and strong through customer always satisfied with the services of company. The major approach which adopted by the company is that cost transformation. BT hires the best employees and talented force to fix the needs of customers and always try to found some new strategies and growth for the development of business expansion (Slack, 2015). It makes new opportunity and growth for the company development. This major factor enhance the opportunity growth for the betterment of customer service.


    Vision is based on company objectives as organisation objectives they focus on the customer centric approach and adopt productive strategic management approach in order to meet the client future needs (Wheelen and et.al., 2017). Company should analyse the market competition and current needs of buyers, in terms of their better connectivity. It also makes the better services and growth for the organisation betterment. Their mission is that to target the goals and objectives to make another goals and objectives. Company should set their vision for growing diverse culture, vibrant, progressive which is safe and livable.


    Mission helps to take the furthermore opportunity and growth for the new development. New opportunity growth is that to promote the best possible action plan. It also set the transparency, efficiency and effective public service delivery. Furthermore, another mission of the company should be develop values and new opportunity for their team staff in terms of grabbing new opportunity growth (Rothaermel, 2015). It makes good sense of good making things. Moreover, another objective of the organisation. Mission of the company should be more productive and efficient for the company nature.

    3. (a) SWOT Analysis


    • BT has a strong base and target market goals.
    • Wide spectrum of product and services.
    • Deliver strong customer services.


    • Large dependency on UK market with limited growth of business.
    • Large pension deficit and accounting scandal


    • Tasks business expansion strategy with wide range of company services.
    • Adopt new service line and more advancing services.


    • Dynamic nature and uncertain situation.
    • Interference of government regulations and licence.


    (b) Develop Pestle analysis

    Political: Political factor determined as frequent changes in development growth. Regulations and changes gives fluctuations in the policies of company structure and further enhancement in the growth sector. Telecommunication sector is the highly influence from the changes in government policies (Wheelen and et.al., 2017). Wi-Fi internet is the most essential and required part in daily life. No one can manage their daily routine without the use of internet. Telecommunication company is the highly earning sector or most uncertain sector as well. Customers wants that government will take positive steps to acknowledge their internet facilities. Customer believes that internet is the human right which is most required and necessary. Political factors are the significant factor to analyse the factors which affect BT groups in long term manner. Before, making any decision making approach company always consider some factors such as political stability, risk military invasion, level of corruption, especially levels of organisations in telecommunication sector, intellectual property protection, favoured trading partners, taxation rates, wages legislations. They required to considered all factors before making any strategy planning.

    Economical: macro and micro environmental will affect telecommunication sector by influencing and or changing in interest rates, foreign exchange rates etc. these factors might be influence demand and supply (Rothaermel, 2015). Besides, company also would affect competition prices which may be harmful for the company growth. It makes negative influence on the development growth. Economic factors are always in dynamic in nature they keep on changing according to the situation and crises level of work.

    Social: it is the another factor which can be more impactful on the company positions. Society culture and the way of things impact of an organisation culture in an environment. This might be more influencing and impactful idea and more generating goals. Social factors are the highly influencing and more challenging factor which gives new strength or weaknesses.

    Technological: Technological factor is the fastest growing factor across the board. Transformation industry is the good example to describe services in better performance. Before making strategies company requires adopting some factors to be considered such as flexibility, leisure interest. Attitudes etc.

    Legal: it is the most essential and significant factor, legal implications relies on different working conditions country to country. Firm should carry out the strategies under the consideration of legal implications (Hill, Jones and Schilling, 2014). Such as consumer protection law, data protection, employment law, discrimination law, anti trust law in telecommunication industry.

    Environmental: different market has their different environment to be changed according to working standards which impact on the BT strategies. Each country has their own policies and set of targets. In this form working conditions should be according to the needs and wants of customers needs.

    4. Construct a Competitive Profile matrix (CPM)




    Virgin Media

    Virgin Media






















    Customer loyalty







    Financial position















    Competitive profile matrix is very much required for the company to measure the best possible action plan. On the basis of this matrix company can easily measure their competitors strength and market position. Along with that, it also makes proper implementing process of generating new profit revenue for the company benefits (Barney, J. B., 2014). According to the best sources of material this is the long term process of making the best strategic position. Besides, with the helps of this matrix company also can make the best productive strategic planning in order to compete with their competitors. Competitor analysis helps BT to make more strategic planning and productive growth factors to make more essential growth. Along with that, on the basis of analysation company needs to considered the quality and product and services of their competitors to get over the major facts.


    5. EFE Matrix

    The EFE matrix is the strategic method or tool which is utilized in order to evaluate a company's existing strategies, EFE matrix can be referred as a strategic tool used for the evaluation of macro or external environment of an organization (). It helps in determining various factors in the external environment that affects the business activities in an organisation such British Telecommunication.

    External factors

    External factors are expelled after significant examination of outside condition (). Unmistakably there are some incredible and some horrendous for the association in the outside condition. That is the reason outside parts are isolated into two classes openings and risks.


    Openings are the chances exist in the external condition, it depends firm whether the firm will abuse the openings or maybe they ignore the open entryways as a result of nonattendance of benefits.


    Threats are always despicable for the firm, the slightest number of risks in the outside condition open various doors for the firm. Most outrageous number of threats for the firm decrease their vitality in the business.

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