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    Importance of employees in enhancing the performance of firm-Walmart

    University: The University of Melbourne

    • Unit No: 4
    • Level: Post Graduate/University
    • Pages: 11 / Words 2744
    • Paper Type: Assignment
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    Employees are the primary asset for any business organization, playing a crucial role in enhancing productivity in the marketplace. It is the company's responsibility to continually motivate its workers, which boosts their morale and working capabilities. The overall success of a company largely depends on its workforce, as employees' efforts are vital for achieving the organization's goals and objectives. In today's competitive environment, businesses employ various tools and methods to encourage their workers. Understanding employees' training needs is essential for managers to ensure effective job performance, contributing to a positive brand image.

    Motivated employees are particularly valuable because they enhance the company's overall performance by executing their tasks more efficiently. Several factors contribute to motivating workers, enabling managers to maintain a positive work environment and ensure smooth operations. Recognizing and addressing employees' needs and desires can help retain them for longer periods, leading to systematic long-term benefits. For example, it is crucial for Walmart managers to motivate and encourage their employees, aiding them in comprehending their roles and responsibilities within the organization. One key advantage of employee motivation is the reduction of potential issues and improvement in performance levels. Providing proper incentives enables workers to perform their activities effectively, helping the company achieve its set goals and objectives.

    Main Body

    For attaining success, it is important for business organisation to includes skilled and capable workers within their activities. With the help of this company attain long term benefits. In this, motivation is one of the important factors through which company encourage all the workers at workplace as it contribute in attaining growth level at market place. According to Creasy and Anantatmula, 2013,without motivation workers are fails in perform their activities in effective manner. This will negatively impact on its performance level. Thus, it is vital for manager of company to motivate their workers to accomplishing competitive place in market. Overall success of the firm is highly depend on its workers. So that company have to provide motivation to their employees to enhance their skills and knowledge towards company activities. As motivation is one of the crucial factor which which create positive work environment at workplace as it helps in encouraging employees morale at workplace. With the help of this employees of Walmart easily execute their business activities in systematic way. For example, some workers are motivate by getting recognition and other side some are motivate by attaining cash incentives. With the help of this workers are getting motivated towards the job activities. As it directly helps in increasing productivity level of the company and workers as well. In context of this, employees motivation is define positive aspects through which workers are execute their activities in order attain set goals and objectives in an appropriate time frame. Furthermore, motivated workforce are contribute in capturing larger market share form its rivals because all the workers are highly put their efforts for attaining success. For achieving this, manager should provide training and motivation as per their needs this will helps in retaining workers for longer period of time. This will contribute in establishing positive brand image of the company at market place. Along with this, overall performance of the is depend on the motivation, satisfaction of workers, compensation, training and development, organisational structure, performance appraisal and many more. Thus, it can be said that motivation is highly contribute in retaining workers within the company because they are perform their activities for attaining set target in an appropriate time frame.

    Importance of employees in enhancing the performance of firm

    On the basis of view point of Garc & iacute;a and et. al., 2014, it has been stated that Employees are main part of an organisation and they perform their roles and responsibilities in an effective or better manner. It is necessary for managers of Walmart to understand about advantages of performance level of staff members so that they can create objective methods as well as consists for examining staff members in an effective manner. If employees will not be motivated then in this case productivity will be enhanced and also success of firm it will also be helpful in attain high level output. It is the responsibility of manager to increase motivation level of employees, so that they can focus on attaining set aims and objectives of firm with in specific period of time. They will be retain for long time period towards firm. Motivating workers are vital to success of company. In addition to this, motivated staff members are more productive and helpful in attain set goals and aims of business plans along with the business. Under this, employee satisfaction is necessary for staff members to make them happy and also deliver at better level. If employees will be satisfied from services and products of Walmart organisation, then they will be loyal towards company and their performance level will also be maximised.

    According to view point of Herzog and et. al., 2013,it has been summarised that staff members require to passionate towards passion along with the work comes only in case when workers are highly satisfied from their roles, organisation and also job on whole. Satisfaction of staff members leads to be positive at workplace. The manager of Walmart company include its employees in the process of decision making. In order to this, Walmart provides training and development to its staff members so that their skills, capabilities and knowledge so that their performance will be enhanced and they will sustain towards firm or long time period. It is a responsibility of manager to solve issues or problems of staff members by providing them better solution. In context to this, manager takes view points and opinions of staff members about any specific and important topic. So, from this they will feel necessary part of company and work on enhancing productivity along with profit level of firm in an effective or efficient manner. Success of Walmart organisation is directly impacted through performance of employees in firm whether they are not deal with consumer directly.

    Different method of motivating employees

    Behind making organisation successful, motivation of employees is necessary. The staff members which are happy in company, they are more productive. It is necessary to enhance revenue and also enhance growth to maximise effectiveness of firm in an effective or better manner. There are different methods to increase motivation of employees:

    Communication- It is an effective method to enhance productivity and growth of company in an effective manner. It is a responsibility of manager to make communication strong with employees properly. It enhances motivation of all employees in significant way. It is a duty of top management to communicate with employees in better manner and ask to them about any issue or problem that arise at workplace. It helps in enhancing productivity of company in proper manner.

    Provide rewards- Walmart company offer the rewards to those employees which give their better performance and focus on achieving the set aims and goals of firm with in set period of time. It is an effective method of enhance motivation of staff members and it will be helpful in retain than towards firm for long time period. As per the view point of & hellip;... it has been stated that Rewards can be in the form of monetary and non- monetary terms. In monetary includes increment in salary and on the other hand in non- monetary involve perks, additional facilities and many others.

    Components- Most of the firms try to enhance motivation of staff members with external advantages. Under this, perks involve stock options, performance based cash bonus and pay enhanced. Under thus, rate of traditional methods at lower end of scale.

    Provide better working environment- IT is a major responsibility of manager to develop positive or healthy working environment so that all staff members will work in better manner. It will be helpful in reducing chances of conflict at the workplace. In addition to this, all employees will work towards achieving set objectives and aims in an effective or efficient manner. It will be helpful in developing better reputation of firm at market place.

    Empower them- According to view point of Huy and Shipilov, 2012,it has been stated that provide some responsibilities to staff members so that they can improve performance level of company. In addition to this, most of the staff members have some better ideas and share with them in an effective manner. It is necessary that manager should use continuous reviews of staff members to consult about all the improvements and take advice as well as execute. Manager should provide authority to employees in order to take their own decision like for an instance offering services and products for consumers to particular point with out require any kind of previous approval.

    Offer incentives- As per the view point of Kumar, 2013,incentives are motivation boosters and they are not more expensive. Walmart company can provide incentives such as additional paid day off, tickets , gift cards and some of the other minimum cost methods in order to show some better appreciation. In addition to this, motivation plays necessary role in order to retain employees at workplace.

    Analyse how motivation can manipulate staff to perform well

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    According to Lazaroiu, 2015,Every business organization wants to attain success at market place. For this manager of the company is responsible for encouraging workers to perform well at workplace. Thus it is also important for manager to determine all the factors which used by the company to maximize the competitive advantage at market place. This will contribute in attaining success at market place. As there are some factors through which firm encourage workers to perform well at workplace:

    • Leadership style: For leading workers, leader are play vital role in motivating as well as influencing workers at the time of performing their activities. Along with this, leaders use various tools and technologies which helps in motivating as well as encouraging workers to perform well with the purpose of attaining desirable results. In this leader use effective leadership style to lead as well as motivate workers to attain set goals and objectives. If leader adopt effective leadership style then they easily encourage employees towards the particular job activities in most effective manner. In context of Walmart, they use effective leadership style to motivate their workers to enhance their performance level.
    • Rewards system: It is also an effective factor which directly affect the workers as they perform their best for attaining set goals and objectives. In this, there is specific type of rewards which follow by the company to increase performance of the company. As it is important for manager of Walmart to implement all the rules and regulations at the time of performing their business activities. This will aid in motivating as well as encouraging the to perform well and at the same time also attain long term goals and objectives.
    • The structure of the work: For attaining set goals, it is important for Walmart manager to put their efforts for developing an effective structure as all the workers are effectively perform their task in systematic way. This will contribute in attaining desirable results in an appropriate time frame.

    Hence all these are the vital for understanding the workers behaviour at workplace. With the help of this company easily retain workers for longer period of time.

    Identify theories to motivate employees by Walmart

    As there are various theories which used by the company to motivate as well as encourage workers to perform their best. This will contribute in attaining set target in limited time frame. Along with this, Walmart use some effective theories to encourage and motivate their workers at workplace. All these are as follows:

    • Maslow's hierarchy of needs: This is another also an effective theory which is given by Abraham Maslow as it is related with the employees need at workplace. It includes various needs as per hierarchical basis. These are as follows:
    1. Physiological needs
    2. Safety needs
    3. Social needs
    4. Esteem needs
    5. Self actualisation needs

    All these are appropriate as it helps in proving better motivation at workplace by providing them satisfaction within the organization. With the help of this, they mainatin positive relation with other workers.

    • Alderfer's hierarchy of motivational theory (ERG theory): It is another theory of motivation which used by the Walmart to encourage workers to perform well. As it is known as ERG theory which refer to the existence, relatedness and growth. All these are contribute in encouraging workers to do well by fulfilling their needs at workplace.


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    From the above mentioned literature review, it can be summarised that motivation is one of the important factors through which company easily attain success at market place. As motivates workers are easily perform their activities in appropriate way with the purpose of attaining long term benefits. This will aid in retaining workers for longer period of time. Along with this, motivation is a factors that will contribute in attaining set goals and objectives in systematic way. In this manager is responsible for managing entire activities of the workers so that they easily perform their job activities. For attaining better results, manager also examine all the models and theories to effectively motivate their employees. One of the main advantage of this is that it reduce the employees turnover and at the same time also provide long term benefits in appropriate time frame.

    As per the point of view Lee, Shiue and Chen, 2016,motivation is one vital factor through which workers increase their morale. This will contribute in increasing market share form its rivals. AS employees are play vital role in executing business activities in order to attaining set goals and objectives. Thus manager is responsible for motivating workers of Walmart as they enhance their skills and knowledge at workplace. With the help of this company easily attain desirable results. In this, HR manager is also responsible for making as well as developing effective policies and procedures which largely affect on employees behaviour within the company, In addition of this, it is also important for manager to maintain positive and healthy work environment for their workers which helps in increasing the productivity level of the company and workers as well. In addition of this, manager also put their efforts to motivating employees towards its job activities as they easily perform all the task by adopting challenges. Furthermore, there are not a single factors to motivate workers thus manager have to carry out all the activities for motivating workers at workplace. This will contribute in establishing positive image of the company at market place.

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