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    ASS072-1 Introduction to Health and Social Care

    Question :

    This assessment will cover the following questions:

    • An analysis and reflection on the one-to-one working skills that took place in role-play. This will be an interplay of how practitioner and client engaged and responded to each other, so focus on both role players.
    • Provide Information and analysis of what the ethics and values were according to the given scenario.
    • Mention the difference between personal values and professional ethics and how you, the professional worker, dealt with this.
    • Generate the strengths and the weaknesses of the interplay/meeting/interview.
    Answer :


    The health and social care is  refers that the work and services are available through the health care practitioners. This is a very general terminology which is used to the entire provision infrastructure in the private and public sectors. As a theme the health and social care pooled with the constituents of ethics, law, nutrition, biology as well as sociology (Bartley, 2016). The social care is the sustenance or tending of hypersensitive people, which is normally in the public region. In this assignment it will discuss about the roles and responsibilities of a professional worker. Differences between personal and professional employees that deal with this project. Furthermore, it will focused about weakness and strength as well as future treatment of diseases. On the other hand, this will defined that analyse the one to one working skills in the interview.

    Main body

    Distinguish the responsibilities and roles of care practitioner

    The health professional plays a important role to evaluate the population in the healthcare department and improving quality. I would like to gives crucial employment to execute the health and well-being, that prevent or stop the illnesses, sickness and diseases to convey the services foe their communities, families, patients. There are various kinds of roles and responsibilities as consider below:

    Nurses: The nurses perform a very important role to render physical care and fateful assistance if they required. They provide services to patients by hands on care through handle lines of intravenous, observation, communicating with doctors about the treatment of patients and maintain their records and documents.

    Doctors- Mrs sandra is a patient of Mr. Jakalak will treat her, she is sefferingb from a chronic as well as severe backpain. The reponsibilities of doctor to retore or maintain the health of patients by the practice of their medicines. She consult with Mr. Jakalak is a doctor after consulting he prescribes and provide medicines and seggest that about physiotherapies and workout to relief of her backpain.

    Treatments- My role is to gives efective treatment to Mrs Sandra termiinated a various of venues. To undwerstand and precsibe about medicines to treat of patient diseae sever back pain. The physical analyst work with the patient  physical recuperation.

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    Examine the working skills in the role play and how practitioner respond to each other

    In this report the main working skills of Mr. Jakalak to consult with Sandra that good communication skills between them. and also have the good leadership qualities. He asked to her every matter of her disease. He was talking very politely in a very effective manner. In this, I feel that effective conversation plays an importnant role to establish an appropriate plan of action to provide accurate treatment for wellbeing of patient. A mutual understading among care professional and sick person impact positively on treatment outcomes.

    Information and analysis of ethics

    From my experience I have came across that working in the field of health care is both challenging as well as rewarding. Various medical processes and the treatment procedure have their own benefits as well as demerits. The heath care ethics are some principle which assist in making crucial decision regarding the health and medical support (Cameron, 2016). Some of the principles that I use in ensuring the protection of the patients and improve the care are given below.

    Autonomy: The right of heath care seeker to attain control over their body comes under this principle. The work of health care practitioners is to provide suggestions, the actual decisions has to be taken by the patients.

    Beneficence: As per this principle, the skilled and professional workers must conduct all the processes which are need to be done in every situation. All the required diagnosis and method of treatments must be done to keep the patients well in every possible way (Yaya and Danhoundo, 2015).

    Non maleficence: this principle lay emphasis on ''do no harm''. The aim of such principle is to medical practitioners should not render harm to the society in any case. The principle bind the health care providers to do only good for the victims.      

    The strengths and the weaknesses of the interplay/meeting/interview.

    There are various strength and weakness occur at the time of interview or meeting. As the person express their thoughts and feeling about his experiences. In the relation of Mr. Jakalak with his patient Mrs Sandra, their meeting have both strength and weaknesses. As the patient expresses their emotion about that she is suffering from the severe back pain (Baldwin, 2017). She tells the doctor about all the symptoms of her disease that are appearing. In their meeting, the doctor asked all essential question such as time duration of pain and days of suffer from disease.

    The strength of this meeting is that the doctor is very polite and handle the patient in very effective manner. In his questions, he asked about the detail of the disease from the woman. He is very hard-working, good communicator towards their patient from which the patient share their problems efficiently.

    The weakness of their meeting is that the doctor has a lack of confidence which becomes  inappropriate cure and treatment to the patient. I would like to suggest the new medication, some sort of exercise, intake of vitamin D and precautions. The patient should consult to me with in a 15 days of month.

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    From the above assignment, it has been concluded that the health care services can provide the effective manner in treating the patient very well. The health care professionals can communicate with their patient effectively so that they can share their all problems regarding disease. These professionals perform their responsibilities according to their knowledge which help in influencing the health of patients. The ethic and values are maintained by service providers in order to provide good quality of care to patients. The health and care services are provided by these professional to all types of people whether they have different or specific problem.

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