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    The Economic Case of Public Health Issue

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1808
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: ASS0721
    • Downloads: 312
    Question :

    Topic - As a public health planner or practitioner you are required to write a 1500 word and should use any public health issue CHOOSE ONE for example preven

    Essay question

    As a public health planner or practitioner, you are required to write an essay of 1,500 words as a public health planner or practitioner and should use any public health issue CHOOSE ONE (for example: promoting health, service provision, preventing diseases, etc.). Briefly evaluate and analyse the economic case of the public health issue with concepts of the topics taught on this module (the market, demand and supply, measuring, economic evaluation, and valuing of health, time preference, health care financing & equity, and collective action. What recommendations do you suggest for management and / or policy practice? MAKE AT LEAST 4 DIAGRAMS FOR REPRESENTING BOTH DEMAND, SUPPLY, ELASTICITY AND MARKETS RELATING TO PUBLIC HEALTH ISSUE.

    Introduction -150 words

    Main body -

    • Briefly evaluate and analyse the economic case of the public health issue (for example: preventing diseases, promoting health, service provision etc.) and national preventative public health programmes in terms of distributive justice in health care.
    • Critically discuss the different models of health care finance in terms of their sustainability, efficiency and equity. Also, using concepts of the topics taught on this module, demand and supply, the market, economic evaluation, measuring and valuing of health, health care financing & equity, time preference and collective action.
    • Give a brief overview of a public health issue and response from the perspectives of government, provider, and public.

    Recommendations – 200 words

    Mention some recommendations for management and / or policy practice?

    Conclusion – 150

    A summary of the paper

    References- 20

    Answer :


    Public health refers to a science of protecting safety and enhancing communities if health via policy making, investigation of disease, injury prevention and education. It include the effective role of health care planners and practitioners to put efforts for improving public health. (Greenberg and et.al., 2017). Large number of population effected with various kinds of health problems generally have a infectious diseases. It causes changes in thinking skills or memory of an individual. It could be severe in some cases and could lead to improper functioning of mind for performing daily activities. The health problems are required to determined with causes in order to prevent them for wellness of population. In the following report, will analyse the economic case of the public health issue (Baum, 2016). Furthermore, it will cover examine the different models of health care finance in terms of their sustainability, efficiency and equity. At last, a critical review of a public health issue and response from the perspectives of government, provider, and public will be discuss.


    1) Critically discuss and analyse the economic case of the public health issue and national preventative public health programmes in terms of health care.

    Public health is the most important aspect of a community as it protects and safe the health conditions of individuals in a community. It could be done through policy making, research, education and many more ways. There are number of public health issues that are arsing day be day among individuals in a community or in a particular area. The public health requires an be improved by focussing on the concept of prevention of disease which helps to enhance overall health condition of people (Brownson and et.al., 2017). Thus, to regulate the occurrence of such issues some of the preventive measures are need to be undertaken. Such measures are discussed as follows.

    Prevention of diseases: It is basically a procedure where number of healthcare organisations along with public health sectors reach to various approaches for preventing diseases within public. There are large number of primary as well as secondary prevention methods which helps to improve overall health of the public. Public health is the major issues these days which has been increasing day by day. Thus, in order to reduce the ratio of occurrence of diseases within public, there is a need to build several preventive measures such as spreading awareness regarding diseases in public, provide them education regarding control measures an negative consequences of these diseases. There are few of infectious health problems which become public health issue nowadays because these are gradually increasing among young population as well as young adults also. Preventive programmes regarding health problems are needed to be implement within the public and healthcare organisations so that it could be control for future perspectives. However, in order to prevent diseases, individuals can introduce physical exercises as well as healthy diet in their routine. Care practitioners as well as healthcare professionals must deliver high quality of care to their patients in order to reduce the risk of various health issues. Preventing diseases within public health will help to enhance overall health conditions of population which will eventually lead to a healthy country. Activities can be included in individual's lifestyle such as puzzles, socializing with people, managing each and every parameter of body such as cholesterol, blood sugar level, blood pressure and many more.

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    2) Critically examine the different models of health care finance in terms of their sustainability, efficiency and equity

    Healthcare can be define as maintaining or improving health through diagnosis, prevention, recovery, treatment and some physical or mental dis-functionalities in individuals (Wells and et.al., 2017). There are some particular health finance models which are discussed here.

    Compulsory insurance: This framework usually consist of legislations for the residents in order to get the health insurance that could be purchase by them only or provided by government. It is basically a sort of insurance that an individuals need to buy legally. It is important in healthcare practices, to mandatory buy this insurance as there are chances of risks occurring every other day (Binns and et.al., 2016). It directly related to maintain sustainability of individuals in a public health sector. The efficiency of this particular framework is quite effective and it is proven to be effective for individuals well as care practitioners. Equity must be maintained among patents while dealing with them as equal level of treatment must be provided to them.

    Tax-based financing: In this type of fund models, individuals are required to contribute in health services through number of taxes. This particular framework is implemented in overall population until local government increases tax revenues. It is a sustainable framework as it assure the healthcare services to the individuals. In terms of equity, all individuals are tend to pay equal taxes for health fund (Finkler and et.al., 2018). A better efficiency in healthcare services could be attain through this framework.

    Some of the concepts of public healthcare services are discussed here.

    Demand and supply: For example, obesity being a major public issue these days, demand and supply is the major health concept. The supply of resources, services or medicines are not according to the demand of the population and not cover the overall population (Eckelman and Sherman, 2016). However, there must be proper supply of high quality practices as per the demands arising.

    The market: Public health can be considered as an important area to be focussed to provide healthcare services by care professionals (Yanek and et.al., 2016). The supply of services from care practitioners, providing medications, free diagnosis are the essential products of public health market.

    Economic evaluation: It is a concept that determines how much funds has been collected for providing care services to the patients. It evaluates overall economic production in a public healthcare (Boulware and et.al., 2016).

    Measuring and valuing of health: It is mandatory to measure and value health of individuals. Respective frameworks could be utilize in measuring health conditions of individual by critically analysing funds which has been spend and number of individuals who actually get benefited from it.

    Health care financing & equity: Financing an equity could be maintain through health finance models. The concept focus on the importance of funds in any healthcare sector. Patients suffering from severe disease in a public health sector must be funded properly and should be treated equally (Bialystok and et.al., 2016).

    3) Provide a critical review of a public health issue and response from the perspectives of government, provider, and public.

    Public health issue of declining in memory of an individual along with at least one cognitive concern such as language or a problem with interacting with individuals in a society. It is increasing day by day and becoming a most crucial public health issue (Merai, 2016). There is not a particular cure for this disorder or to stop its progress. However, number of treatments are available for regulating different types of disease in terms of improving public health through proper care planning.


    Government play a major role in regulating and controlling the occurrence of various diseases in public (Ferri and Giaccone, 2017). They have develop a number of legislations and policies that are to be strictly follow in public health sectors.

    Service providers of in healthcare sector are majorly responsible for providing better quality of care of their patients. It is the perspective of a service provider that proper support and care must be provided to the individuals suffering from specific health problem like obesity, diabetes etc. (Bellinger, 2016). In order to reduce the course of infectious diseases, individuals must be engage in some social activities and initiate socializing to become aware about precautions to avoid morbidities.

    Public perspectives regarding health issues include that high quality of facilities must be provided to the different patients with proper availability of resources and funds (Williams and Collins, 2016). Government must provide all sort of facilities and educated care professionals in public health sectors. Number of researchers and analysers have different perspectives regarding prevention and control of diseases and infections in public health.


    In public health sectors, a majority of improvements are need to be done in order to reduce the percentage of public health issues which has been arising day by day (Wing and Bello, 2018). It has been recommended that management of the health and social care sectors must be well maintained. There must be skilled and intellectual care practitioner sin the organisations so that better quality of services could be deliver to the patients. Communication is the key for all major problems, however it has been suggested that there must be proper communication between mangers and other stakeholders of public health sectors so that effective outcomes could be drawn out. It can be through mail, through information sharing between departments or through any other private online portals (Kharasch and Brunt, 2016).

    For maintain public health issues, it has been recommanded that strict policies and frameworks must be developed so that all the workforce along with health professionals could work according to them by following each and every set guidelines. It will help the organisation to prevent any illegal sort of activities which will eventually result in a strong brands image an public satisfaction (Khan and Zarrilli, 2017).


    From the above study, it has been concluded that public health play a major role in a community in order to protect individuals from any sort of medical disorders. However, nowadays number of public health issues has been arsing within the individuals due to their lifestyles and may other factors. Some of the preventive measures, public health promotions and service provision could help in to reduce and eliminate the risk of occurrence of some major diseases within public. Funding being the most important aspect of a public health sector could be managed through some health finance frameworks. Compulsory insurance and Tax-based financing are the two health finance framework which can be utilized by public for gaining profit of healthcare services. Recommendations has been given for improving management and policies in public health sectors. 

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