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    Brief Information of Successful Ageing and Learning Historical Concept

    University: Regent College

    • Unit No: 3
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1689
    • Paper Type: Essay
    • Course Code: ASS0721
    • Downloads: 343
    Question :

    This assessment will cover following questions :

    • Identify and evaluate successful ageing from a bio-psycho-social research theory perspective.
    • What factors affect successful ageing: Explain them in detail such as socio-economic, ethnic and many more.
    • Explain the models and the theories which defines the successful ageing with its critique.
    Answer :


    Successful ageing is considered as a concept which is all about what is important for individual person in their old age and what they will be able to do with condition of ageing. There are various factors are considered in concept of successful ageing which are related to ability to live healthy in old age (Aiello, Ligotti and Cossarizza, 2019). This report is providing brief information of successful ageing and importance of learning historical concept of successful ageing. There will be different perspectives will be considered in report for evaluation process that is related to Bio-Psycho-social research theories. Various models and theories will be implemented to get critical knowledge of successful ageing. SOC model will be used in the report to analyse various approaches that can be used to achieve successful ageing. Factors that can affect the process of successful ageing also will be provided in the study.


    Successful Ageing

    Ageing is a process that is considered as process of getting older. This process is basically considered for human beings. This process can be defined in human as accumulation if various changes in human body that could be related to physical, psychological and social changes. These changes also can be consider as indicators that are person is getting older. In old age there are different challenges are faced by people with old age. Some of the main challenges are related to the reflexes, disabilities and other disease of old age (Flicker, 2018). Successful ageing is considered as a procedure that is used to make the life of old people easy and free of challenges of old age. Some of he main considerations that are included in the process of successful ageing are- stay free from diseases and disabilities of old age, good physical and cognitive abilities and communicate with people in effective way. These are common consideration to achieve state of successful ageing. In principle of successful ageing both intrinsic and extrinsic factors of the lifestyle are considered. By considering all these factors state of successful ageing can be easily achieved. To achieve this state role of health and social care organization is too important. These organizations can provide better facility, knowledge and abilities to stay free form ageing problems in old age.

    Importance of Historical Development of Successful Ageing

    To understand the concept of the successful ageing it is important to learn about the historical development of this concept. Development process can provide better information about how people had consider this topic over the time. In the era of 1980 it was just considered as a fame work that can be used to reduce the challenges of people in the old age. But this concept was not completely developed for the implementation. The processes and theories that are included in this process were just theories and that could be implemented in the health care and social care organization to encourage people and provide them with specific knowledge that can help them to live healthy and effective social life. In late nineties there were various discussion and debates were organized to develop better concept plan to implement various practices in the health and social care organizations (Milte and McNaughton, 2016). With time various other process are also included in the concept of successful ageing to improve the living standards of people in their old age. The frame works that are developed over the time also has been slightly improved with various new concepts like psychological, physical and social development of people. There are main two things are considered in the process of Successful Ageing are improving the lifestyle of people and implement some medical interventions that can help the people to live healthy and social interactive life in old age. As per the historical perspective, healthy lifestyle can be provided to the people by providing them with various care facilities form health and social care organizations. The social lifestyle can be improved by providing them with various opportunities to make positive and effective interaction with other people.

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    Evaluate successful ageing from a bio-psycho-social research theory perspective.

    According to the Biopsychosocial model various factors of biology, psychology and social environment are considered to find interrelation between these factors of ageing. Here three concepts are explained to improve the ageing condition of people in old age.

    Biological Perspective of Ageing

    As per the biological concept of successful ageing, physical health standards are used in the in this perspective to achieve this state of better physical health. The majorly in this process prevention of various diseases and disabilities is ensured to provide healthy lifestyle to the individual person (Reppermund and Trollor, 2016). This is all about the interventions that are developed to provide better conditions to live.

    Psychological Perspective of Ageing

    In this perspective various things are explained that are related to changes in memory, problem solving skill and some other mental capabilities that can help the person to live healthy and effective lifestyle. There are different psychological challenges are faced by old age people. In this perspective their mental health is consider to improve their mental and emotional stability

    Social Perspective of Successful Ageing

    In this perspective social environment around people is considered to improve social conditions in or\der to provide better social environment to old people to avoid various challenges that are faced by them in society (Robinson, 2018). For this purpose social care services provide related services to the people.

    Models and theories and its critique to define successful ageing

    Psychological Theory of Ageing

    The Maslow's Ageing theory is considered as psychological theory for successful Ageing. As per this theory there are some psychological theory need to be provided to the people of old age to meet the level of effective psychological health. These needs which are need to be full filled are- physiological needs, safety needs, belongingness and love needs, esteem needs and self actualisation needs. By full filling all these needs psychological satisfaction can be provided to people of old age.

    Sociological Theory of Ageing

    The Activity theory can be used to meet the social needs of old age people to keep them living in successful ageing. According to this theory people can be kept socially stable by engaging them in various mental and physical activities (Rozanova, Miller and Wetle, 2016). Effective communication within community, family and profession can be made to improve social stability of people who are suffering from ageing.

    Biological Theory of Ageing

    Damage Theory can be used to understand and achieve successful ageing form biological perspective. As per this theory with process of ageing some chemical reactions occur in human body and as result some irreversible defects occur in molecule these changes can not be prevented with ageing. There are some other reasons of these biological damage in the human body which are- physical, chemical, infection and mechanical damage or injury to the body. These injuries can be divided n two categories which are loss of function and other one which can be repaired through different processes.

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    Approaches to achieve successful ageing e.g. SOC model

    According t these model there are three different things are considered in the successful ageing. These considerations are- selection of various functional domains to focuse of resources of one's. Optimizing developmental [potential and compensating loses to maintain functionality and minimisation of loses.

    Selection- It is refers to developing, committing and elaborating personal goals. In life of a person biological, individual and social opportunities and constraints are used to specify range of alternative domains of functionality. Various resources are used n order to reduce the subsets of these domains.

    Optimisation- This is all about achieving the desired outcomes that are form selected domains. The domains that are selected in the process of successful ageing need to tbe acquired, applies and refined in order to achieving the target of gaining successful ageing.

    Compensation- There are various things are need to be handled in order to achieve the successful ageing condition. It is important to manage various things like health and other capabilities in order to keep all outcomes positive and reduce the negative outcomes from the conditions.

    What factors affect successful ageing: socio-economic, ethnic etc.?

    There are different factors can affect the process of successful ageing. This process can cause different barriers which can prevent people from achieving successful ageing,. Thee factors are- physical, social and psychological. In each category there are some factors which are not good for successful ageing. Physical injuries, lack of important minerals and other diseases like dementia can affect the old people and also these conditions are not recoverable (Wahl, H.W., Deeg and Litwin, 2016). Factors like depression and mental pressure are psychological factors that can prevent old people from achieving Successful Ageing. Social issues like poverty, social complexities and less engagement in society also can isolate people from successful ageing.


    This report is concluding the importance of the successful ageing fr old age people and various processes that can be used to provide support to these people in order to achieve successful ageing to maintain living standards in old age. Different theories of successful ageing ha been explained in report with various factors that can affect process of achieving successful ageing. Role of health can organization also has been considered in report to meet all the requirement of this concept.

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