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    Unit 5 Health and Social Care Level 6 Regent College


    This particular part will include various stages of life of a human which is that of birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence and older adulthood. All these ages are having their own different effects on the life and events of an individual which vary from person to person. So, here, there will be explanation on the stages of life and impact that these would lay on an individual.

    Main Body

    3.1 Explaining significant life events relations of stages of human life

    Erikson theory of development

    This is the model which was proposed by Erik Homberger Erikson in which there was psychosocial development plans including various stages of human life which is associated with the development.

    The stages of human development

    There are many stages in human development process. These stages are like-

    • Birth and infancy
    • Childhood
    • Adolescence
    • Adulthood
    • Older adulthood

    Birth and infancy- In human development, first year of life is the most important stage. In this stage, infants depend on others to fulfil their needs. Here, they learn to trust on people as requirements are met (Kail and Cavanaugh, 2018). This is a stage in which a child is not even 1 year old. From birth to first birthday is called stage of infancy. At this stage, child understands the instructions and language skills.

    Childhood- Childhood is the second stage in human development. At this stage, children develop self-confidence rather than self-esteem. Here, they need advice and guidance to gain confidence and try out new skills in decision making. In this stage, children make their own decisions and discover the things. They start developing and exploring a sense of freedom. As they develop, they start growing a sense of self. Physical and cognitive changes are included in this stage. It starts with infancy and lasts till the age of six. Here, children are capable to speak about themselves. They are able to read paragraphs and comprehensions.

    Adolescence- In the second stage, child make sense of self and in the next stage, this process is going on. During this stage, people are concerned to find that who they are in the universe. This stage is very stressful and confusing. At this phase, people make their identity (in which they are comfort) to create an image (Bonner, Nikolovski and Cardenas, 2017). This stage is starts around 11 years and continuous until 21 years. In this, development a person move towards a more mature sense. They make healthy relationship and increase their moral viewpoints.

    Adulthood- This a fourth stage in human development process. In this stage, a person take more new decisions and challenges about life, school and career.

    Older adulthood- This stage is considered to start at about age of 65. At this stage, it is need to explore meaning and satisfactory level in their life. Many types of changes may occur in this stage like:

    • Less flexibility
    • Muscles become weaker
    • Hair loss
    • Decreased sensitivity level

    3.2 Analysing the impact of significant life events on individual

    All these stages which are included in above part are having different impact on the life of all individual that also varies from person to person.

    Birth and infancy

    Like this stage is that which is stage on which there are no worries about environment or about oneself as well (Shrestha, Whitfield and Srinivasan, 2017). At this stage when the child is born and bringing happiness and prosperity within the life of their parents is most positive stage of human's life.


    • At this stage, when children are growing and attaining the age of 1-6 years is the most valuable and learning stage of life. This involves the feeling of adopting all new environment, learning the most things which they could and building up new thoughts.


    It is the development stage of humans at which they learn most of the things and all of them then remains with them for life long. But this is also the stage at which they come through various aspects and emotions of life.


    At this stage, they are having the sense of independence and adaptability of what is happening or what they have learnt so far. They come up with challenges and opportunities that are laying open in front of them. At this stage, they get married which points out to be the turning stage of anyone's life.

    Older adulthood

    When they grow older and mostly dependent on someone especially their spouse or children, this is the stage of older adulthood (Dunkel and Harbke, 2017). All the emotions, feelings, experience and challenges would be there at this stage. There are many moments at this stage when they would be feeling depressed and alone which could be due to anybody’s death or their suffering from problems.

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    It can be concluded that humans are having various stages in their life and all of them are having different impacts on their lives. It is important for them to analyse the impact of each stage and spent their life in a manner which is best for them.


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