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    Impact of Bullying in Secondary Education


    Research topic: To implication Action Learning to Support Development of Subject-Specific Pedagogy: A study to derive the impact of bullying in secondary education


    To prevent the young generation from negative elements stated in the society are the prime requirement of parents. Therefore, Bullying is the factor that affects every individual in a negative which provokes them to commit unlawful and unethical acts. In the present research, there will be discussion based on the negative impacts of bullying on children in schools. They have been facing various medical issues in a younger age such as depression, anxiety, sadness, loneliness as well as various life-threatening diseases (Hinduja and Patchin, 2014). These are the main causes in recent times which is approaching parents and society to take steps in bringing changes in the environment as well as implicate the anti-bullying campaign to stop such unethical activities.

    Aim and objectives

    Aim: “To implication Action Learning to Support Development of Subject-Specific Pedagogy: A study to derive the impact of bullying in secondary education”


    • To identify key factors which provokes bullying in the environment
    • To reduce the impact of alcohol, drugs and sexual activities among the young generation by communicating negative impacts of such elements.
    • To motivate young generation in fighting depression and prevent themselves from being bullied by others.
    • To suggest appropriate reforms must be taken by schools in improving mental and physical health of children.

    Research question

    • What are the key factors which provokes bullying in environment?
    • How to reduce the impact of alcohol, drugs and sexual activities among young generation by communicating negative impacts of such elements?
    • How to motivate young generation in fighting depression and prevent themselves from being bullied by others?
    • What are the suggestions for appropriate reforms must be taken by schools in improving mental and physical health of children?

    Rationale of study

    This study will be helpful in ascertaining the impacts of bullying over young generation. There will be analysis over the various unethical activities which provokes and individual in such activities. It will analyse the negative impacts of such factors among the students which cases serious health issues such as depressions, loneliness and various relevant diseases (Schneider and et.al., 2012). Parents of such children are concerned about the health and mental disease which distracts them in making unlawful stapes towards suicide or damaging someone.

    This the social concern which affect the self-esteem and moral of children as they become unable to perform well in their studies which affects their future. The invitation of various life-threatening diseases has negative impacts on provoking the reduction in the life expectancy rates. There can be negative impacts of such issues which as impacts on students to feel like isolated in such things.

    They have negative responses from the outer society in terms of having in adequate and inappropriate response which forces them to make cut-offs from society and living in their own imaginary world. It enhances the criminal tendency as well as provoked them to make damage to someone. However, these are the factors which will be studied in this report that will help the researcher in analysing all serious issues which the main cause in such activity.


    There have been implication of various methods and studies which will be adequate in making adequate study over the facts. There will be use of various philosophies, approaches and design to research which represent the adequate analysis over the issues. However, researcher have approached towards conducting the secondary research techniques on analysis of various intermediate sources (Kowalski and et.al., 2014). The researcher will make use of both data collection method that is primary and secondary where in secondary the scholar will outline views of authors from different studies. Apart from this, primary information will be gathered via group discussion and interview where group discussion will be peers educators on the other hand, interview will be conducted of children from age 12 to 17 after seeking permission of their parents.

    Importance of study

    The study is significant as it is based on serious issue faced by students of secondary education which is Bullying. It is the common unethical practice which needs to analysed and controlled in order to provide safe and health education system to students. The education setting is the primary stage from where bullying starts taking place therefore the study will help in gathering and outlining relevant information and facts regrading reason of bullying and measures to control the practice in institutional setting.


    Literature review

    According to Kowalski and Limber, 2013, bullying is a dominating practice where one person or group of individual aim at degrading or harming morale of weak person on certain criteria. This generally happens in school that is education setting where learners have differences among each other on certain grounds. It is the situation here the superior person forced or suppress weaker person to do something unethical or the thing which other person is not willing to do. For example, in school setting bullying among students occurs due to class room environment where old people are vulnerable to learning and homework and forces new people to do their work for the sake oft their life. Copeland and et.al., 2013, articulated that this is the practice which is leading to serious criminal concerns across the globe and many regions results in death of juveniles. It is the serious problem in academic setting and is affecting females more ion comparison to males. The victims bullying undergo serious violence and harassment which leads to distress among young teenagers.

    Key factors which evoke Bullying

    According to Mishna et.al., 2012, bullying is serious concern of education institution because it develops fear and weakness among children because of which individual starts resisting to academic environment. The scholar has discussed about key factors which provoke these unethical practices like differences among children on the basis of their group and learning in education setting. The inferiority complex among students develops insecurity due to which the person with power starts mistreating which hampers the morale of the victim. However, Olweus, 2013, has discussed about differences in gender and race which are the major reason behind increasing bullying across the globe. This is the difference which is common in world and is major reason behind the discrimination. The increasing discrimination among children results in bullying which can be of any type that is verbal abuse, physical abuse, violence, aggressive behavior, threatening, etc. On the other hand, as per the views of Duncan, 2012, it is outline that the major reason behind academic buying among students in behavior of teachers towards students. For example, in case the students' with high grade are valued and considered as priority of educators, then this practice degrade morale of other learners and results in bullying where victim are the individual to which teachers are good.

    Influence of drugs, alcohol and sexual activities on teenagers

    As per the views of Chen and Cheng, 2013, use of drugs and alcohol by young teenagers is the most distressing activity which impact learning environment of academic setting. The teenagers abusing drugs become vulnerable and lose sense of understanding the differences of right and wrong. The influence of substance use is the condition where the earners get involved in unethical practices like Bullying. For example, group of juveniles who is involved in substance abuse have no money for the individual starting bullying other learners to support with money. It is the situation which reflect superiors pressure on victim because of which the individual supports juvenile group. Apparently Hong and Garbarino, 2012, discussed about involvement of young teenagers in sexual activities which is the most disastrous form of bullying where numerous young males and females are forced to get in certain relationship which become awful for victim. The situation has led to early age suicide, withdrawal from education setting etc. Thus, it can be outlined that bullying is the serious concern which is impacting academic learning and growth of students across the globe.

    Ways of preventing young children from bullying and health concerns caused by it

    According to Warwick and Aggleton, 2014, Bullying among young teenagers is public health concern as it occurs due to intentional regression by prepared powerful group of person. It is the situation where victim is left with no choice and is bound to follow what the person asked to do. The activities lay various short term and long term impact on learners like low self esteem, depression, anxiety, lack of confidence, delinquency, etc. However, it is essential to prevent bullying by regulating a check over key elements that is psychological, physical and social intimidation of activity. Further, deriving imbalance between power of victim and perpetrator is another check factor which will help educators in analyzing reason behind bullying among learning of secondary school. Apparently, to control bullying it is important for the peer, educators ad parents to get involve with child learning. It is the practice which will help in clearly defining lack of interest of learners, Regular care and conversation with leaner is the best way to understand and sort their problems at initial level. It helps in establishing control over mentality of juveniles. Apart from this, equal treatment to learners in academic setting is another measure which can assist in controlling bullying in secondary school.


    Professional debate

    According to Bevilacqua and et.al., 2017, bullying is common activity of secondary school where negative behavior of students plays a significant role in distressing mental health of victims. To develop critical understanding over the concept researcher outlined data from 6667 year 7 student surveys which was based on randomized controlled trials of 40 English schools. The author outlined about bullying among students is based on quality of academic environment and types of educational institution. Thus, it can be said that discrimination and differentiation among students at school level is the major reason behind student bullying. On the contrary Nabuzoka, 2009, conducted study to determine exposure to bullying, reactions and psychological adjustment of secondary school students. In this sample of scholar was 575 secondary school learners of age group 11 to 15 years. The juveniles comprise group of bullies, witnesses and people who are involved in unethical practices. On the basis of analysis it is administered that females were more victimized in comparison to male and were forced to substance abuse and sexual relationships. Apart from this Del Rey, Elipe and Ortega-Ruiz, 2012, discussed about negligence of teachers over certain group students is the major concern which give rise discrimination and further leads to bullying.

    Peer Discussion

    On the basis of group discussion of educators of secondary school, it is determined that young teenagers are vulnerable to change and when the individual are asked to focus on study by making comparison the students gets offended and targets the particular person to bully. As per the view of senior educator it is analyzed that it is possession of power where juveniles are focused on suppressing new students (Shetgiri, 2013). Group discussion was also focused on awareness from where it is determined that majority of student in secondary school are not even aware of bullying but are victim of it. According to bullies it is the misuse of power and there is nothing unethical in it. However, the lack of awareness among the children is the major cause why bullying is now has become serious public health concern. The students to continuously experience bullying undergo anxiety and depress and fears to share with parents, educators, friend, etc. Thus, as per the group discussion, it can be outlined that lack of awareness, comparison among students by educators, misuse of power and enjoyment are the key concerns which needs to be managed for controlling bullying in secondary school (Cappadocia, Weiss and Pepler, 2012).


    Own practice in Bullying

    On the basis of bullying and key elements which are involved in activity, I have conducted interview of 30 secondary school students of age group 12 to 17 with the help of open ended questionnaire which consisted of 8 questions. The motive behind conducted this interview was gather knowledge and information about individual involvement in Bullying and their awareness. However, my motive was to create awareness among students in order to empower and protect them against ethical activities of academic setting.






    1. Do you know anything about bullying?

    2. Have you ever experienced bullying?

    3. Have you Witnessed Bullying?

    4. Whom you will share or contact if in case you or your friend are victim of bullying?

    5. Do you think bullying at any level is correct?

    Theme 1: Yes, majority participants were aware about bullying.

    In accordance with interview, I evaluated that more than 20 students were aware about bullying and the individual consider it as unethical practice. However, some learner were aware about were conscious sharing their understanding. In accordance with analysis I outline that discussing is the key criteria which helps in analysing one interest and involvement in certain activity. From the interview answers it is clear that some learners have experienced bullying but are not completely aware of right and wrong of the situation.

    Theme 2: Yes, children have experienced bullying

    In accordance to children view, it is evaluated that many children who were part of interview have experienced bullying but according to my evaluation the individual have lack of knowledge over bullying activities and there participation with people who were bullying. In accordance with children it was out of respect that they were following their question but the individual were not knowing that it was misuse of power the children were harassed (Hanish and Guerra, 2010). Thus, according to me making children aware about practices and key elements of bullying is important in order to control and protect victims involvement and support to the one who is bullying.

    Theme 3: Yes, majority of children have experienced bullying

    As per the interview I evaluated that almost all the children have witnessed bullying and were not aware of the term but were sure that the activity is wrong. The participants shred own view over type of bullying activities from where it is outlined that some students are bullied because of teacher expectation from students. Further, the major cause of bullying in secondary school is gender and race discrimination where the white students have lack of tolerance for lack people studying in same class.

    Theme 4: Majority of participant friends are the individual to whom they will share about bullying

    In accordance with question of 4 of interview it was clear that children do not seek support from family or educator in case of bullying because according to them the family and teacher will not support them. Therefore, In my opinion the major problem is lack of communication and relationship of teachers and families with children which is giving rise to bullying a

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