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    Unit 11 Managing Human Resources In Helath And Social Care UK CBC College


    Managing human resources in health and social care organisation is one of the difficult and essential task for its HRM department. In case of St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation they are facing variety of issues regarding to human resource department. Present report is on St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation which is London based healthcare organisation. As per the scenario, the organisation is facing several types of human resource challenges within organisation environment. In addition to it, variety of legislative policies must be considered by HRM department of the organisation and the report also overs evaluation of approached that may be used to developing an effective team working in health and social care settings.

    Task 1

    P 1.1 Explain the factors to be considered when planning the recruit of individual to work in health and social care

    Health and social care is one of the emerging industry in UK, numbers of factors are to be considered by HRM professionals of a social care organisation in industry during planning the hire of individual to work in health and social care sector.

    Overall recruitment aim: In order to setting up a new recruitment planning within St-Margaret's Nursing Home locates in Central London. Which is facing wide range of issues in terms of high rate employees turnover, poor working condition, net enough benefits or a negative atmosphere form management (Chartier, ed., 2014.). In context of removing all the issues from the health case setting, its HRM professionals need to recognise those peoples who can better perform in these areas of business.

    Cost of recruitment: Costing of the recruitment process is needed to be taken into account by HRM professionals of St-Margaret's Nursing Home during having hiring process within the business environment. Overall costing must be computed by management department of the firm which will incur within business while recruitment process is being done.

    Core objectives of the organisation: Core organisation of the organisation also affecting the recruiting approaches of St-Margaret's Nursing Home (Duckett and Willcox, 2015.). To overcomes from such above discussed issues, its HRM professionals need to considered quality of health-care professionals to betterment within its existing facilities.

    1.2 Influence of legislative and policy frameworks on selection, recruitment and employment of individuals at St-Margaret's Nursing Home

    In order to conducting better and effective recruitment process within St-Margaret's Nursing Home, its HRM professionals need to be taken into accounting various types of legislative and legal policies or frameworks on selection and hiring of new health professionals within the organisation.

    Employment act 2008: According to the Employment act 2008, it implies that, numbers of conflict and disputed situation should be addressed by St-Margaret's Nursing Home's HRM professionals clearly during conduction of hiring process within business environment (Hawn, 2017). In addition, the enterprise require to making consideration upon all applicant fairly and resolve conflicts among them to having utilisation of such areas where something new development can be utilised in sufficient form.

    The equality act 2010: According to equality act 2010, it defines that, all new health-care professionals which would be recruited within St-Margaret's Nursing Home must be given equal opportunity to reviewing their capability in this sector. No one would be discriminated by age, gender, sex, race, creed, faith and religion. So better hiring process might be executed within business environment.

    Equal opportunity act 2004: As per this legal act, it implied that, all program organised by St-Margaret's Nursing Home organisation at workplace, where each applicant must be given equal opportunity to making participation within recruitment method so that each employees can get appropriate chances to getting desired job in organisation (Phillips, Mayer and Aday, 2017).

    Discrimination act 1995: As per this act, all apprentice must be treated equality and no one will be discriminated on the basis of gender, sex, religion, age and some other factors. So better hiring process can be taken by HRM professionals of St-Margaret's Nursing Home.

    1.3 Different approaches that may be used to ensure the selection of the best individuals for work at St-Margaret's Nursing Home

    Two different kinds of approached that involved for selection and recruitment process for the best health-care professionals within St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation which is as below:

    Online test: Online test is one of the best approach for hiring new health-care professionals. In this way, it consisted of various question which is associated to health-care services and its subject knowledge (Wagner, Austin and Bonomi, 2017). In addition, the IQ test of applicant can be examined by asking quality of IQ oriented questions towards health and social care sector. It is capable enough process to identifying the appropriate candidates for suitable posts in St-Margaret's Nursing Home.

    Interview: This is an essential approach which can be utilised by St-Margaret's Nursing Home's HRM professionals during hiring process which is being done at workplace. Its HR officer need to consider each candidates within interview process which is selected from online tests. By asking face to face question, professionals of health-care organisation will be able to better interact with all candidates and recognise suitable applicant for desired post on which they want to get job (Buntin, Burke and Blumenthal, 2017). With the assistance of interview approach, its professionals will figure out characteristic and skills of candidates and also check out the confident level and communication process of application during interview process.

    Hence, it can be said that, both approaches of selection candidate within St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation is highly efficient which must be taken into account by HRM professionals of firm.

    Task 2

    2.1 Theories of how individuals interact in groups in relation to the types of teams that work in health and social care

    There are different people have set of perception and their way of behavior also different from the other team. There are various type of states that are included in Tuckman’s and they are as follows:

    Forming process : This is important stage when each member face different type of problem. In other words, each member has not understanding of the skills and capabilities that each one possess. Apart from this, members also don’t have appropriate understanding of the reason for which the team is formed. This is the situation in which conflicts take place when the rate of interaction among members if low. For example, companies develop a team in order to resolve the issues that are faced by customers regarding the products or services. At initial stage members may not be sure of the actions that are needed to be taken.

    Storming process: In this step, each of the member get to know each other. Further, they also push others so that they can perform their roles and responsibilities. This stage arise when conflict between team members take place. Members of the team are not sure fully for in respect of trusting. People work with an aim to complete the task and this does not involve any type of support from other but they focus on trusting their own skills and capabilities.

    Norming process: In this stage, all the members get to know each other and they also understand the skills that each of the member possess (Payne, 2015). Further, they also eliminate the differences that each of the member has and thus it reduces the conflict situation. All the member aim at understanding the main purpose of forming the team and work accordingly.

    Performing: As per this stage, all the members reach a leave where hard work is involved. The rate of coordination and interaction is high and they get to know others more closely. Thus all are focused on attain the set objectives in appropriate manner.

    Adjourning: In this stage, the main purpose of forming a team is attained. There are certain time period for which team is formed and this is the stage in which the main purpose of the team is completed.

    2.2 Approaches that may be used to develop an effective team working in health and social care

    In this way, they formed an effective team to resolve the issues. There are divided into different way that would be applied at St-Margaret's Nursing Home as follows:

    Leadership Quality: In order to make sure that there is one leader in the team to guide the other employee and they are very full efficient person to understand the problem of other people can be solved. Many issues are faced in the group so that the leader would manage the whole system.

    Effective interaction: It is very important thing when it is required interacting with the other employee and they are every thing know about to every employee. Each member will increase the skills quality and their capability. It is make sure that each member understand the requirement of people and they will help to other employee.

    Determining the Goals: The organization has specific goal to achieve their target and each member of organization to identify the proper requirement of company(Forsyth, D.R., 2018). This is very important thing for any company because business process has to be done with the help of employee and they are finding the new approaches to the firm. The growth of company depend upon their quality of product. They are creating their own target to solve the issues in step by step to full-fill the need of customer.

    Task 3

    3.1. Explaining different ways in which the performance of individuals working in health and social care can be monitored.

    Management of St Margaret's Nursing Home can utilize the various types of plan of action by which the performance of the care provider can be identified.

    In the report given beneath there are some plan of actions;

    Quality of wok done- It becomes helpful enough to know the satisfaction level of workers when efficient and proper care is provided by the worker. When information is collected from consumer of services, then they will be sufficient enough to know the taste for the whole amount of work that was conducted by the care providers (Chelladurai, and Kerwin, 2017).

    Feedback- Feedback plays efficient role in understanding the performance of the workers of the company. By taking feedback company can identified the performance of the workers and also do improvement in the performance of the services. As there are different perceptions taken by people on there mind. By taking feedbacks company also come to know various ideas and thoughts. Feedback also helps in identifying the issues and problems faced by the patients by that company can measured the performance of the workers and make improvement.

    Efficient and regular monitoring- Monitoring on regular basis removes many issues and problems in the company. By doing proper and efficient monitoring, the performance of the worker can easily be identified and it is improved at initial stage. By regular monitoring on the performance of the work, there is a awareness among the workers about their performance.

    There are various methods to monitor the performance level of employees in which One of the best technique is 360 degree appraisals. It is the method by which company can evaluate the performance level of their workers and feedbacks are nominative by the number of employees. This evaluation is accomplished in form of ratings by the various parameters of performance. Scale of parameter which is normally used in the company is between 1 to 6. If worker's total rating is less than the average rating then company provide them special learning and training programs.

    Apart from this, there are many other methods to evaluate the performance level such as management by objectives, measuring productivity by quantitative and qualitative method, measurement of sales volume and service productivity and so on. These all methods are helpful in evaluating and assessing the performance level of workers. Company can control the negative impacts and increase the positive impacts which are required to raise performance level of employees in their business.

    3.2 Determine the ways of training and development need of the worker.

    Training and development plays efficient role in the development and growth of the organization. There are various kinds of ways that are helpful in identifying the needs for providing training and development programme at St Margaret's Nursing Home. There are some reasons for giving training to the worker which are as follows:

    Performance of workers- the performance of the workers are the first factor by which company can know about training and development for worker (Guest, 2017). When any individual is recruited in the company, the gaols and objectives are set, but if the target is not achieved and it nit according to the expectation than there is training required.

    Lack of understanding for the responsibilities- In the organization the roles and responsibilities are allotted as per the knowledge and qualifications of the worker. But if any worker are not able to perform their work in effectual and in proper manner than it is very important to provide training to them.

    Lack of cooperation and coordination- coordination in work and cooperation with other is the crucial factor in taking decision of training. As in health-care business or company there is lot of cooperation required to complete the work accordingly. When the goals and target in not able to achieve because of lack of cooperation and c ordinations than it is essential to provide training to the workers (Bratton. and Gold, 2017).

    3.3 Different strategies for boosting the continued development of workers in the health and social care workplace.

    Training and development is not for one time done work. It is the work which is to be done on continuous basis. It is important for the company to give continuous training to for development and improvement and growth on the performance of the workers. When employee's performance of work is continuously improved in regular manner than the skills and capabilities are increase to high level.

    There are some strategies for promoting continuous development of workers in the company-

    Coaching and mentoring- Workers at St Margaret's Nursing Home do frequently mentoring, by that workers are able to understand the problems and issues they faced by each other.

    Motivation- Motivation is the important aspect of the health and care business. By motivating the junior employee's, the performance of the worker is enhanced to great extend. The work will full of efficiency by motivation (Brewster, 2017).

    There is model which defined the needs of the employees. Maslow's hierarchy theory. In this model the basic needs of the employees are determined. The basic needs include food, cloth and shelter. These are the basic needs of the employee's which is important to be fulfilled by the company. Self esteem, love and affection and safety are also the basic needs of the employee's. If a company fulfils all these needs and wants of the employee's, the work performance and expectation from the worker will defiantly be achieved. All these orbits are largely effective to make the business to grow and develop.

    Task 4

    4.1 Explaining the theories of leadership applied in health and social care workplace and preferred leadership theory.

    There are so many types of models that are largely effective for making workers to execute there work in effectual way (Rees and Smith, 2017). At St Margaret's Nursing Home there are two models is applied for leadership which are as follows:

    Situational model- This model can be observed to be the form of model that is dependent on the kind of situations employees are facing in the organization. According to the model, leader make use of their knowledge and skills depending upon the state of affairs that are faced by the workers. This is helpful to know the main reason of the issues and correct track are chooses so

    Issues can be easily overcome by the workers.

    Behavioural Model- In this model, workers are able to develop knowledge and skills of the leaders when responsibilities and roles are provided. This is helpful to make the workers to improve their work and develop their capabilities in effective way. More over, this model enable the employee's to become self dependent and can able to solve the problem by taking stand in the organization (Cascio, 2018).

    4.2 Analysed how working relationships may be managed

    In terms of St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation, it is essential to be taken into account to maintaining better relationship and positive attitudes among them. There are some strategies listed below which can be useful in managing food working relationship with diverse workforce of the health-care organisation. Each employees of the organisation positively engaged with each other at workplace in context of execution of varied of health-care facilities which is expected from its clients in market (Bodenheimer and Pham, 2017). Team working and working in collaboration is necessary part for each healthcare organisation in terms of feasibilities of various health and social care exercises of the firm. Each member should be polite and reliable on which its client can easily trust and share their personal issues which they want to share. In addition, every team should have a clarity of his role and they know each other within the team effectively, so that they can serve health and social care services towards clients efficiently. St-Margaret's Nursing Home organisation is currently facing various issues in order to having less turnover of the employees in case of provision of better and quality of healthcare services. So its professionals required to make efforts to build up effective communication system among each employees to well managing better relationship at workplace. Instant service provision is also necessary part for the organisation, so its health and social care professionals require to utilisation of numerous technological instrument to connect with each other and provision facilities at faster rate.

    4.3 Own development influenced by management approaches

    While working as human resource officer within St-Margaret's Nursing Home organisation. I was able to learn several new things and skilled which must be possessed by a HR officer of healthcare organisation. In this case during working with the post, I made influenced at wide level by implementing several management approaches. Which is as below:

    Team working: Team working one of the crucial factor that wast adopted by me for completion of various collaborative tasks within the business environment within perfect form. While working as HR officer in St-Margaret's Nursing Home firm. I made efforts to interacting with each team member and understood each issues which is facing by them during delivering healthcare facilities and social care services of business (Bodenheimer, Chen and Bennett, 2017.). While working as a team, I made motivative each team member to completion of difficult tasks within the business environment efficiently.

    Leadership: Different kinds of people possess diverse types of characteristics and skills which make then development of own leadership styles within the business environment. In case of proper development, my skills and personal experience related to leadership approaches made me capable enough to effectively interacting with my sub-ordinate executives and employees. So I wan able to efficiently guide them to completion of each health and social care difficult task in easy manner. From this aspect, I was able to better understand such skills and experiences which must be possessed by a leader in social care organisation. I was able to made developed myself more and directing it within well manner.


    From the above analysis, it is concluded that managing human resources is highly efficient factor for St-Margaret's Nursing Home. Organisation. It is essential for conduction of proper training and development program towards its fresh employees to making them efficient. In addition to it, all employees must be interacted with each other at workplace during team working and co-operating varied healthcare and social care activities within the business environment. So in case of resolving it employment turnover issues, its professionals require to condition of fair recruitment program at workplace. As working on HR officer post I was able to learn several new skills effectively. Visit to get essay help


    • Bodenheimer, T. and Pham, H. H., 2017. Primary care: current problems and proposed solutions.Health Affairs.
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    • Bratton, J. and Gold, J., 2017. Human resource management: theory and practice. Palgrave.

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