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    Principles of health and social care are basically the ways in which the patients should be treated by the social care workers. The principles help social workers to manage their patients properly.

    These report discuses about the rules and regulations which are made by the government for the social health care patients. Further it gives insight about that how the policy which is made by government has impact on the patients. It stresses about the theories which are used by the manger to enhance human growth as well as help in reducing the stress of the patients. Lastly it talks about the effectiveness that comes from inter professional working.

    TASK 1

    1.1 How principles of support are applied to the patients of residential home London

    The patients who are in the health and social care homes needs support of the staff so as to be cared and treated well in the health care homes. There are many principles which can be applied by the volunteers to support the patients in the homes. According to my perspective, the best care that can be done to the patients is by giving them respect and dignity as there are many confidential information which the patients generally shares with the staff members. The information which are provided by them can be kept confidential by the social workers (Bernard, 2013). In case of the mental patients they generally demand the things which are not possible to be done. So in that case, I prefer that they should be treated with respect as their wish should not be neglected by the workers. This will make the patients happy and because of this reason they feel safe in this environment. Independence is the major right which is given to every individual. Many times the workers will face the situation when they have to sacrifice their duty and complete the wish of the patients (Clark, 2011). In case of the mentally ill people, I have come across situation when they demand to go out and but because of the duty this is not possible. But at times, this can be made possible because they need support and love so workers have to analyze the situation and take appropriate decision. Next is the principle of equality and legal rights as in case of equality, the facilities which are given to the patients have to be used equally. From my experience I have seen that the individual who are rich are given more facility and the weaker section is neglected in many areas. This equality and legal rights creates oneness among the patients as well as the workers (Glasby, 2012).

    1.2 The procedures for protecting clients, patients and colleagues from harm

    Harm can be caused in the physical as well as the mental sense. Physical harm is basically which hurts the patient's body. There are various precautions which are used in the residential home. First and the foremost precaution are taken on the safety of the medicine. There are fake drug available in the market which harm the body of the patients. In the past, the same situation has been experienced by me when because of the wrong drug given to one of the patients he died. To avoid this type of situation, the medicines are received directly from the manufacturer and appropriate inception is made when the stock arises in the social and health care homes. Regular checkup is done by the doctors in our residential homes. If any problem is recognized in client it is immediately solved (Lloyd and Marjorie, 2010). This helps the health care in the smooth functioning. One method which is applied by residential care home is confidentiality of the information. This is the procedure which is being followed from the long time. The patients in the health care are the one who needs protection and are not well. Their protection is in the hands of the workers so they need to be protected from the outsider. From my experience to maintain confidentiality is the best way to protect them from harm (Morgan, 2013)

    1.3 advantage of using person centered approach with users of health and social care

    The approach focuses on the requirement of the social users. the main advantage of this approach is that counselor is appointed which helps to identify the problem and according to that treatment is undertaken. In the social and health care when the patients are deprived of their situation because of some illness at that time this approach is beneficial to make them confident and trust in themselves so that they can live their life easily and smoothly. There are several experiences where the patients have recovered from their problem due to person centered approach. Like in this case, some patients are suffering from physiological problem. At that time meeting is fixed with the patients and to their requirement, treatment is given. It is beneficial as it helps to solve the problem permanently and even the patients are satisfied with the treatment which is given to them. In the case of mental patients they require more time in recovering so they are giving special treatment as this has positive results in the patients as well as it had gained confidence in them.

    1.4 ethical dilemmas and conflict that arises at the time of giving protection to the patients

    There are many situations when the social workers are in the dilemma when they are providing service to the patients. Major conflict arises when the duty of the social care workers are against the ethics. Like for example the major problem arises mostly with the mental patients as their demands are not acceptable. Their demands cannot be fulfilled many a times. At this point of time, the duty of the workers comes in front of the ethical values of the patients (Bernard, 2013). In case of mental patients, they have to be protected by the outer world as well as they need more security than the normal patients. Mental patients are not allowed to go outside as it is not safe but according to their right they are independent and have the right to do anything. In residential homes from my experience harsh practices are also adopted by the social workers to protect the patients as they have to remain strict so that it may not harm the patients. At the time of giving therapy, patients normally create chaos so at that time I have to take strict action like call the security and forcefully take them to centre. This is unethical in the eyes of humanity but I am not left with any choice as I have to take this decision to protect them from further harm (Glasby, 2012).

    TASK 2

    Implementation of the policy and legislation in the residential care home

    There are various policies and procedures which are made by the government. Most of the policy is followed by the residential care home. I focus on the policy which is made for the children. Children leaving care act 2000 which focus on the facility which is provided in the health care home. In our residential home children are provided with the personnel advisor which takes care of all the necessity of the child which is needed by him. The main facility like the education, safety hygiene is taken complete care off. Children are given education when they attain the age of 21 (Social Policy & Health. 2014). With proper education they are given independence so that they can choose their desired field as in which field they want to make their career. The social care standard act 2000 which are made by the government as it focus on the standard on the facility which are provided in the health care homes. The staff which is currently working in the organization has gone through all the police checks. The staff is given their duty according to creditability (Health legislation. 2014) The workers who are suited to handle the children are given their duty in the adult ward. In our homes I have registered the workers in the safeguarding authority act which focus on the workers who are working with the children should be register in that act. There are certain policies regarding the cleanliness and the proper hygiene facility. This policy is being abided by our organization as cleanliness is given the major importance and this matches the standard which is developed by the government.

    How policy can be developed in accordance with national and policy requirements

    There are several policies which are made that do not satisfy the requirement of the patients in the given situation. The policies which are made that are formed by seeing the overall scenario of the patients. But the scenarios in which the patients are treated vary from country to country. To make policy the government should identify the environment of the country so that the policy can have great impact on the patients (Watters, 2011). For example in case of London where the children a given some amount of money by the government for their education. This is done by the government to promote higher education in the children. This is not suitable for other country where the literacy rate is high. The government can analyze the need and the environment of all the social health care and the hospitals. There they can find that which facility is not proper given to the patients and what facility is demanded by the patients. According to that they can make policy and legislations so that they the patients can be stay healthy and protected (Seddon and et.al, 2013).

    Evaluation of the impact of government policy on organizational policy and practice

    The impact of the codes of conduct and the legislations made by the government has positive impact. There are many sectors which are not given importance by the residential homes but because of the government policy they are treated well. From my experience all the facilities were given children shelter food etc. and even education. But in the residential home, basic education was provided but according to the policy of the government they have to make possible education till 21 years (Lloyd and Marjorie, 2010). This was the positive effect which was seen in the residential care home by the policy of the government. Even the policies regarding the safety of the equipments as made compulsory by the government that the hazardous chemical has to be in another separate room. this precaution was taken by the residential homes but according to the policy I have made separate section where all the hazardous chemical are made and even tight the security of that area is done so that by any chance patients cannot go to that area. From my experience if the government rules and regulations are followed by the organization and according to that their policy are made it will help every section of the patients and no partiality will be there (Morgan, 2013).

    TASK 3

    Theories of managing stress and human growth development that helps the social care patients

    The theories related to stress and human growth development is very helpful as they help the workers and the patients to recognize their problem and solve them. The theory which is followed by me in the residential home is the learning theory as it focuses on the learning behavior of the individual. According my experience, in social health care the patients should inherit the behavior of learning (Reeves and et.al, 2011). This helps in the development in their attitude as well as development in mind. Learning helps to increase the confidence in the patients which makes them vigilant and far away from physiological diseases. I have applied in my residential health care, this gave positive response especially in the young generation as their mind got diverted which proved to be beneficial in recovering in their diseases. Even when this theory was applied to the old age patients they also got benefit if the same so as to strength to fight against the problems which they are currently facing in their life (Davis and Buskist, 2007) The theory to mange stress which I have adopted in residential health care is of laughing club. Laughing is the best medicine through which the stress of the patients is relieved. So to make that happen in our health care homes regular classes was organized by the manger early in the morning. All the patients actively participated. It proved to a stress taker as the attitudes of the patients changed and they took their problems in a lighter way. This theory helped in developing positive feeling in the patients (Ogden, 2012)

    Social processes impact on the users of social health care

    Social processes have a huge impact on the patients as this is the way through which they can communicate with the society. There is positive as well as negative impact as this sometimes develops positive feeling and sometimes negative feelings are aroused. There are many social meetings and clubs that are developed by the society for the gathering. But because of the inequality feelings this things hamper in the relationship among the patients. In most of the time what I have seen is that the patients that are of the weaker section are neglected and they are treated badly among them (Kajantie and et.al, 2007).This creates inferior feeling among the patients which makes them less confident and further it impacts the behavior. Sometimes the inferior feeling is because of the diseases which is happen to the patients as the society feels that if they have any contact with person they may also get the diseases. This makes the patients isolated from the community and its effects him mentally as he feels excluded from the place. It further develops a negative feeling in him and towards other people of the society and he further gets totally cuts off from the community (Glasby, 2012).

    Evaluation of inter professional working

    Inter professional working has a positive effects on the social care users. Inter professional helps to learn new skills and tactics which are not known by individuals. This is the technique which is developed recently as in this technique the individual together learn from each other. They are the one which are from different backgrounds. This is very useful in social care organization as there are different sectors which need information regarding every area. In the present case, the social worker has to have information about medicines, therapies, various theories so that it can help him to support and care the patients effectively (Health Facilities. 2014). I did not know the basic knowledge of medicine but through inter professional learning now I am having knowledge that can be useful at the time of emergency. This increases the skill and help at the time when it is badly needed. Currently it happened in residential health care that one patient fainted at that time when the nurse had gone for some work. The individual which handles the record and all the information of the patients helped him. This happened because of the knowledge which was given by other staff. When different sector workers inherit different aspect of knowledge it helps them as well as the patients also (Health and Social Care Act 2012)

    TASK 4

    Roles, responsibility and duties in working in the health and social and outside the organization

    As a staff member, my duties and responsibility are to care of the children who are prone with some diseases or have some problem. Basically I am in charge of the children ward. My duty is to see that all the facility which are provided by the government are properly given to the children. Even there are some special benefits which are given to the weaker section of the society are getting them properly or not (Zweifel, 2007). Government has rewarded basic facility for the children as they give some food items. So proper counting has to be made about the items which are acquired by the organization and the number of patients which are there. So according to it is my duty is provide the right services to the children. There are times when many errors are made in providing the services to the children. Counting was done wrong so few children remain neglected of the services (Mary, 2011). Even my duty is to check that the staff members who are distributing the product are giving it honestly or not. Frauds have been taken place which hinders in the policy of the organization as well as ruins the name of the residential health care. Apart from this I also serve the NGO where I give few hours in helping them. If any patient is suffering from financial problem so I provide them with some help. Even if some staff is absent and they need social worker at that time I give my services to them.

    Contribution in social and health care in development and implementation

    Few changes were made in the social and health policy of the organization. This was possible because of inter professional learning and working. I gained knowledge about the theories which helps the patients to recover fast. The theories of stress and the human growth and development were adopted in the social care by me as theory can help the patients in recovering and engaging in them positive feelings (Aspalter and et.al, 2012). So I made the policy that there can be classes where the counselor can help the patients to learn and reduce session. Besides this the policy the government has introduce the policy that the children should given with all the facilities. Basic facilities were available but for small children who were suffering from diseases from them I proposed to open play school. Now the social health care home has made the policy that children below 5 years will be admitted in the play school. These are the few developments which are made by me in making the social health care best place for the patients (Davis and Buskist, 2007).


    There are many ways that the social worker can contribute in the care and support of the patients. But there are some of the important ways that should be adopted by the social worker to make the patients comfortable. They should cooperate with the patients and have patience. Since there are patients who make unrealistic demand and even their behavior are not normal (Health legislation. 2014). For them the worker should make them understand through politeness as they can be even being aggressive at some time. Even I stress on the cleanliness as there is cleanliness maintain in the health care but still it can be improved to make the environment healthier.


    From this report it can be inferred that government policies and legislations should be followed by the health and social care so that it becomes easier for the health care to mange patients. From my experience the social workers should be skillful so that they can give their best in supporting and caring the patients. Lastly new techniques should be adopted the residential homes to give positive impact on the patients.


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