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    Sample of Social Care And Social Work Out


    Social policy is crucial for society's welfare and development of country effectively. It is interlinked with employment, health care, education and social security sector. The present assignment is based case study of National health services (NHS) for improving treatment and hospitalization services. It is health care service center of UK that provides satisfactory treatment services to patients from different countries worldwide. Various policy development programs for health and social care to increase efficiency of entity is to be determined. In addition to this, significance of health care and socialism is recognized. Moreover, learners are able to understand marginalization and marginalized group of entity through this study.

    Social care policies

    There are several policy plans are available in UK that is useful for effective nursing, medicare and hospitalization services to patients of organization. It is beneficial for providing health and social care services and gaining awareness of society at high level (Rubin and Babbie, 2016). Through policy planning procedures, protection of hospital staff and satisfaction of care takers is obtained. However, varieties of ideas are generated for enhancing efficiency of hospital entity. In accordance to this, social and health care efficient services are facilitated that is useful for achieving satisfaction of patients through hospitalization.

    However, there are different kinds of social care policies are available can express as below:-

    Health and social care Act:- Under this Act, government of UK provides guidelines and instructions to be followed for providing healthy and secured social services of needed people. In this regard, various tools and methods are determined for contributing in social development of country. However, rules and regulations are provided by government regarding protection of society and overcoming diseases through medicare services (Miley, O'Melia and DuBois, 2016). In addition to this, obligations are determined for effective social awareness and producing hospitalization services to patients of NHS to gain maximum level of satisfaction. Moreover, through this policy, adequate nursing and hospital staff's protection is also obtained through implementing planning procedures. In this regard, security for doctors and hospital staff is recolonize that is useful for effectiveness of hospital entity.

    Care Act:- It is essential for care takers and influencing hospitalization services for patients at high level. However, government makes plan for providing healthy and secured hospitalization as well medicare services to hospital's patients at large scale. In as much as, various rules and regulations are followed by NHS to taking care of needed people. Moreover, medicare services including dealing with patients and reducing their diseases nicely are obtained by following this Care Act planning procedures. It is determined that by considering these planning tools, service takers take advantage of hospital services efficiently (Netting and et.al., 2016. ).

    Care Standards Act:- This Act was enacted in 2002 that provides guidelines for administration of hospital entities and clinics. Therefore, several planning procedures are obtained through this care standard for nation's children care and voluntary health sector agencies. In accordance to this, various care institutions' management and regulations are provided for effectiveness of health care sector that plays crucial role for social development of nation. Along with this, organizing training programs for enhancing working efficiency of social workers is determined through provisions of the Care Standard Act (Cournoyer, 2016). In addition to this, rules and regulations related to administration of hospitals, NGO's and several health care agencies are provided. Apparently, it is gained that government provisions for social care sector is essential for human welfare and overcoming diseases of patients.

    Thus, provisions provided by government of UK are utilized by NHS for effectiveness of hospitalization services provided to patients. Thus, above mentioned policy acts of social and health care sector are related to satisfying patients through hospital services. It influences positive and developing environment of hospital entity to increasing efficiency of staff as well effective protection for elements of national health services.

    Critical evaluation of social care policies

    Social care policies implementation for nation health services is considered as useful for providing healthy and secured hospitalization facilities to care takers. In this process, it is determined that effective health and social care is obtained by applying these policy tools efficiently (Garthwait, 2016). It is valuable for enhancing working abilities of hospital staff that impacts on entity's environment for dealing with service takers and entire hospital staff's protection including professionals, doctors, nurses and assistants of national health services.

    Therefore, advantages and limitations of social care can be expressed as below:-

    Characteristics of implementing social care policies:- Social care working is beneficial for proper hospitalization services and enhancing efficiency for gaining satisfaction at high level. However, government provides provisions for operating hospital services to care takers that is useful for healthy and secured hospitalization and medicare facilities in different ways. Hence, implementation of social care practices are presented by following rules and regulations to be followed for adequate hospital entity's services. In addition to this, proper management of NHS is also determined regarding social services and working out (Thorén and Tham, 2016). It is considered that policy planning for social care practices is helpful for effective performance of hospital organization and providing secured, protective facilities to care takers of national health services entity.

    In accordance to this, critical evaluation of social care policies can be determined as follows:-

    Enhancing efficiency of hospitalization services for NHS:- By following rules and regulations of government policies, proper management for implementing hospitalization cervices is obtained. In this regard, various tools and techniques for better service qualities is determined effectively. However, ideas are generated for effective hospitalization and satisfactory services of patients. It influences health care sector of county as well plays crucial role in nation's growth (Gilligan, 2016). In addition to this, social care policies are valuable for proper administration of hospitals and providing services to needed people at large scale.

    Proper administration of organization:- Government policy as care standard act provides different provisions for operating and managing hospital entity. Therefore, effective management of NHS can be obtained through this tool to enhance satisfaction level of care takers regarding hospitalization and medicare services that impacts on adequate allocation of services provided by hospital entity efficiently. In this regard, systematic management of health care services is obtained effectively (Watson and et.al., 2016). It includes coordination between doctors and nursing staff, assistants and dealing with patients of the entity. However, different guidelines are achieved through policy tools to increasing efficiency of national hospital services. In addition to this, dealing with patients and listening towards their needs as well providing them complete comfort zone is determined.

    Providing healthy and secured social care services to needed people:- Through utilizing policy plans and improvements for social and health care is recognized through this process. In accordance to this, health and secured social services are recognized that plays crucial role in efficiency of organization. Therefore, by using planning process provided by government is recognized through this provision. In accordance to this, different tools and techniques are determined for increasing service qualities and supporting to needed people at high level (Butt and McGuinness, 2008). By utilizing provisions and guidelines provided by government is beneficial for enchaining services of hospitalization and medicare for proper management and increasing satisfaction level of patients at large scale. However, policies made by government is beneficial for implementing hospital services with secured and efficient manner. In addition to this, various planning procedure is applied by NHS for better working performance and helping to needed people efficiently.

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    Contributing in social development of country:- National health services (NHS) is public limited health care sector of UK that plays essential role in social development of country. However, effectiveness of hospital services can be enhanced by better quality of hospitalization and providing comfort services to patients at high level. In this reagrd, it is determined that organization's effectiveness can be obtained through its good contribution in country's growth. In addition to this, by using guidelines and instructions provided by government of nation, hospital entity can increase efficiency of social and health care sector. It influences understanding of social workers and creates positive environment of entity efficiently that is beneficial for enhancing service qualities of organization (Donkers,2008). However, NHS can present its efficient role for country's development and impacts on nation's effectiveness.

    By implementing social care policies provided by UK government, NHS can increase its working efficiency by providing satisfactory services of various patients. In this regard, several methods are determined for enhancing qualitative services of organization and increasing patients' satisfaction level. It is also obtained that NHS effective performance is crucial for country's social and health care sector. Moreover, overall development of nation can be determined through this social care policies. It is interlinked with effectiveness of nation as well impacts on other sectors of countries. For example; employment, social welfare, economic and different sectors'. In this regard, entire development of nation can be obtained at high level. However, NHS gains effectiveness through applying tools and techniques for implementing service qualities of hospital entity. It increases efficiency of healthcare sector as well affects nation's growth efficiently.

    Limitations of social care policies:- National health services (NHS) faces different issues for applying rules and regulations provided by government. It is difficult to provide proper guidelines and instructions for all health care entities of nation. By focusing on only health acre sector, different fields of nation get affected that is not adequate for nation's effectiveness. However, it remains risky for managing all organizations of health care centers. In this regard, various issues are raised for implementing hospital's efficiency. However, it is considered that social care policies are made through changes in market structure and nation's growth. Thus, dynamics in plans and care services for hospitalization services. In accordance to this, limited resources and imbalanced structure of organization and nation is obtained that impacts on country's environment for health care services (Drennan, 2016). Thus, it is recognized that social care policies are not so adequate for contributing in nation's effectiveness as well affects overall development of nation.

    Hence, it is required for country's effectiveness to prepare policy plans and creating structures to develop its efficiency. However, all issues occur at workplace and nation's effectiveness can be determined through this approach. In this regard, various tools and techniques related to strategic management and systematic business operations are determined through this concept. Thus, preparing effective planning procedure for enhancing policies and proper guidelines will affect nation's development at high level (Mackenzie, 2009).

    Marginalization and marginalized group

    Marginalization:- It is one the essential social phenomena to increase working efficiency of hospital services. In this regard, different methods are determined for social development of country. However, role model of NHS in improving social and healthcare services are provided for country's effectiveness. In accordance to this, overall development of nation as well several sectors' efficiency is determined. However, marginalization is beneficial for providing social care to needed people through hospital services and social work out. It is beneficial for implementation of country in enlarging nation's efficiency (Manthorpe, 2008). Thus, society's awareness at high level can be achieved through this process. It is interlinked with treatment services and profit earning capacity of firm. Hence, marginalization is one of the essential tool for social development and overall growth of nation in finance, employment and education sector. In addition to this, government of UK prepares different planning procedures for effective hospitalization services and helping to needed people effectively that impacts on nation's effectiveness. It is evaluated that increasing in efficiency of healthcare sector can be implemented through different planning procedures and varieties of plans to be implemented for healthcare sector (Mehl-Madrona, 2010).

    Marginalization aims to improve treatment services of NHS that impacts on satisfaction level of patients for utilizing healthcare services. It is interlinked with entire development of hospital organization as well provides different kinds of services that is useful for human welfare effectively. Including this, government of country applies different tools and technqiues for enhancing service qualities of healthcare sector through hospital's efficiency and its better coordination for entire development of nation. Thus, it is determined that by following planning procedures of government regarding national health services impact on organization's effectiveness. In this regard, several ideas are generated to provide satisfied services to needed people large scale. However, by following obligations and rules provided by government policy remains beneficial for enhancing treatment services. It is considered as a useful tool for increasing efficiency in healthcare sector that impacts on other sectors' services of nation including employment, education and country's development. However, different tools and techniques are utilized through this approach for improving services provided by entity can be enhanced systematically. In this regard, importance of marginalization is obtained for creating great coordination in country's developing efficiency at large scale. However, effectiveness of hospitalization services can be obtained through this system for implementation of country and entire development of nation that is valuable for enlargement of nation as well increasing its effectiveness (Nederland, 2009). It is beneficial for adequacy as well systematic management of hospital entity to increase great coordination of healthcare services in social development of nation.

    However, it is considered as effective tool for healthcare service efficiency and contributing in country's development. It is interconnected with finance, education and employment sector. Therefore, organization provides opportunity to youngsters for job performance in hospital entity. It reduces unemployment issue thus country's growth is obtained through this tool. In this reagrd, effective hospital services are beneficial for helping needed people of country by providing treatment services and supporting them for recover diseases at high level (National health services. 2016). Thus, satisfaction of patients regarding hospital services effects on firm's structure also contributes effectively in healthcare sector. Along with this, marginalization term is beneficial for improving treatment as well creating coordination among hospital staff that influences positive environment of hospital entity. Therefore, positive and peaceful atmosphere of entity can be determined through this approach. In addition to this, understanding between doctors and nursing staff is obtained for working in team that affects team building and its efficiency at high level. However, varieties of ideas are generated for increasing healthcare effectiveness as well aware society at large scale for overall development of nation by helping needed people.

    Marginalization group:- It is considered as a group of people and institutions that is valuable for gaining effectiveness in healthcare services. However, by coordination of all hospitals entities and increasing efficiency tool is beneficial for contribution in social development of nation (Vinz and Dören, 2007). Under this approach, group of entities set target to preparing structures related to improving treatment services and effectiveness in hospital entity. However, group of marginalization is essential for providing satisfactory hospital services to needed people of UK as wel from other countries worldwide. It is beneficial for catering positive environment of hospital entity at large scale for enlargement and adequacy in hospital services. it is beneficial for supporting needed people and providing them effective services to increase in hospitalization as well increasing in demand for hospital services.

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    Under this process, an organization of hospital entities makes strategies for improvements in treatment services as well creating coordination between doctors and assistants of hospital. However, ideas are generated for working in team by supporting and understanding each service providers' working efficiency (Garthwait, 2016). It is useful for personal and professional development of workers to taking care of patients. In this regard, training programs are organized for enchaining working abilities and skills of workers for job performance. In accordion to this, all staff members deals with care takers in politely. Similarly, different tools and methods are obtained for increasing hospital's hospitalization services. In this regard, several ideas are obtained for getting satisfaction of patients through services. Moreover, it is determined that effective working performance of hospital staff is essential for providing satisfaction to care takers effectively. It imparts on productivity and profitability of entity systematically. In this regard, it is also evaluated that it is helpful for effective coordination of hospital staff and increases healthcare services impacts on country's development in social development for country.

    Including this, it is crucial for establishing good relationship with other countries that impacts on entity's efficiency and effective contribution for development of nation. In accordance to this, mutual understanding is obtained between hospital staff. However, varieties of ideas can be determined for overall development of different sectors of country. It influences atmosphere and effectiveness of country can be presented at high level. Thus, valuable performance of nation in healthcare sector can be determined through this sector to increase effectiveness of healthcare. It interlinked with employment, education and different sectors to increase its efficiency at high level. It increases different strategies of nation reagrding overall development of nation that is valuable for enhancing country's development in different sectors. However, varieties of ideas are generated for expanding hospitalization services by utilizing marginalization tool effectively. In this regard, systematic management and effective coordination among hospital staff is determined at high level that impacts on country's social and economic growth. Thus, through this tool, adequacy and developing in healthcare services are obtained through this tool for country's effectiveness at large scale (Garthwait, 2016).


    The report is concluded that effectiveness of healthcare sector of country is able to increase in efficiency of nation. Therefore, different social care policies and government intervention for enhancing healthcare services is determined. In accordance to this, several tools and techniques for providing better service qualities to patients and increasing productivity is considered. However, importance of social care and working out is recognized thorough this study. In addition to this, interrelation of healthcare sector with others to increase country's efficiency is determined. Moreover, role of NHS in country's development is obtained that impacts on effectiveness of nation. Thus, through this assignment, different roles and performances of healthcare sector in country's increasing effectiveness is determined.


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