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    Various Theories to Improve Mental Health


    Mental health disorders are one of the major challenges faced by nurses in their practice. There are various key concepts that impact people with mental health issues. These issues involve problems in personal life, feeling low or lonely, family history of suffering from a mental health disorder, physical abuse, violence or abuse faced by an individual. These can be the reason that can impact individuals mental health (McLaughlin et.al. (2015). It has been analysed that patients suffering from mental disorders are underpinned with feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt and sadness. All these feelings made an individual weak, isolated and lonely. This reduces the ability and efficiency of an individual to work.

    Patients suffering from mental health disorders are not interconnected with society. They suffer from social isolation and loneliness making them more stressed and weak. It critically impacts their well-being. The report lays emphasis on various theories that can be used to make patients aware of their well-being. Further, it discusses experiences of me (as a future nurse) relating to the theories with mental health nursing. The Paper critically highlights how these theories can improve the health outcome of patients suffering from mental health disorders. The report discusses various theories like the recovery movement, social theory and grand nursing theory.


    Definition and causes of mental disorder

    Mental health disorders are characterised by depressed moods or changes in cognitive behaviour. It hampers the quality of life of an individual suffering from it. In order to cure it, nurses need to engage in providing various therapies such as cognitive behavioural, speech, psycho and talk therapy. These therapies have an aim to develop various ways of thinking and behaving that can assist patients in reducing their psychological distress. I was a future nurse have also initiated various theories such as social, grand nursing and recovery movement theory that will support service users in improving their mental health conditions (Moran et.al. (2016).

    History of mental illness

    Mental health disorder has a history, it can be caused due to factors such as personal problems, professional issues or family history. I have selected various theories in order to enhance health outcome of patient suffering from mental health disorder. Grand theory has supported me in designing the framework that has helped me in understanding the nursing practices. With the support of this model I was able to develop SMART goals and objectives which was fulfilled within the set duration of time. My target was to provide acute care and treatment to patients suffering from mental health disorder. This theory supported me in understanding the reasons behind the mental health condition of service user. The disorder can be caused in an individual because of many reasons such as family dispute, problem in professional life, unemployment, brain injury, family history of suffering from depression or anxiety. In this condition an individual is usually seen stressed and sad. With the help of this theory I was able to make patient aware about the seriousness of disease.

    Effect of mental health illness

    Patient suffering from mental disorder can also face problems like fatigue, restlessness, weakness, tiredness and many more. It can impact their work efficiency. Depression is one of the major cause for sleep deceptiveness among individuals that hampers there efficiency to work and create occupational challenges for them.

    Treatment and support

    Treatment such as behavioural and cognitive therapy can be given. Also, various theories such as grand nursing, social and recovery approach can be selected.

    Grand nursing theory

    During my placement I am going to use grand nursing theory. This model supports in explaining the phenomenon and principle related to nursing practices. It will assist me in knowing what I need to have an idea about and what not (Overview of nursing theory, (2014). This theory lays emphasis on that health care professionals while providing acute care implements action plan with SMART goals and objectives. It focuses on that all aims set up by nurses are adhered. Grand nursing theory will help me in understanding the basic concepts and reason behind individual suffering from mental health disorder. It consists of conceptual framework. This theory lays focus on that nurses gets ware about the set of beliefs and values carried by patients suffering from chronic disease. It will also help me in guiding in how to establish effective communication with service users. Also, this theory lays emphasis that patient is being treated in the real environment so that it can support them in easy recovering. It also imparts with framework related to nursing intervention, predict outcomes and the effect of practices done by health care professionals.

    Social theory

    I have selected this theory as it will assist me in understanding the different ways of generalisations among societies. This theory supports health care professionals in knowing the social and spiritual needs of patients. Individuals suffering from mental health disorders are very sensitive and even one error can hurt there sentiments. It will help me in analysing and identifying the perception and thinking of service users. Also, by understanding there social values thoroughly (Moran et.al. (2016). It is basically used in nursing enquiry and practice that assist in addressing various social issues faced by patients in hospital setting.

    This theory engages nurses in social practices that overall improves the well-being of service users. It makes health-care professionals to use a holistic approach that supports mental health patients to develop self awareness and spirituality. Also, it engages in motivating and encouraging patient to involve in social activities so that they do not face loneliness. Social isolation can one of the major reason for deterioration of health in service users gong through mental health disorders. They are often surrounded with feeling of anxiety and sadness. So this theory will allow me to engage patients in social gatherings that will reduce there feeling of tiredness and weakness.

    Social theory also lays focus that nurses perform all there practices on beliefs, perception, values and thoughts of patients. It will assist me in understanding the cultural aspects of individuals suffering from mental health disorder. Also, this theory emphasise that nurses perform all there task by following the ethical principles that is honesty, autonomy and beneficence. This will also help me in enhancing my quality of service. It will assist me in building a healthy relationship with patient suffering from mental disorder. Patient will also posses a positive image for me in there mind.

    Recovery movement theory

    I have selected recovery approach in order to cure service user suffering from mental health disorder as it emphasise and supports an individual potential for recovery. It helps in creating self awareness and self supportive relationship that enhances there health outcome. Also, this model will help me in developing a feeling of confidence and esteem in individuals suffering from psychological disorders. This can make them feel more appreciated and enhances there ability to perform various tasks. It will assist service users in overcoming loneliness and social isolation. Connectivity and supportive relationship develops a hope in the mind of users that they would be able to recover (Hiscock et.al. (2015).

    This model also emphasis on establishing an effective communication so that nurses can encourage service users to participate in activities which interests them. It can be any activity like physical exercise such as yoga, aerobics or dance. They can also invest there time in art and craft activities that will divert the mind of patient suffering from mental disorder. I as a future nurse will support service user in developing the relationship with me as well as other individual that assists them in recovering. Recovery approach supports in developing personal coping strategies that is the most important factor in enhancing the health outcome of service users.

    This theory also focus on that after implementing recovery approaches change is been inherent in patient. It assists service users in bringing an alteration in there cognitive behaviour. Also, it underpinned nurses with skills and techniques that supports them in analysing and monitoring the keen signs of changes seen patient while undergoing therapy. It will also help me in encouraging patient to communicate with me, so that I would be able to identify the needs and wants of users. Also, this therapy will support patient in recognising and understanding things while listening.

    Reflection of my own experience

    Social theory has supported me in understanding the belief, values, culture of patient. It has made my communication effective so that I am better able to understand needs and demands of service users suffering from mental disorder. Also, this model lays emphasis on holistic approach which has made me look as a person in whole. With the help of social theory I was able to better analyse signs and symptoms of depression. (Moran et.al. (2016).

    I was able to analyse the main reason behind causes of depression with the help of social theory. Also, in my placement I was able to give acute care on basis of patients values and culture. With this, I was better at making service users understand about the value of involving in activities that can divert there mind. These activities can lay a positive impact on there life. Also, with the help of social theory I was able to realise that effective communication is most important for enhancing the health and well-being of patient suffering from mental health disorder.

    Recovery approach has helped me to create self-awareness and individual potentiality so that the patients overcome the feeling of guilt, shame and fear. With the help of this theory I was able to encourage service users to participate in physical activities that can enhance there well-being. Also, model assisted me in utilising the ethical principles. I ensured that in my placement all the decisions related to the treatment is been made by patient itself. Also, I have included family member in decision making process, so that judgements taken are best for the patient. This theory also lays emphasis on person centred approach which has allowed me to use effective communication. By this I was able to give emotional support to patients that helped me in building relationship of trust with service users. Also, this laid a positive impact on the mind of service users.

    Challenges faced

    Using various theories had made me better understand the situation faced by mental health disorder patients. But, I have faced challenges while dealing with service users. At first, I was not able to clearly understand what a patient wants. Also, by seeing there conditions I was not able to control and handle my emotions. I overthink about there situation. At first for me it was quiet difficult to understand the different aspects of culture followed by patients of mental health disorder.

    Development as a mental health student nurse

    I have selected various theories such as social, grand nursing and recovery theory. By using these models I had improved much in my working. Now, I am better able to understand the emotions and perceptions of patients suffering from mental health disorder. As, a mental student nurse, by using these theories I was able to enhance my communication skills (Moran et.al.(2016). I have made use of proper gestures such as keeping my voice low, active listening, making eye contacts. This helped me in establishing friendly relationship which is quiet important for enhancing the health outcomes of patients.

    As a student nursing by using these theories I was involved in analysing and evaluating the main reason behind the occurrence of these factors. (Moran et.al. (2016). Social and recovery approach has enhanced my communication skills. Also, with better communication, I was able to establish a positive relationship with patients and there family members. I was able to provide them acute support at the time of difficulty. These theories have helped me in improving my quality of treatment. Also, with the support of approaches I was able to better understand the situation of patients

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    From the above report, it has been summarised that individuals suffering from mental health disorders are found to be weak, depressed, anxious and stressed. For curing this various theories has been used. Social theory has helped in implementing social values while providing care to patients. It has assisted in better understanding the perception and thoughts of service users. The recovery model has assisted nurses in making individuals self-aware that enhanced their health outcomes. Various challenges are also faced such as difficulty in understanding the different cultural aspects of individuals while using these theories.

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