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    Sample Of Health Promotion

    Introduction Of Health Promotion

    Health promotion is necessary to make people aware about  health related problems and to cure them. Present report describes about  the role of government strategies in promoting health. Model which is use to promote health has also been discussed. Various acts and regulations  made by government to improve health of individual are explained in the report. Roles and responsibilities of various health professionals like doctors, nurses, nutritional practitioners, specialist and psychologist in promoting health is illustrated in report

    TASK 2

    2.1 Links between government strategies and models of health promotion

    Government of UK has made many strategies to promote health through which people get best facilities.  Government is making various acts to promote health of public in the country.

    Health and social care act 2012:  This act includes rule and legislation that should be followed b by local authorities to.  This ensures the people who are living in the locality that they get best services which will prevent their health issues from becoming more critical. Authorities should not delay in provide health care needs to local people (Bauman and Nutbeam, 2013).  Public should get all the information and guidance they require fro their betterment of their health. Proper services high quality care is provided  by government for better health of public. This care act for promotion of health improves people independence and works for their well being. It gives guidance to social  care organization to monitor and regulate health of individual person.  
    National health service act 2006:  This act made by government provides proper fund and monetary support to social care homes (Clift and Page, 2015). This act gives guideline to provide all the required facilities to health care home to give proper treatment to people suffering from health issues.

    • There are several strategies too which are made by government to promote health of individual which are as follows:
    • local authorities  have to check that facilities provided to local public of are are working properly or not (Naidoo and Wills, 2016).
    • Authorities should ensure that locality is having appropriate care needs and support or not.
    • Government also ensures that support need and demand of public is meeting or not.
    • Local authorities helps people to make access to the facilities provided by them.
    • Government makes clear that these authorities in local area is performing what they are expected to do .
    • The act creates and establish clear rule for all the adults and children must getting all the care and support the need.

    Beattie's model for health promotion:

    Beattie model fro health promotion is model have four paradigms which includes health persuasion, personal counselling, community development, and legislative action by government (Mendes, Plaza and Wallerstein, 2016). This model has 4 quadrants in which horizontal part I describes individual to collective approach and vertical part describes authoritative to negative approach. This model is applied to from health policy for public.

    Authoritative  to collective approach :

    This approach have two sections first is health persuasion and second is community development which are as follows:

    Health Persuasion: 

    In this approach local policies are made by government to reduce the use of packed food on order to safe them from health problems. legislation is forced by government to eat food which is healthy for  the public (Hitchings and Latham, 2016). Government design program which aware people and children  about health issue. Partnership is formed with social care homes to provide best advice to people about the care of health.

    Community development :

    This phase is  increases awareness among locality to choose best product and services which do not harm the health of people.  it motivates people to take healthy meals and to choose fresh products.  It encourages  people to design better health diets and charts that can help them to get disease free life. Community is developed by government to give best advice to people who are suffering from any disease or illness.

    Individual to negative:

    This includes two sections which are health counselling and legislative actions
    Health counselling: In health counselling session counsellor ask people about their specific needs relate to health care issue they faces. Session is done with each family to know about their health and what they need to get better health . Various type of training sessions are conducted by government appointed counsellors. These training provides people information and advice to lead  healthy life. Individual is asked by counsellor that of the facilities given them for health care are proper or then need enhancement in that.

    Legislative actions:

    Legislative actions includes policies  made by government for insuring that better medical care is provide to people who are suffering from  any health issues. Acts and policies are made by government which provides help to individual in getting better facilities sand medical assistance to improve their health.

    2.2 Role of professionals in meeting government targets for health promotion

    Health professionals plays very important role in meeting targets made by government fro health promotion. Local health care authorities have responsibility to delivery basic public  health care  services which are required by each individual.  Agencies of health care gives guidance and advice to people to lead healthy life (Sharma, 2016). Doctors of social care homes gives guideline to people to get better food product which do not harm to their health.  Health  care professionals  appoint counsellor in each locality which ask people about their health issue . Professionals visits local area to promote health programs which are conducted by government. They encourage people to take part in these kind of programs so that they can get advice and suggestions for their health problem. Local health care authorities promote various act and legislation made by government to make people aware about their rights.

    Nurses have significant rile in promoting health among public. They are experience health professionals who can give best advice to people . They interact with people and educate them about the health issues. Nurse provides medical assistance and guidance to local area public . Fro example nurses if patient come to her for diabetes test she can give advice about regular and proper check-up of blood sugar. Nurses provides guidance to newborns family for proper care and timely check-up of new born (Izaki and Swaine, 2017). Nurse gives crucial assistance to people and provide physical care if they need.  They gives medication advice and support to people of locality. Local authorities aware people about the the rule and regulation made by government fro safety of their health. Social workers also help in promoting health.

    They find out the problems in the facilities. provide to them by government. They also gives assistance to particulate family to tackle their illness.  Paramedic also promotes health by assessing symptoms and signs of individuals health and provides treatment. Public health nutritionist promote health by giving advice regarding  which type of food and nutrition one should have for good health. They carry out researches  and surveys to provide advice and direction regrading positive and negative impacts of food. They determines opportunities to encourage health by nutrition awareness programs. They also conducts training sessions for local public to train them about food and nutrition.  Health  improvement practitioners promotes local programs which gives advice to people about smoking  effects . They work with local social care agencies to influence people about how they can improve their by stopping smoking and drinking. They create reports and databases about health improvement programs  to show people how thee programs have changed individuals life. Specialist contribute in health promotion by monitoring and evaluating health development programs (Sharma, 2016). They give presentations to people of locality about healthy eating ,child  nutrition etc. 

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    the health protection specialist provides advice about caring of patient and  gives guidelines to health care professional of the locality. They spread health messages to local people to aware them about health issues which re currently effecting people. Smoking stopping adviser gives adviser give advice to people who re addicted to smoking and drinking habits (Health care promotions, 2017). They gives ministration about all the treatments available to get rid from smoking and drinking  habits of individual. Psychologist promotes health by giving suggestion and guidance to people suffering from some physiological problem. Advance health care practitioner helps in promoting awareness regarding major diseases like heart attacks, diabetes etc.  which causes major health issue in older people.  They communicates information which is sensitive and provide special advices to communities in regard oh these.


    Aforementioned report concludes that there are various rules and acts made by government for promotion of health in individual. Government strategies to promote health helps  a lot to people to get aware about health issue. Effective health care services should be provided by local health care authorities to improve the health of local public. Professionals should provide guidance and support to people in order to encourage health in people.  it is conclude that professional pays an important role in health promotion programs. 


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