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    Approach of Human Resource Management Department

    University: UK College of Business and Computing

    • Unit No: 9
    • Level: Undergraduate/College
    • Pages: 7 / Words 1642
    • Paper Type: PPT
    • Course Code: R/508/0486
    • Downloads: 589
    Question :
    ' This unit states that Toyota hired a  HRM consultant  for exploring possible restructuring that can be done in company's HR practice. Analyze human resource management approach of Toyota by considering relevant models. Evaluate recruitment and selection process of Toyota for human resource initiatives. what approach of human resource development used by Toyato and provide suggestions for its improvement. Evaluate different classical theories of motivation and recommend a hybrid theory by considering relevant characteristics of various theories. Explain characteristics and skills of an effective leader. '
    Answer :


    Human Capital Management refers to that process in which company manages their employees to contribute significantly in overall production. It is a path which involves acquiring, training, managing and retaining employees so that they can work efficiently. In human capital management, company treats all its employees as an important resource which helps to increase the productivity of company. Leadership quality is also important for an organization along with the human capital management. It is an activity of leading a group of people or an organization. A good leadership involves qualities like having a clear vision and sharing that vision with his team to achieve it. Coordinating and balancing the equilibrium in between different team members. A good leader always tries to motivate and inspire people. This report will discuss about the different functions of Human Resource Management and the way it is important for organization. It will also emphasize on different classical theories of motivation and the way to propose a hybrid theory. All these factors will be studied in this report to understand the detailed functions of HR department.

    TASK 1

    Analyse the approach of the company to the management of its human resources:

    According to Antonakis, J. and Day, D.V. eds. (2017) Human Resource Management (HRM) is one of the most important element of any organization, whether it is small or large. HRM is usually a process which involves recruiting people, training and compensating them, developing policies related to them and developing strategies to retain them. There are many duties and functions which HRM department operates like :

    • Employee recruitment: This is the initial step of the HR department to recruit candidates which are suitable for their given job profile.
    • Workforce management: The environment in which the employees are working should be friendly and supportive.
    • Learning and training of employee: After recruiting the desired candidates, giving them proper training of their work should be done correctly.
    • Labor laws: There are some laws which has to be follow by the organization to work properly. All these things are required to monitor by the Hr only.
    • Performance management: He has to evaluate that work is going efficiently in the organization.
    • Planning strategies: Planning strategies in order to increase their sales and production is also done by the HR department of the Toyota Motor Corporation.

    Toyota Motor corporation is one of the successful companies in automobile industry. It is all because the HR department of Toyota company is doing their job right and effectively. As HR is the main reason for high profits or low profits in any corporation, its very important to deliver dedicated service towards their organization. The Human Resource Department of Toyota Motor Corporation should implement following factors into consideration to increase their sales, performance and managing skills:

    • Hiring or recruiting people who are qualified enough to give their best for the organization and who has competency quality in them.
    • Providing them a good environment to work. Giving them training and making them capable to give their best as output.
    • Manages the employees to work in team. This will help the organization to deliver service faster to the customer.
    • Should pay attention to quality of work and work place, should posses' problem solving ability.
    • HR should have a good communication skill.
    • HR should go through the work place and remove those people who refuses to work effectively which affects the overall performance of the organization.

    According to Brewster, C. (2017) there are different approaches which the Toyota's Human Resource Management team can apply to their system. For example, they can opt for different recruiting agencies which will help them to save their valuable time. This will ensure that they are providing skilled employee for the organization. So that, they don't have to waste their time in giving training to them. By applying different workplace policies, it will ensure fairness and continuity of work within the organization. Some policies which can be applied by the HR department are- discipline process policy, dress code, ethics policy and internet usage policy, etc. Along with policies, there are different laws also which the Toyota company has to follow and do work according to them. Human resource of Toyota Motor Corporation should be aware of all the laws and regulation which can affect the workplace. These laws include, discrimination laws, health-care related issues, work safety laws and labor laws. All these laws are regularly changing, so Toyota company should be aware of all these changes happening in the law. HR should have a good leadership quality to manage its team and work efficiently. This will help to increase their sales as well as production.

    TASK 2

    Recruitment and Selection Processes in Strategic Human Resource Management:

    As per Cascio, W. (2018) Strategic human resource management is a process involving recruitment and selection of employees, help the business achieve profit and success. Strategic management starts with identifying the needs of the company as they will contribute in the current and future demands of Toyota Motors. After recognizing the demands and need, the HR should provide all the requirements as soon as possible to complete the task in time. Strategic human resource management is continuously developing and it is important that Toyota has a good knowledge of it, as it is a complex process. The strategic HR planning includes processes like, assessing current HR capacity, forecasting HR requirements, gap analysis and developing HR strategies that supports company's overall performance. These strategies are described below:

    • Assessing current HR capacity: According to company's strategic plan, it is the fist step to assess the current HR capacity of the Toyota Motor Corporation. It includes skills and ability and knowledge of the employees currently working in the company. An employee's performance assessment form can be reviewed by the HR team in order to determine if the employee is willing to take the responsibility and to look at the employee's current development plans.
    • Forecasting HR requirements: The next step is to acknowledge the fact that what are the future challenge which the company can face. It can be done by understanding what the customer prefers most and what are the current trends in the automobile industry like, automatic gearing system, lock sensors, etc. Implementing all these new technologies into their cars will attract customers to buy that car.
    • Gap Analysis: In this process Toyota Motor company determines their current position in the market and where the company wants to be in the future. This can be identified by staff member's working efficiency and their ability towards work. Factors like does the company have skilled employees, what are their strength and weaknesses, do they have enough resources to meet their future demands, etc all these questions have to considered by the HR.
    • Developing HR strategies: These are the plans and plotting which the HR has planned to overcome different issues coming their way. Through documentation, HR can standardize the process, enabling repeated success for the company. Documentation also allows better evaluation of company, so that they can know which parts of your plan need work.

    According to Goleman, D. (2017). There is one more option which can be opted by the Toyota Motor Corporation is by posting job vacancies. The purpose of these vacancies is to grab the attention of all the interested candidates who are willing to work with them. Selecting the right candidate requires by identifying their specific skills, knowledge and qualities which company is desiring in an employee. Marchington, M. et-al. (2016) Indicate that the competencies, skills, motivation and social interaction of the employee’s of an organization are increasingly being seen as critical sources of competitive advantage.

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    TASK 3

    Approach to Human Resource Development:

    Human Resource Development (HRD) is the process used to help employees develop their skills, knowledge and abilities. It is one of the most significant opportunity which an employee can seek. This helps to continue develop their ability and motivates them to work. There are so many functions which are included in the HRD department like, employee training, their career development, performance management of company, etc. According to Mayo, A. (2016) Bringing some change in the HR process and management can help them to build a better team, these changes can be done in many ways like,

    In Recruitment process: Lean manufacturing strategy has become a standard of selection process. This is done to decrease or reduce the unwanted cost occurred during the production process and recruiting those candidates which has some unique technological knowledge towards their work. Employees should be socially communicating. This will help in interacting with the customer. They should be always enthusiastic and are always ready to try new things and techniques. Should be consistent indecision-making if required. Flexibility should be there so that employees can work for the whole company and not only for a part of it. Toyota should have to be very strict in the process of recruiting candidates for example, if they are holding an interview of a candidate, then they should make sure that they check its ability, techniques and characteristics into consideration.

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