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    Unit 22 Topical issues on Managing Human Resources Diploma in Business Level 5


    Human resource management is a formal tool that is used manage the work force in the organisation in a effective manner. With the help of this management develop a working spirit so that employee's become capable towards the accomplishment of working. In addition to that management can use this in a staffing, solving employee's issues and for leaves, compensation also (Human Resource Management. 2015). All this work is done by the representative who they recruit capable employee's in the organisation and select the best one who is appropriate for the job. HR manager of the company also play a role as a dynamic one (Mondy and Martocchio, 2016).

    Present report is based on Sainsbury's of UK and they deal in a supermarket. In this report will discuss about the guest's model of HRM who covers six dimensions. In addition to that management of the company also use various definition and its uses ion the organisation in a different manner. In this impact of change is also evaluated in this. Moreover in this report various dimensions are cover in this field (Hendry, 2012).

    Task 1


    Management of the Sainsbury's has adopted guest's model of HRM. In this various strategy, practices and many more thins are included in this. It covers mainly six dimensions that will assists for the analysis in the organisation and this are listed as follows:

    HRM strategy: 

    Management of the company can use HRM strategy for planning in which they cover all functional area. When the management use this so that it will assists for the guidance in the decision making process (Bennett and Ho, 2014). In this management can use this strategy for better production so that it leads to the better working aspect in the organisation.

    HRM practices: 

    Sainsbury's management can use this for the developing knowledge as well effective relationship. It includes performance appraisal that motivate the worker. This practise also included career management in which various training sections and workshop are included in this (Wu, 2013). When management use this practises so that employee feel they are part of the organisation and this will assists for the making endless relationship with workers.

    HRM outcomes:

    When management use this tool in their working practises so that it lead so the employee satisfaction from the customers end's. For this they can enhance their productivity as well as their way of working. In addition to that management can make various various training sections and workshop for better working output in a effective manner.

    Behaviour outcomes:

    This term evaluates the individual performance towards the working. It is a concept where individual enhance its working performance and its positively impacted on the working performance of the organisation (Myers, 2013).

    Performance outcomes:

     Management of Sainsbury's can use this term as a management tool in which their performance can be considered with the achievement of goals. In this a document is also prepare by the management in which all this services that is provided by the individual to their client is included in this.

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    Financial outcomes: 

    When every thing is prepare in a systematic way then it become easy for the management to enhance their profitability. In this way share of the company also increasing that shows the company goodwill. This is also show Sainsbury's customer satisfaction towards its products and services. Management of the company use data map for calculation of this and so summing up the above study evaluates that guest model covers all things that will assist for the planning (Afiouni, 2013).

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    In this section three different definition are compare with each other and this is based on Asda and Sainsbury's who they are from the same industry.




    Storey's definition of HRM

    As per the definition, in the management of Asda who they are seek to accomplish their competitive achievement so they can develop strategic-plan . This will assists for the potentiality of a workforce (Manvi,  and Shyam, 2014).

    In Sainsbury's company, they use this definition towards the enhancing their working potential as well working structure. So that it impacted on personality of a individual.

    Personnel HRM

    It is a traditional method of managing human resource in a effective manner. Asda has use this term to focus on their administration work so that their way of working become more fluent. In addition to that management can use this term to maintain their relation in a effective manner.

    Sainsbury's use this traditional term to maintain relation between the employer-employee. So that their working and effectiveness is authentication increasing. This will also assists for the management of workforce in the organisation.

    IR practices

    Management of the company use IR practises for developing better working relation among the organisation. In addition to that they focus on the HRM as well as union management also. This is way to control the conflicts in the organisation (Driskell and Salas,  2013).

    Management of Sainsbury's can use IR practises in which they develop a association. This association is work for the employee's welfare in which employee's issues are solve under this. When a company use this practises on a daily basis or a daily work routine. So that it will assists for the controlling conflicts situation in a work place and leads to a harmonious relationship among the members.

    All above study summing up that every company use their way of thinking in a different way so that they can use it in a effective manner (Sallis, 2014).


    In any entity employee play crucial role in which various strategic-plan also management want to develop. In addition to that management has to develop various issues that will be assist for their development also. At the time of development various implications will be see and this are listed as follows:

    Implications for employees

    • In addition to that employee and line manager faces various implications while developing strategic approach in the organisation. In which leads of the organisation develop various direction and this direction will assist for the corporate strategy that develop commitment. For this employee develop their way of working to meet the commitment (Mondy and Martocchio, 2016).
    • This approaches are also develop their performance and when employee's of Asda enhance their performance that impacts on their day by day performance.
    • In this management also focus on the effective communication and this leads to the true feedbacks. So that it will assists for the reduction in the error as well reduction in work frustration also.
    • This will also dramatically effects the enhancing work productivity (Hendry, 2012).
    • This approach also develop employee better working status and this status motivate the individual towards the attractive performance.
    • This is also leads to sharing their views and ideas so that worker can move forward towards the working.

    Implications for line manager

    • In addition to that this strategic approach leads to enhance line manager working that leads to better people management at Asda (Bennett and Ho, 2014).
    • When line management do their work in a effective manner so that their operational cost is also manage in a effective manner. In addition to that management of the Asda become specialised manner.
    • Management also capable to use techniques where necessity is their and in addition to that management can also apply this techniques in a various manner.
    • This will also assist for better work organisation in which line manager can allocate their work in affective manner (Wu, 2013).
    • This apprach is also assist for the operational performance as well as quality of working.
    • They become better for monitoring working in a effective manner.
    • This strategy is also develop for dealing with customers in a effective manner.

    Task 2


    Flexibility in work practices is basically the out of box ideas on which employer and employee agree upon. Flexible work practices are helpful to bring change and innovation in an organisation. If flexible working policies are adopted by Sainsbury it would be more beneficial for the employers and the organisation as compared to employees (Myers, 2013). These practices could be flexitime,part time working,job sharing etc. It can look dangerous to the employers if we consider job sharing and flexitime  but it is giving many advantages to the employers as the employee will get freedom to choose the place of work and work hours along with sharing of work with peers (Afiouni, 2013).

    With these practices employee's morale gets boosted and level of satisfaction is high. If Sainsbury offers these flexible practices it would improve recruitment,absenteeism, productivity and retention problems. These will attract high skilled talent and create a diverse workforce. In this way organisation will be having the most talented, skilled and satisfied employees. It will have help reduce stress,fatigue and unfocussed people (Manvi and Shyam, 2014).

    As mentioned above when satisfaction level of people working in the organisation is on heights it will increase production which will contribute more in the company's profits. By sharing of work employees cant give excuse to delay in their tasks. Flexibility will assure to become competitive in the increasing and fast growing global economy. It will promise better working conditions and interesting job profiles to the employees. And it  would facilitates the consumers with high quality and innovative products. Types of flexibility which could be applied in Sainsbury:

    Functional Flexibility:

    This provides employees to assemble skills and competencies to increase mobility across various channels of production. This will also assist for the accomplish various duties as well as accomplish their various requirements. For this management of Asda develop various training sections to enhance their employee's performance so that management can interprets with various implications.

    Numerical Flexibility:

    It allows the organisation to adapt its labour on a short notice increasing or decreasing it as it sees fit varying employee can be achieved by contacting temporary  agency workers. In this point management has to maintain their demand and supply of workforce so that they can neet with their requirement (Driskell and Salas, 2013).


    Sainsbury is the well know organization of UK and working well in global market. For improving productivity of the organization, it can develop several flexibilities in the workplace. These are as below maintained:

    • Functional flexibilities:  Sainsbury cans implement this form of flexibility in the workplace. It can adopt job sharing system, by this way employees will feel happy and they will be able to learn more about the other departments. This will enhance their knowledge and will make them multi talented. Apart from this it can reduce working hours of workers by this way they will be motivated and will perform better for the organization (Woodman, 2014).
    • Financial flexibility:  Sainsbury is required to give them rewards for heir impressive performance. Incentives, bonus, cask benefits will encourage them and will make them loyal towards the firm. By this way talents will remain in the workplace for longer period (Beaman, 2012). This will help in improving the productivity and profitability of the cited firm.
    • Locationalflexibility:Sainsbury can develop such environment in which employee get branch which is nearby to individual homes. So that persons will feel comfortable and will work better for the firm. By this type of flexibility employee will be able to reach at home soon and will be able to spend time with family members. By performing job at alternative location will enhance their knowledge and they will gain good information regarding market demands. Thus, they will be able to share innovative ideas with the organization which can enhance profitability of the cited firm (Beyer and Smets, 2015).
    • Temporal: In this type of flexibility Sainsbury can give freedom to skilled employees to take decision independently. By this way persons will feel better and important in the workplace. This will encourage them to perform better. By this way productivity of the firm will be improved. In addition to that management also use this skill for enhance their working as well as attitude towards the working.

    Flexibilities in schedule, reducing working hours, place them at near location, job sharing, etc. are many more flexibilities which can improve profitability and productivity of  Sainsbury to great extent (McDowell, 2013).


    Flexible working practices are beneficial for both employees and employers. As by reducing the working hours  Sainsbury will be able to motivate its staff members. Even they will be able to spend more time with their family members. This will give them new energy and they will be able to perform well with full satisfaction in the workplace. It will enhance revenues of  Sainsbury thus, employer will be benefited with this flexibility (Chun and et.al., 2013). As objective of Sainsbury is to retain talent in the workplace for longer period. By changing working hours company will be able to satisfy its employees, thus they will stay in the firm for longer period.

    Job sharing and locational flexibility will help to reduce operational cost of the enterprise. As by sharing of responsibility, workers will be able to increase their knowledge and they will be able to gain more knowledge about different department. Thus, they will be multi tasking for the  Sainsbury. Single staff member will be able to perform more tasks. Thus, it will reduce expenses of recruitment, through which employer will get benefit of increased profitability. By offering placement at near branches of home will be advantage of the employer (Hong and et.al., 2013). As employer will not have to pay extra travel benefit to the persons thus, it will help to decrease operational cost of the company which will increase profit margin automatically.

    Leave arrangement is another flexibility through which employer can offer to employees that they can take leave other than Sunday if they are able to wok on Sunday. This will help workers to make balance between work life and professional life. By this way they will feel changed and motivated. This will encourage them to work better for the business unit (Busse,  2014). It will reduce conflicts between organization and staff members. Thus, it will enhance image of the company. Thus, employees will be able to serve better to consumers so they service users will be loyal towards the brand.


    In the organisation various changes take place that impact in a various way. In addition to that management has to develop various strategy that leads to the flexible with such changes with working practises (Recent changes in UK Labour markets. 2015). At very recent various change are seems in the UK labour market that impact on their working practises and these are listed as follows:

    • After changing in the economy various changes are take place in the labour market. All these changes are impact on the organisation and its worker. In this various manufacturing jobs are also decline and in addition to that service sectors are also lead to grow (Busse, 2014). So moreover this will impact in a positive way for all organisation of UK and for Asda also.
    • This change is also positive impacted on employment in which grate growth of individual would be seems in this and this is because of part time jobs available in the organisation. Asda also provide part time jobs for freshers so that students are join this jobs. This way of working will impact on organisation in a positive way because they are not bound to place in a permanent so that higher pay and job security is not impacted by this.
    • This changes are also impacted on a female labour in a positive manner. After changing such changes various facilities develop for the female labour such as their flexible working hours and maternity period. Asda also implement with such changes so that female labour enhance their towards the organisation (Kaufman, 2012).
    • After such changes negative impact on the trade union witch is decline so that management having a biggest challenge to face their problems with employee needs and their requirement fulfilment. In addition to that management of Asda having issue to achieve higher member ship in the trade unions.
    • After such changes decrease in a manual jobs that will leads to the employment. In this individual struggle is also increase in this (George, Haas and Pentland, 2014).
    • When Asda and other companies are not able to hire manual labour so that it will also impact on the manufacturing decline in the organisation.
    • This changes are also impacted on a growth of national income in which developments are rates also included in this. It is also included living wages, adults rates and many more.
    • This will also assists for the social exceptions. In which when way of working will enhance their desire and so on (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013).
    • As per 2008 data wages rate was grown by 2.5% and this change is affect in a positive way so that management can raising in a effective manner.

    Moreover all above changes in labour market affects the working level of Asda in a different manner.

    Task 3


    Discrimination is most common thing which is taking place in most of the organizations. It can be on the bases of race, nation, sex, age etc.  Sainsbury provides equal environment to all employees, by this way they feel satisfy in the workplace. Forms of discrimination are as below:

    • Sex discrimination: Many time's employer pay unequal wages to male and female candidates. They think male persons can perform better and can be more productive for the organization. It creates inequality in the firm and people do not feel happy in the enterprise.  Sainsbury gives equal salaries to its all staff members (Purce, 2014). It evaluates the performance and according to its work it provides them incentives and other accommodation. In the workplace male and female candidates get equal opportunities to grow.
    • Disability discrimination: There are many firms where disable persons such as blind, handicap etc. tease by their subordinates. Even top management feels that they are incapable to perform better so they do not give them chance to get promotion. Some times they have to face humiliation, insult by supervisors (Warner, 2013).  Sainsbury treat equally to its disable persons. And if any other employee tease them then HR takes immediate action against the defaulter.
    • Race discrimination: There are various entity who compare worker in a various terms and this leads to working frustration in a workplace. It includes individual colour, nationality and race. According to person can be compare with thedifferent manner because it effects on a working environment. Asda must focus on such points and develop equal opportunities to their workers as well. Asda has to focus on the equal opportunities or a treatment that will leads to better goodwill also (Jiang and et.al., 2012).
    • Age discrimination: In this age factor is also crate matter in this because of individual age. In this government also develop (ADEA) who stand for age discrimination in employee act. So that no one can or entity do this type of working practises in their working. In this act who they are 40 and more than they can cover in this act and protect with this type of discrimination. In addition to that management of Asda have to focus on the same and give them equal opportunities to their worker in a workplace (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).
    • Religiondiscrimination: In this some time in the organisation individual can be treats in a different manner because of its way of thinking and expressing their views. Every person is different with each other so that it should be focus by the management that individual not be discriminated (Religious Discrimination. 2016).


    Asda also affects from various implications in their working practises in which some times it effects in a positive manner and some time in a negative as well (The implications of the Employment Equality Act 1998. 2016). In addition to that various implications are listed follow as per the Asda context:

    • This act is came into force in the 1998 which was developed for the employee's welfare. This act will assist for controlling discrimination in a workplace. This act is bout person who they different from others. It includes single parents workers who suffer from discrimination. After this act their was a set of law that is assist for reduction in the discrimination (Chun and et.al., 2013).
    • In this gay people and disability people are included in this and all this are having promotion and all other opportunities. So that they also develop in a equal manner which is assist for improvement in the entities and Asda also.
    • After this act ratio of harassment is also control and in this who they really face such problems and rest who only wants the attention from the others. Both case are control in a effective manner so that management of Asda also hire more capable female employee's (Hong and et.al., 2013).
    • On its contrary this new legislation impact on the external factor in a various way. In this when the pay system is introduced related to marital status so that management has to pay to those employee's who cover in this act.
    • This act leads to equal opportunities in a work place such as person know able to participate in the decision making also so that they can enhance their way of working in a effective manner (Busse, 2014).
    • In the Asda management can enhance their way of working in which every employee having right to receive equal payment. When a employee get fair wages so that their working interest towards the work is automatically increased. In addition to that when management of Ads allot their work as per their working quality not based on a race and sex. This type of working practise must needed by any organisation. This will also leads to the employee's ability, working performance and positive working behaviour (Kaufman, 2012).
    • In some organisation management pay to their female in a different manner and male other. This leads to inappropriate things in a way of working. In this equal protection act is also included in this which leads to every employee having equal protection rights and if a individual not receiving fair wages or any other thin that will be punishable in a any manner (George, Haas and Pentland,  2014).


    In the Asda management can concern with the equal opportunities as well working diversification in a workplace. One of the hard difference among them which lead to the managing diversity and equal opportunities in a workplace. In addition to that management can focus on a various points in these also In addition to that management can do one thing in which workers can use various approaches for the same and these are listed as follows:

    Difference in approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity:

    Equal opportunities

    • External forces: In this when management adopt equal opportunities in a workplace in that case management of Asda affects with the external forces in a positively. In addition to that management can concern with the social, environment and various factors.
    • Government legal legislation: It covers the employability act 1998 and on the other hand management have to follow all the rules and regulation in which workers would be compare with the fare and equal manner (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013).
    • Social fairness: This act is also prefer social fairness with each and every individual in workplace. So that management can interprets with the various working aspect.
    • Ethical and human rights: In this management of Asda has to focus on the ethical and human rights of a individual in the organisation. In which management can make sure with that no individual can be hearted by the management (Liebowitz and Frank, 2016).

    Managing diversity 

    • Internal forces: Managing diversity covers all that points that present in a internal factors. It includes leadership practises and workforce management in this. This will also assists for the enhancing productivity and boost the mutual understanding among them (Armstrong and Taylor, 2014).
    • organisational structure: In this management of Asda covers the coordination among the workers, allocation of task in which appropriate work should be given to the applicable once. Better supervision is also included in this. It is also concern with the self-fulfilment of organisation aim that is fulfilled by the employee or not.

    Similarities in approaches to managing equal opportunities and diversity:

    • Motivational: Both approaches are leads to motivate their employee in a effective manner. In addition to that because of fair opportunities worker will feel equal with others and this leads to the workers self-fulfilment. This will also assists for diversity because an individual can evaluates in a effective manner. So both the terms are appropriate for the organisation as well (Jiang and et.al., 2012).
    • Long term retain rates: This approaches is also assists for the long term retain rate of an employee in which individual become satisfied so that they will retain in the organisation in a long term as well with their working intersect. When employee get fair and equal opportunity so that employee can be capable to full file their requirement. So it leads to stand in the organisation for a long times and this will assists for the employee's goodwill also.
    • Training and development: In this both lead to develop training and developing section for the employee's so that they can leads to better working performance in the organisation. This will also included section of feedback for better improvement.

    Moreover all above points are assists for understanding in a better and a effective manner in Asda (Human Resource Management. 2015).

    Task 4


    In the Asda HR manger can evaluates their employee performance in a daily basis so that it will assists for evaluating better working performance in the organisation. In this management of the company determined that in which level employee expectation or not (Renwick, Redman and Maguire, 2013). Here are various methods are listed below that will assists for better interaction in a workplace:

    Overview: Management of Asda can use overview method for evaluating their working performance. In this various major point are evaluated by the management of Asda that will leads to better working performance on the organisation as well. It is also consist for fair and perfect evaluating. In this HR manager of Asda concern with the performance standard of an individual (Jiang and et.al., 2012). In this management research that how capable a individual is to full-fill their task in a effective manner. In this they also define that employee full fill their expectation or not.

    Graphic ratingscale: In this management of Asda can evaluates productions and it leads to ideal production. In this management can concern with the fulfilling the job duties completion in a effective manner. In this HR manager set scale for staring their performance between 1 to 5. as per their quality star given to the individual. This will assist for finding perfect evaluating of a workforce (Liebowitz and Frank, 2016).

    Management by objectives: Management of Asda has adopted this method also for better working performance in the organisation. So that management can measuring individual performance in a effective manner. It is often called supervisory that is done by the professional as well as this work can be done by the top management also. MBO is about achievement of objectives in which management can considered with a person goal and their capability of achievement towards the same. In this management also concern with the achievements that leads to reach the work as per the deadlines (Purce, 2014). Throughout this management use two ways for evaluation in which quarterly evaluation is the best one for the Asda. Sometimes management can do additional work for this in which management give extra time to their workers. In addition to that management also concern that how many projects are allotted to an individual in which how many are accomplished. In which ratio of remaining projects are also included in this (The Three Types of Methods Used to Measure Performance. 2015). This will assists for the actual working performance of a individual within a given criteria.

    forced ranking: In this management of Asda can evaluates their way of working in a three group. In which management concern their performance in a different performance percentage. If a individual performance is 10% so that it indicate their worst performance toward the goals. In addition to that if employee's performance is indicating with 20% so that it is the to performance in the organisation and of the percentage is 70% so it would be the average one. In this management concern with the employee's target achievement with peers. Asda can also evaluate their way of working with the present and past performance and according to that their future will be decide in a effectively. All above methods leads to individual performance in a effective manner and in this accomplishment can be done in a effective manner.


    From the above report it can be concluded that human resource is essential department and HR manager works for the development of the enterprise. UK government has made several legislation related to employment. By following these regulation company will be able to create healthy working environment in the workplace.  Sainsbury can provide flexible working platform to employees for motivating them. By this way they will be able to give optimistic output to the cited firm. By giving equal opportunities to all workers company will be retain skills in the workplace. Thus, talented persons will contribute well in the development of the organization. Health and safety legislation can enhance confidence of the workers and individual will be able to perform without any fear. This will increase productivity of he cited firm. 360 degree method, feed back techniques can be beneficial for the corporation in getting optimistic output. In addition it will help to accomplish the objective of the cited firm.


    • Afiouni, F., 2013. Human capital management: a new name for HRM?.International Journal of Learning and Intellectual Capital. 10(1). pp.18-34.
    • Armstrong, M. and Taylor, S., 2014.1Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers.
    • Beaman, L. A., 2012. Social networks and the dynamics of labour market outcomes: Evidence
    • from refugees resealed in the USjThe Review of Economic Studies. 79(1). pp.128-161.
    • Bennett, J. M. and Ho, D. S., 2014. Human resource management. In Project Management For Engineer Ipp. 231-249).

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